Fraudster’s in Action Aid India sponsors “Indian Muslim Women’s Union”!

via H.Balakrishnan published on February 26, 2007

This has reference to the Article “An Indian Muslim Women’s Union”-(TNSE-MAGAZINE-25 FEB).


It is happy augury for Indian society if the ‘Muslim Women’s Union’ takes root and brings about the necessary reformation in the Indian Muslim society.


However,my joy at this welcome development,was shortlived,when I read that the ‘gathering’ had been sponsored by Action Aid India.


The book ‘NGOs,Activists and Foreign Funds:Anti-Nation Industry’, edited by Shri Krishen Kak (I.A.S. retd) and Smt Radha Rajan,rips the mask of ‘respectability’ of Action Aid India-especially its India head-Mr.Harsh Mander!!


In the Chapter ‘Untangling the Manderweb’ by the editor,Krishen Kak,wrote:


“For months Mr. Mander was sanctified by the English language media for his courage,his conscience,his convictions-and all the while HE LIED.He knew he was lying.ACTION AID knew he was lying,the I.A.S. knew he was lying,the Govts. of Chattisgarh and India knew he was lying,but all played along till I exposed the lie .The incontrovertible fact is that Mr.Mander’s public persona is built on a monumental fraud.A former ActionAid senior executive in an e-mail titled ‘Look Ma!The Emperor Has No Clothes’ circulated in Jan. 2003 to Mander and ActionAid offices and individual staff all over the world,began it:’AAI Country Director Harsh Mander is a Liar- ‘.A matter of ‘SMALL’ detail.Harsh Mander was found guilty of spreading false rumours by the Press Council of India decision 14/106/02-03 dd. 30 JUN 2003,in the case Dr.Krishen Kak v/s Times of India!!Anything further need be said about the credibility of ActionAid and its sponsored events?


It is a welcome development that Muslim women across the Globe are making their voices heard in different ways.Ayyan Hirsi Ali, the author of The Caged Virgin, was born in Somalia and brought up as a Muslim. She was outraged by Islam’s hostility towards women. At the age of 22,she was to be given in marriage. The marriage was to take place in Canada but she refused and escaped to the Netherlands. For 10 years,she highlighted the plight of Muslim women in the West. Eventually,she was elected as a Member of Dutch Parliament.She now lives in the U.S.A.This book, by citing actual cases, proves that the woman in the Muslim world has no freedom of speech or action. Her status depends on the number of sons she has. And girls in due course become production plants for sons, says Hirsi.


Similarly,Irshad Manji,a Canadian citizen has written in her,‘The Trouble With Islam Today’


:”only in Islam is literalism mainstream.It means that when abuse happens under the banner of Islam, most Muslims have no clue how to dissent, debate, revise or reform”.


Thus,it was surprising to read the views of Mr.Asghar Ali Engineer,in the Article:


“The basic core of the Quaranic message was that of justice,a comprehensive concept that included gender justice as well.Injustice to women goes completely against the grain of Quaranic teachings”.


Is that so? Ibn Warraq,is a India born Muslim,now living in the
U.S.A.He is the author of the widely acclaimed ‘Why I AM NOT A MUSLIM“.In this book,Warraq wrote:


“Modern reformist Muslim intellectuals-male or female-when confronted by the apparent backwardness of the position of women (a position that has remained stagnent for centuries) have tended to invent a mythological golden age at the dawn of Islam when women putatively enjoyed equal rights.These same Muslim thinkers,when faced with the textual evidence of the inherent misogyny of Islam,are confused and anguished.Refusing to look reality in the face,they feel obliged to interpret these sacred texts,to apologise,to minimise their manifest hostility to women-in short- to exonerate Islam.Others try to argue that these traditions were perpetuated to dubious Muslims whose motives were suspect”.


As for Mr.Asghar Ali Engineer,the Belgian scholar,Dr.Koenraad Elst has some complimentary words: “Undeniably,Asghar Ali Engineer remains a formidable master of disinformation.This makes him an excellent representative of Indian secularism and of the anti-temple campaign in particular”.


Thus by quoting ACTIONAID and Asghar Ali Engineer,the credibility of the Article stands irreparably tarnished!. I have consigned it to its ONLY worthwhile resting place-THE TRASH CAN!!


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