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via SYNONYMOUS published on October 23, 2006

For finding an apt solution to any problem, we should first realise the simple fact that a clear understanding of the problem is half its solution. As a degenerating social group with very little grit to fight back, Hindus in Kerala are very much lacking in this understanding. The suicidal tendency of individual Hindus seems to have afflicted the community conscience as well. Intellectuals among Kerala Hindus, who are unaffected by the ‘secgunea’, are frightened (or introverted) to speak openly in favour of the community. A powerful and fearsome quartet is working overtime to weaken and ultimately destroy Hinduism in Kerala. A brief narrative on this quartet (in decreasing order of toxicity) with some remedial pointers is long overdue.


Catholic Church    


One intelligent but crooked brain is much more dangerous than a thousand idiotic goondas. That is how we have to look at the clever ideology vis-à-vis the terrorist ideologies. The all powerful weapon of ‘mutative adaptation’ is the strategy of Catholic Church in Indian sub-continent. Since they cannot even open their score cards in Pakistan and Bangladesh , it is cent percent sure that they will go all the way to make it up in India . The state of Kerala is very significant in this context and a lot of money & efforts will be expended here (by Vatican ) for the harvest. An unholy alliance of convenience between the clever and terrorist ideologies cannot also be ruled out.


It is already late but we still can do quite a lot to dampen their efforts. The first thing to do is to cut off the ‘indianisation’ efforts that are aggressive in Catholic Church today. Mayazhiamma, Vallarpadathamma etc., are attempts in this direction. We already have temples for everyone and we should waste no time in adding feminine deities (Ammas) in our pantheon in connection with all the known places of Kerala. Even Hindu versions of Mayyazhiamma and Vallarpadathamma will have significant effects. Legal battles to cut off the umbilical relationship of the Indian Church with a foreign country ( Vatican ) must be initiated immediately. How can we talk of sovereignty, security and nationhood when our citizens are taking part in the election of the head of a foreign nation and our citizens are getting appointed as ambassadors of a foreign state? Expose the Catholic Church of India and that is the best way to tackle them.


Merciful Terrorism


Terror understands only terror and terrorists will strike and again if there is no retaliation. Two eyes for one eye is the best option when dealing with terrorism. Followers of a religion that is built on terror and mercy cannot be expected to be reasonable and understanding. It would be utter foolishness to expect a reduction in terrorism when it is being fuelled from an oil-rich expatriate crowd that is getting richer and richer every day. The few knowledgeable and clever among them know that the ‘take-over’ will have to be completed before the deposits of oil & gas dry up in the Gulf. We can expect more aggressive demographic push and frightening attempts in the days to come.


If the clever Church has targeted the services sector, the terrorists have rightfully targeted the industry for tightening their grip. In present day Kerala they know that employment is the best carrot. Employing Hindus is the best way to keep them tied down. Family, employment, regular income, comfortable life etc etc., will mesmerise any Hindu to eternal silence. But we should understand from history that Mohammed Ghazni will come again and again, if he is not finished off in the first opportunity itself. If it was sword and army that they used earlier, it is money and bombs that they are using now. Surgery is the only remedy for gangrene and ‘surgery without anaesthesia’ is what should be meted out for perpetuators of terrorism.


Communism & anti-majoritism  


Communists and all sorts of leftists go with ‘minoritism’ in a country in which the constitution prescribes equality for all except the religious minorities. In present day India , Muslims and Christians are assured special privileges as religious minorities, but Islam and Christianity are given equal status as Hinduism because of state secularism (hence called pseudo-secularism). This apparent contradiction is not accidental but deliberately made by the Nehru coterie (as advised by British) so as to keep India divided forever. The leftist in Nehru saw it as the best bet to weaken traditional Hinduism and thereby perpetuate his dynasty.


People who go to court for anything have closed their eyes to this clear contradiction in our constitution and the benefit is enjoyed by minorities and communists to rule the country by hijacking power. Present day communist parties in India are more pro-minorities than pro-poor. Look at the manifesto of any leftist party, you will find appeasement of minorities high on their agenda. This is only because of the vote bank politics. The one and only way to break it is electoral reforms for a system of proportional representation. And if it happens, the red flags will be found only in railway stations in India .


Psecular Hindus


The most significant and determining element of anti-Hinduism in India are the pseudo-seculars among Hindus themselves. You will find them in abundance in Congress parties and Communist parties. Some take the anti-Hindu stand for cheap publicity and some others are fooled or bought over by external forces. The Churhat lottery robber is the best example of this genre of politicians. While they themselves do not understand or refuse to understand that they are digging their own graves, the agony they invite for their own future generations is unfathomable. Their own progeny becoming refugees in their own land is something they may not witness but sure to happen. Those among us who are perpetuating the unwanted and primitive facets of our own Caste system are doing no better than these pseudo-secularists. Believe in your caste if you want, but do not believe it is ‘higher’ than another caste. It is just different and that is all.


To summarise the situation, the five significant steps that every Kerala Hindu is expected to take immediately (lest it may not be necessary at all after a decade) are the following:-


·         Take no action that can help our enemies, even if does not benefit Hinduism  

·         Start going to nearest temple even if you do not believe in God

·         Never lose an opportunity to expose the minority games in your locality

·         Listen to local leaders of our community and stop denigrating any of them

·         Start reading our scriptures, even if you do not understand them


Until and unless we start doing this, get ready for the eventual death and wipe out of Hinduism from Kerala sooner or later.

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