Experience Jesus Transform Kerala – Beware of this Blessing

published on October 26, 2009

An open challenge to the Indian Constitution,yet publicly encouraging people to participate,this Bernard Blessing’s Power Conference or Experience Jesus Transform Kerala is literally advertised everywhere in Trivandrum city and even in the nooks and corners of the suburbs.This is high time for the Hindus to open their eyes and see the real villains.What would happen if a Hindu overloads his bicycle hasn’t happened to this crime.Just look at the confident way in which they have made the punchline-Experience Jesus Transform Kerala.This is the best proof of how subverted we are and how successful they have been in their mission.
This is happening,I’m sure with the tacit support of the sick ‘secular’ Govt. This evangelist group is following a new trendy method to prey on people especially youth.Their church is functioning in one of the shopping complexes in the city and has previously held many events that do not project itslef as anything to do with the churchianity.There has been a concert titled Live Jam-Gloria Deo in Trivandrum in the past few years which has been recruting youth to mobilise youth for their support and bring in people to attend the event.The event in the last year started with instrumental music,followed by a foreign evangelist saying how alchoholic he was previously until he saw a beam of Jesus Light entering into him when he was sitting in one of the New York pub (probably he was too much drunk which will make you see even more such weird things!),followed by the open calling out of ‘Praise the Lord’ and ‘Hallelujah’ and people who were new to this being asked to raise thier hands by volunteers very efficiently placed between people sitting.

 The tickets for this concert had been priced but in major youth hang-outs in the city it was given for free after a sort of contest where they ask simple questions like who is the father of the nation etc.

             According to a report sent out by a devilish bishop in Kerala to the WCC(World Church Council),brought out to the public by Poojya Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy,the council had replied to convert Indian Youth by giving them meat and liquor and even sending out their girls to quite literally seduce them into their religion.The members of this particular group who had been conducting concerts in the past few years and now this Power convention are all dressed up in trendy clothes,all youngsters,full with energy,ready to work and literally do anything to achieve their motive.
The Hindu Aikya Vedi has already launched a complaint against this convention but the Hindus should remember the good old days when we had deported foreign missionaries from Trivandrum and open the eyes and join hands against this open flouting of law and subvertion.It would be a feather in our cap if we did stop this event happening,as it does seem that it will really have a mass participation which would definitely lead to many being converted and money generated for new missions of the missionaries.This man,this Bernard Blessing,claims that the Holy Spirit appeared to him visually when he was a boy, and told him that he would be a voice to nations and that he walks with the Holy Spirit, and as a result wherever he goes there are prophesies and miraculous healings. He has had separate meetings with Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the former US vice president.He is mired in controversies,financial and moral-side and is is being advertised even in the Govt. KSRTC buses and laminated notices being given out as bookmarks in shopping centres.
Let us join hands and ensure that he is not allowed to step his feet in the holy land of Lord Padmanabha.As Lord Krishna said the Bhagavad Gita let’s think of him(Krishna) and fight aginst adharma!

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