Expose the Ideology that breeds terrorism and terrorise the terrorists.

via P. Deivamuthu published on August 18, 2006

I am a Hindu. Suppose I murder someone. Now see the reaction. My family members will antagonise with me. My neighbours will refuse to have any relations with me. My Dharmaguru will reprimand me. On the top of all, my scriptures tell me that I have committed a sin and will therefore go to hell. Thus, in view of the overall condemnation, there is a chance for remorse.

Now suppose I am a Muslim and I murder a Kafir. Now see the reaction. My family members will appreciate me for my courage. My neighbours, nay the entire area, will come to my support. My Maulvi will congratulate me for killing a Kafir. On the top of all, my scripture, Quran, says that for this jihad I will go to heaven where 72 virgins will be at my service with wines. In view of the appreciation I receive from all quarters, why should I regret? In fact, I will try to commit more murders and receive their continuous applause, and even the title “Gazhi”.

Am I talking like a lunatic? No. This is exactly what the Quran preaches and the terrorists who kill innocent Hindus – at Jammu, Kashmir, Varanasi, Delhi, Godhra, Akshardham, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Mumbai – follow their scripture to the letter. If you do not believe me, read some of the verses from the Quran – (excerpted from “The meaning of The Glorious Qur’an” translated by Muhammed Marmaduke Pichthal, and published by Idara Isha’at-e-Diniyat (P) Ltd., New Delhi.)

Surah IX, Repentance, 5: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. ….”

Surah IX, Repentance, 123: “O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).”

Surah XXXIII, The Clans, 61 “Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.”

(These are only samples. There are thousands like this, which are now freely available on the net).

The leaders of the various terrorist groups brainwash young Muslims by saying that “If you fight Non-Muslims in a Jihad and get killed in the process, you will go to paradise where you get your 72 virgins and wine. If you don’t die, you get to sleep with the wives and daughters of your former Kafir friends. In other words, it is a Win-Win situation for you.” And no doubt, many Muslim youths bite the bait.

While the ‘secular’ Muslims make strenuous efforts to propagate that Islam does not support terrorism, the Terrorist take advantage of the same Quran for carrying on their heinous crime against humanity. Naturally, only one of them is right. Here, it is apparently the terrorist. Any Muslim who claims to love peace should spell out his stand on the above and thousands of many other Quranic verses which preach hatred, intolerance and violence. Is he prepared to disown them? If yes, then he is not a Muslim. If not, how can we buy his peace-loving theory? An irony indeed.

Having realised the cruel preachings of the Quran, which is the fountainhead of this ideology, countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc. have stopped calling their society as ‘multicultural’, as it amounts to diluting nationalism, an allergy to Islam. They are now ascertaining that theirs is a Christian culture and those who talk of Shariat Law must get out.

But unfortunately in our country, all our vote-hungry politicians are bending over backwards to certify Islam as a religion of peace. It seems even our judiciary is going out of the way to appease Muslims. The recent judgement of the Kerala High Court, which declared that taking oath in the name of Allah is constitutional, is a case in point. Probably the judges have relied on the pseudo-secular slogan “Ishwar Allah Tero Naam”.

Unless this ideology is recognised and exposed – an ideology to bring the entire world under Islam, using terror as a tool – we will just be groping in the dark. But our politicians do not have the courage to tell the truth, leave alone facing it. And most Hindus, including some Sadhus and Sants, keep on ranting that all religions are the same as they preach love and peace.

To the utter shame of a big country like India, a small country – Israel – is showing the way of handling terrorism. For abducting and killing two of its soldiers, it has declared war on Lebanon. Terrorists understand only the language of terror. Therefore, it is the duty of every government to terrorise the terrorists, so that its citizens can live in peace. A government which cannot do this, has no right to remain in power. In the case of India, the government has the wherewithal to do what Israel is doing. But it not only does not want to do so, on the contrary, it wants to treat the terrorists with kind gloves.

With these types of Politicians, Sadhus and Hindus, no doubt, the merchants of death will continue to have a field day, as they had on July 11 in Mumbai.

Are we heading towards a Christian India? From the activities of Christian missionaries, which is at its peak today due to UPA Govt. at the centre with Sonia Gandhi as the uncrowned queen, it seems so. Look at the unholy activities they carry on in Tirupathi with gusto, with the connivance of the Christian CM Samuel R Reddy. Further, it seems like a conspiracy to demoralise Hindus by spreading false rumours. After the Shiv Ling at Amarnath, it is now the turn of Sabarimala. The motive seems to be to make Hindus lose faith in their Spiritual Centres, so as to make them vulnerable for conversion. Hindus need to be alert.


(Author is the Editor of ‘HinduVoice’ and maintains http://hinduvoicemumbai.blogspot.com/)



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