Elephants and Desert Religions

via GSK Menon published on January 29, 2008

The Desert Religions accord very low status to animals. But of late in Kerala we see Christians and Muslims using caprisoned elephants and imitating Hindu temple customs. Are these permitted by the Desert religions ?

Elephants are treated as animals of prey by Islam. In Islamic law animals are either HALAL i.e. lawful or MUBAH i.e. indifferent or MAKRUH or abominable i.e. which is condemned but still lawful, and HARAM i.e. unlawful.

The Quran Majeed states that man has dominion over animals: “He (God) it is who made you vicegerents on earth.”(Quran 35:39).

People who worship animals are considered to be Pagan and their elimination is required Quran 9:5

Similarly Christians also, are forbidden from using animals in their worship. In fact the Bible is replete with verses denouncing use of animals and gold in worship.

Then how come that our converts are using elephants, mounting the desert gods on them and imitating Hindu customs. Gold flag masts are now being erected in every Church. I asked a Christian friend as to what is the logic behind all this. All that he could say was that they are using it for decoration purpose !

The Nettipattom represents the 33 crore Hindu gods, what are these Desert religions who make a fuss about polytheism, accepting all such Hindu symbols in their worship patterns ?

I consider that it is a triumph of Hinduism that we have been able to break their rigid religious beliefs and make them follow Hindu way of worship. It also demonstrates that the converts cannot break away from their ancestral religion and practices.

Nowhere else in the world can you see Muslims and Christians imitating their sworn enemy’s customs and traditions.Hindus are polytheists and so these religions detest us. They want to force us to convert to their monotheistic religion.

But in this battle Hindus must strive to Hinduize these Desert religions just as Buddhism and Jainism have been made to lose their identity.

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