Endless Jihadi destruction of Hindu cultural practices in Kashmir

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on August 8, 2006

For over five thousand years, Hindus have created a splendid civilization in the land nurtured by valleys, rivers, lakes and mountains in Kashmir. During the Islamic invasion, Kashmir Hindus experienced several episodes of challenge, subjugation and brutality. Thousands of Kashmir Hindus were forcefully converted into Islam and several thousands were murdered. During the Islamic invasion, everything invading Muslims have touched has been marred with wars, tyranny, massacre and terror. Hindu cultural institutions were violently destroyed, temples were vandalized and spiritual institutions were annihilated.


Today, 59 years after independence, Kashmir Hindus are under siege, threat, violence and terrorism. More than a million Hindus were kicked out of the Kashmir valley by Jihadi terrorists. Jihadis with the support of the state were successful in intimidating, threatening and terrorizing Hindus. Kashmir Hindus are living in refuge camps in abject poverty and drudgery. Remaining Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir face discrimination, violence, terror and state tyranny.


The Central government dominated by Congress Party and controlled by the Italian Catholic Sonia has not shown any interest in protecting human rights of Hindus in Kashmir. The Congress government at the center can be said to be full of trickery and betrayal without constraint. In spite of a secular constitution, Islam has become a state religion in Kashmir. Islamo fascists have complete social and judicial control and they deprive Hindus of any religious, economic, educational, and social freedom. The Central government did not take any steps to save Hindus or control Islamist government of Kashmir from its tyrannical and evil practices.


In addition to the discrimination and hardship, Hindus are now faced with another problem. Kashmir Hindus are denied traditional religious rights. Kashmir Hindus cannot perform Shrada for their dead. The Harkat-Ul-Jihad, the terrorist organization has threatened Kashmir Hindus of dire consequences if they perform Shrada of their dead. The J&K government and government of India have ignored the plight of Hindus and refused to provide protection to Hindu citizens. Laws and regulations in violation of the constitution are enforced at various levels to obstruct Hindus and deny religious and human rights. The breakdown of the Hindu family in Kashmir is complete. Equally important are the related changes in economic life that have been quietly eroding quality of Hindu life. Simply put, Hindus are living in refugee camps in isolation from their traditional neighborhoods in the towns and cities of Kashmir. The effects of this forced migration and isolation is a deepening sense of powerlessness, distrust, fear and hopelessness in the face of mounting Jihadi terrorism.


In spite of the terrible atrocities committed by Jihadi terrorists against Kashmir Hindus, none of the political leaders were not asking why the terrorists are committing these heinous crimes and taking any preventive actions. How can we possibly understand the motives of our political leaders when they refuse to help these helpless Hindus who are under constant threats from the Muslim terrorists?


To prevent jihadi terrorism, protect freedom and human rights, Hindus must unite and learn about the brutal practices of Islam and its attitude and practice toward Hindus. Any effort to protect Hindu life, culture and property should start from an adequate knowledge of the effects of Islam.  With this knowledge, Hindus should force political leaders and the pseudo secular government to act. Hindus should become politically active and get involved in political activities. This is crucial to the survival for our religious freedom, human rights and democracy. Hindus should wake up from the apathy and denial and become proactive.  Hindus should unite and develop positive and effective ways to engage in civic arena where solutions to local, and national problems can be fashioned. Unless Hindus extricate their minds from the poison of pseudo secularism and free themselves from the shackles of pacifism, Jihadis will continue their murder mayhem.

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