Father’s Baby?

via SYNONYMOUS published on October 2, 2006

“Managements who are clamouring for minority status in the High court and Supreme court must remember that ultimately they have to operate in this land” said Mr. M.A. Baby, the honourable Education Minister of Kerala. I do not think any other minister in the history of Kerala had shown such ‘vocal guts’ to warn the minority managements that have kept successive governments on their kneels. But quite surprisingly, all the bravo is over and complete surrender is very much in the air. What must have happened? Have the majority been fooled by the clever community once again? It is worth speculating on the possibilities.


Catholic Church is the cleverest and most cunning institution that we can ever find. And Communists are the best when it comes to hypocrisy and deception. That is why it is such a deadly combination to have Catholic Communists in our midst. It is easily the ‘social RDX’ that can devastate any country, more so if it is an old civilisation over populated with lazy youth intoxicated with ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘Secularism’. It is no wonder that India has become the natural birth place for people like Ninan Koshy, Biju Mathew, John Dayal etc. Their affiliations, background and training makes them experts in the arts of doublespeak, political hypocrisy and social deception, all for manoeuvring public policy in favour of their own community with little or no resistance. It is almost clear that M.A.Baby has become the most visible example of this phenomenon in the current scenario.


Given the fact that one of the main architects of the current Self-Financing Education Bill is Prof. Ninan Koshy, who is Vatican trained, the leftist ‘drama’ is taking a predictable course. Baby will continue to cry for implementation of the bill in the Assembly and channels, but finally will yield to the wishes of Father Powathil. The ‘cross communists’ have so cleverly trapped oldies like VS, that it will be difficult for anyone to go against the wishes of Mar Powathil and Kundukulam. After the series of dramatic court cases and big talk, LDF will eventually yield to the condition that all institutions started by individuals or organisations belonging to Christian or Muslim community will have to be considered as minority institutions. And that is exactly what the Fathers wanted.


At the very end, you may wonder what the big drama has achieved. If it was not done this way, at least some of the leaders and organisations in the majority community would have objected by now. And none of the ‘majority’ leftists like Prof. R.V.G. Menon could have been roped in to defend the bill. All such ‘foolish’ people were made to believe that this bill will establish a novel way of identifying minority institutions and Kerala will become a model for the country again. But the powers-that-be at the Centre know the implications of this for Christian and Muslim institutions on all-India level. CBCI will never give approval to AICC and Politburo to implement such ‘anti-minority’ legislations. What is the use of Antonys, Tom Vadakkans (has anyone heard of him in Kerala?), Oommen Chandys, Kuriens, Joses and Josephs if they cannot prevent such legislations? The baby has cried and all of us thought that it is in pain. We fools who gathered around it in sympathy will know the truth only later- that this type of Baby will cry only for his Father.

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