Firdous Syed- A Consumate Practioner of the ‘Koranic Injunction’ of ‘Al Taqiyya’

via H Balakrishnan published on January 4, 2011

Dear Sir,

Reference the ‘al Taqiyya’ (deceit) penned by the Kashmiri Jihadi ‘F’.Syed – ” The plight of Pandits ” – (TNIE – 03 Jan)

In shedding ‘crocodile tears’ for the hapless Kashmiri Pandits, he wrote : ” The scars of mass migration by the Kashmiri Pandits are still fresh. More than 20 years have passed, and the people are yet to fully reconcile themselves with the traumatic displacement of almost an entire community. Leaving one’s home fearing one’s safety is always irreconcilable. The tragedy turned out to be more traumatic as a blame game started between the two neighbours who have lived together for centuries. An overwhelming majority of Pandits believe that Muslims in the Valley, if not directly, responsible for their ‘forcible ouster’ maintained a criminal silence on their exodus. On the contrary, the Muslims blame that migration of the Pandits was engineered by the then governor Jagmohan to defame their movement as a communal one “.

My !! My !! What ‘Islamic Love & Compassion’ for fellow ‘Kafirs’ !!

It so happens there is poignant tale of a Kasmiri Pandit, ethnic cleansed from the Valley by the ‘Believers’, from the ‘Religion of Peace & Universal Brotherhood’, and leading the life of an ‘exile’ in Jammu. The book is titled ; ” Contemporary Kashmir Politics: Some Insights” by Reshi Dev (translated into English by Kashinath Pandit), (2008) – Eurasian Human Rights Forum, New Delhi.

It also so happens, that one gets to read the following from the book:

(a) – Aseh cbubb banawun Pakistan, Batav ros batabnew san
(We have to make Kashmir Pakistan, albeit without Bhattas (Hindus) but along with their Bhattaneb (womwenfolk)

(b) – Jisko Kashmir mein rahna hai, Allah O Akbar kahna hai
(One who wants to live in Kashmir should recite Allah O Akbar or Muslim call to prayer)

(c) – Aye zalimo, aye Kafiro, Kashmir hamara chorh do
(O you tyrants, O you Kafirs, quit Kashmir)

(d) – Kashmir mein kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa

(e) – Hamein kya chahiye, Nizam-e-Mustafa
(What will run in Kashmir – Nizam-e-Mustafa or the system of the Prophet. What do we want – Nizam-e-Mustafa)

(f) – Jago Jago sohh bui, jago jago sohh bui, Chin ne bazi hari hai, ab Kashmir ki bari hai
(Rise it is morning, rise it is morning. China has lost the game. Now it is the turn of Kashmir)

(g) – Islam hamara maqsad hai, Quran hamara dastigar hai, Jehad hamara rasta hai
(Islam is our object, Quran is our guiding principle. Jihad is our path)

(h) – Allah O Akbar Musalmano jago, kafiro bhago jehad aaraha hai
(Allah O Akbar O muslims awake, O kafirs take to your heels, jihad is proceeding)

(all from pp: 124-126)

All the foregoing calls blared forth from the ‘MOSQUES’ in the Valley. Did Jagmohan do that, Mr. ‘F’ Syed ?

History also tells us that ‘THE MOST PERSECUTED’ community in India, were the Kashmiri Pandits, since the advent of Islam into the Valley. Here is a poignant story told by an exiled Kashmiri Pandit – Shri Sushil Pandit – the Editor of the Pandit’s very own magazine – ‘Praznath’ (New Delhi), in its Jul-Sep 2010 edition:

” I also heard about BATTA MAZAAR. This place in Srinagar exists even today and is still called by the same name. ‘BATTA’ is what we, the Kashmiri Pandits, are called in Kashmiri. It is a distortion of the Sanskrit word ‘BHATTA’, which means a Brahmin scholar. MAZAAR, of course, is the Persian word for a grave. Here, legend has it that 40 MAUNDS of ‘YONYI’ (sacred thread) were harvested. My ancestors were given a straight forward choice. THEY COULD CONVERT TO ISLAM AND LIVE. A mere nod in acceptance with the recitation of the ‘KALIMA’ and the ritual circumcision were not enough anymore. Several BATTAS were found to be secretly practicing their OLD FAITH, despite their conversion. Therefore, now to convince the GHAZIS – the holy warriors of Islam – about their irreversibility of their conversion to Islam, they were forced to commit the un-atonable sin of slaughtering a cow and eating its meat. Or else ! The ‘ OR ELSE ‘ bit was a fairly persuasive proposition.

Reluctant-to-convert BATTAS, were tied up in TWOS, back-to-back, torso and limbs in tight knots, shoved into a huge sack with a couple of heavy stones, sewed shut and thrown into the lake, at its deep end. In either case, their YONYAS (sacred threads) were collected as proof – FORTY MAUNDS of it. Just to give an idea, EACH MAUND HAS 40 SEERS. And each SEER would have at least 500 YONYAS.

Lately, it is beginning to sink in that the same harmless YONYI I fancied wearing at the age of 6 or 7 is, essentially, the leitmotif of the times we Kashmiris have been through. In the PAST SIX CENTURIES, these strands of hand-spun cotton, just because deemed sacred, HAVE INVITED UNMITIGATED VENGENCE, THROUGH THE RECURRING DECADES OF THE HOLOCAUST”. (PP-63)

Jagmohan did it eh?? !!

The ehthnic cleanising of the Kashmiri Pandits proves to the HILT the Huntington thesis. No more. No less.

A request to the Editorial team of TNIE. I have been appalled at the ‘TAQIYYA’ that ‘F’ Syed perpetuates through the columns of your paper. As it is, the credibility of the media, post Radia-Gate, is in the bogs. Evidently, with your repeated publication of the ‘TAQIYYA’ of this Kashmiri Jihadi, it appears that you have a ‘death-wish’ in the New Year.



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