Failed Marxist Utopia and Social Problems

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on February 11, 2007

Marxist utopia is a state of mind, and history has shown that it is a practically unattainable ideal.  For several years Marxists were striving towards the Marxist utopia. Marxists were dreaming to rise above the human conditions. Marxist pioneers around the world were altogether a different breed. They were galvanized by the passionate pursuit of their utopian dreams, and they will let nothing stand in their way. They were prepared to sacrifice personal comfort and safety.  They did not hesitate to employ any means including violence, terrorism, conflict, guerilla war as well as inflict any pain to reach their utopian goals. Soon Marxist utopia miserably failed in Russia and many European countries. Instead of equality, prosperity, classless society, and justice, Marxists succeeded in distributing poverty, death and deprivation. Marxist utopian dreamers failed miserably and became violent with uncommon vices and failings.


In one form or another, this has happened again and again in the history of Marxists in India. Indian Marxists fell into the rigid, closed Marxist paradigm driven by the Marxist utopian vision and goals. Indian Marxist pioneers in Kerala and West Bengal were able to exploit the weakness of innocent people dreaming for prosperity and equality. But once they got political power in Kerala, their pioneering Marxist spirit departed. Then the habitual human failings and corruption reappeared, and the social disintegration began. It is more evident in Kerala where Marxists were able to grab political power. Within the last 50 years, we have witnessed the misguided attempt to create a Communist utopia in Kerala. The concept of a classless materialist society captured the imagination of several idealistic people. Men and women, indoctrinated by the Marxist utopia were willing to sacrifice, to struggle, to lay down their lives for the Communist dream. But once the Communist got power, the visionaries virtually vanished. Marxist leaders amassed wealth and followed a wealthy life style. Corruption and disillusionment replaced hope and idealism. All attempts to stimulate the Marxist utopia were a dismal failure.


Kerala stands as an example of the failed Marxist utopia.


To gain and maintain political power in Kerala, the Marxists encouraged class struggle, destroyed traditional values and planted its immoral thoughts on the sacred soils of Kerala. The dictatorial Communist Party could by no means accept traditional Hindu culture, beliefs, and wanted to indoctrinate its followers with atheist Marxist ideology. The traditional Hindu culture’s respect for the family, spirituality, temple worship and treasure for human life became an obstacle for the Marxist battle for a proletariat society. Hindu culture was a hindrance to the Communist’s class struggle. The traditional Hindu culture’s ultimate moral standards interfered with the Marxist manipulation of ethical principles. For these reasons, the Communists made Hindu culture an enemy in an effort to bolster Marxist control of society.


Everything the Communist Party did was to consolidate its tyranny, to replace Hindu culture with its evil, atheist party culture. The Communists were successful in replacing traditional Hindu values with its party culture of deceit, wickedness and violence. From 1940, the Communist Party was engaged in the destruction of Hindu culture that has been inherited and accumulated over several thousand years. Marxist intellectuals were busy in their utmost capacity to destroy Hindu identity and spiritual beliefs. The phony Marxist intellectuals ridiculed spiritual leaders; traditional Hindu scholars who were exemplars of social morality were obliterated.


Successive Communist governments have adopted land reforms, educational policy and social reconstruction in an effort to destroy traditional Hindu culture and life style.  Communist policies destroyed the inner meaning of traditional culture to deliberately to confuse and to degrade Hindus. The Marxist culture has transformed the traditional, unifying, peaceful culture, family values, poisoned the younger generation and also had severe impact on social life. The dubious Marxist plan toward redefining helping networks, and cohesive cultural system have done great damage  to the concept of family, and community. But even greater harm comes from the globalization of materialism, evangelism, Jihadi terrorism, atheism, and imported sexual values. Certainly Marxists and missionaries have imported the decadence of western values.


The ever more pervasive emphasizes today on western values, profits and consumerism, have made people under increasing pressure. The incidence of mental health problems, divorce, sex abuse, suicide, crime, aggravated assault, homicide, burglary and motor vehicle theft are increasing at an alarming rate in Kerala.  Data and statistical reports indicate than in 2006 in Ernakulum 1200 couples divorced. In Trivandrum  1000 couples divorced. Divorce rate in Malappuram, Kottayam, and Kozhikode is also increasing and most of the divorcees are between the age of 25 and 35. More than 4000 cases of family dispute are filed in Family Court. 70% of the cases for divorce are for extra marital affairs.


Uniform Crime Reports indicate that narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol began to appear in the best of homes. The institution of marriage, family, child rearing and cultural tradition is under constant attack. The dramatic shift of values has been shattering. Kerala today has the highest suicide rate in India . Many other social problems including sex abuse, murder, vehicle theft, burglary, assault, kidnapping, robbery, child abuse, and mental illness can trace their roots to the breakdown of traditional helping networks and sacred Hindu values. With such disturbing trends, it can hardly come as a surprise. Divorce, crime, violence, and suicide have become the most frightening reality of modern life in Kerala. The number of economic crime is also a cause for concern.


Historically, Kerala has had one of the lowest rates of divorce, suicide and homicide in the nation. How could this happen in the land of Sankaracharya ? How could Kerala society fall so far so fast? Obviously, there are many factors—loss of common values, coercive religious conversion, jihadi terrorism, breakdown of spiritual values and secularization of traditional Hindu culture. Popular acceptance of utopian Marxist ideas correlates negatively with religiosity.







Citizens cannot take a back seat or indifferent attitude now because the imported Marxist values are fraught with infinitely greater danger. In the past, Hindu cultural and religious values as well as extended family system have provided adequate protection against social problems. Extended family is now replaced with nuclear family. Sacred Hindu values are replaced with the decadence of imported western values and faulty Marxist utopian ideas. The traditional healthy society no longer exists.


The new Marxist Kerala is travelling on unknown road to an uncertain future.  For the moment, however, the future would have to wait until the present is safely secured. To secure the present and to ensure our future, Hindus must join together and eliminate from our lives the iniquitous doctrines instilled by the Marxist party, and restore our Hindu culture and consciousness.


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