Freedom has it’s ‘Limits’ and ‘Tolerance’ too

via HARAN.B.R published on May 16, 2007

Dear Mr. Peter

                         I refer to your article titled “Will they blow up Kajuraho?” in the Indian Express.


Anything & everything in this world has its limits. ‘Freedom’ has its limits and ‘tolerance’ too. The problem is, the so-called liberals like you refuse to accept that there is a limit for creativity of art & freedom of expression and that there are certain areas, which do not come under the scrutiny of immature, irrational & idiotic artists. Religion, Culture & God are things morally connected to millions of people who have steadfast faith in them and a few mediocre artists & their supporting stupid liberals do not have the right to subvert them in the name of creativity & freedom, either in private exams or in public exhibitions. Many such cases (particularly connected to Hindu Gods & Goddesses) have occurred in the past and the State has miserably failed to punish them resulting in the perpetrators getting away scot-free. So, the people themselves punish them in the next given opportunity and only such punishments would make these so-called creative artists to refrain from indulging in hurting the sentiments of millions of believers.


 This particular student Chandramohan is a classic example of how a budding talent can go haywire by following third rate & perverted artist like M(ad) F(ellow) Husain, who has been hyped & projected as a world class artist by the insensitive, liberal, leftist & hypocrite media in India. In this particular case, the obscene paintings of Cross, Shiv Linga & Durga Mata, were not on display at a private gathering, but rather, at an exposition open to walk-in visitors. The paintings were of a third rate & perverted quality of expression and certainly deserved to be condemned. The comparison with Kajuraho & Konark is stupid, because those sculptures do not depict Gods & Goddesses. Even if such paintings are drawn for exclusive classroom works or on display at a private gathering, they have to be condemned and the concerned teacher & student must be punished. Here in this case, the VC & the Pro-VC have done a wise job and the Dean deserves to be dismissed from the University along with the student Chandramohan.


Why not these third rate artists paint their own Mothers, Sisters and the self-styled activists and liberal columnists in such a fashion? What is the need for including Hindu Deities in their perverted show called creative art? What were the activists & writers like you doing when the Mullas were taking the streets of India for ransom in the guise of protesting against the ‘Danish Cartoons’ on Mohammed? Why didn’t you ask that Rascal Hussain to paint Jesus, Mary & Mohammed, Kathija in the nude? 


This issue is again hyped and insensitively reported by the stinking secular media, not to fight for the so-called freedom of expression, but to bring disgrace to Mr. Modi. Had it happened in any of the UPA ruled states, the media would have forgotten the issue long back and the perverted activists would not have bothered to protest and you would not have wasted your time writing this stupid & lousy article, which deserves to be thrown in the dustbin.


What ever said and done, such artists and their supporters must be thrashed on the spot and they should be shown their place, so that they are nipped in the bud. Only then such things will not occur again and that is the need of the hour.

With Regards,


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