Dishonest Christian Evangelists in fake Hindu Cultural Garb

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on March 12, 2007

For hundreds of years, Christian missionaries have been selling fake paradise in India. Missionaries promised “the eyes of the blind will be opened, the ears of the deaf unstopped, and the wilderness will burst out in fruitful beauty.” They falsely paraded the prophecy of the wolf with the lamb and the kid with the leopard and promised Biblical paradise. Missionary promises were couched in scholastic terms but their goal was political, social and economic exploitation and to liberate Hindus from their spiritual tradition and to enslave them with the rigid dogma. Christian colonialists did their utmost to conceal from the world the true nature of their deceptive techniques of these missionary tormentors. Colonial masters succeeded in muffling victims of conversion. The full dramatic story of deceptive missionary activities against Hindus has yet to be told, and the need for telling it is now more compelling than ever, not only to expose their games, but also to warn gullible victims.

Now Christian evangelists are devising various modern deceptive plans to convert unsuspecting and ignorant Hindus. They are on a crusade march to convert Hindus by unholy, dishonest means of deception, exploitation and fraud. The exploitation of peace loving, tolerant, innocent Hindus by cunning strategies and deceptive psychological programming is aimed at the destruction of the ancient spiritual culture and Hindu tradition. “Until Hindu culture is conquered, Hinduism remains. Hinduism is wedded to culture in indissoluble bonds till death do them apart. Hindu culture must be Christianized, if we were to win Hindus. Hindus must be won, if we were to win India.“ says A Guide to Missionary Tactics. For several years missionaries have launched a cultural war against Hindus for domination, control and conversion. While several Christian cults adopted a decidedly heretical Christian doctrine, modern day evangelists continue to use dishonest and deceptive psychological techniques to execute their cabal.

For a long time, Hinduism has generally dictated the ethical standards by which Hindus live. However, a growing number of evangelists in India have rejected the ethical standards as impractical and moral principles as outdated. For evangelist crusaders-there is no distinction between right and wrong, good and bad and there is no ethical standards. Evangelists decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. Their ideas and deceptive standards demonstrate that they have an inherent potential for reflecting immoral, unethical acts.

A case in pont:





Wow. That’s really impressive. I guess we had better get down on our knees reight now, and start confessing everything, holding nothing back, as well as support the Hindu sounding organization!



At first, you may find it as a spiritual Hindu organization motivated to do good. Now read on and weigh the contents in accurate scale and you will know that it is an “ecumenical communion of the disciples of Lord Jesus Christ” Swami Sachidananda Bharathi in saffron dress is an evangelist and the Dharma Bharathi Ashram is an institution for indoctrination of gullible Hindus. This dishonest fake name is an attempt to develop a rapport with Hindus without divulging their own evil intention. The name of the organization looks wonderful on the outside but on the inside are very manipulating. It is a desperate attempt to trick Hindus into joining the Christian Ashram. They are after Hindu mind and money. It is a sophisticated mind control and recruitment technique that has been refined over time. Evangelists need to operate using deception. Why? Because if Hindus knew their true practices and beliefs beforehand then they would not join. Evangelists need to hide the truth from Hindus until they think they are ready to accept the fake paradise.

It is a slick well-orchestrated public relations front which hides what the group is really like. They want to help the poor, support peace and revitalize environment. It is all fake selling points.

The ideas of deception are not an original idea of the Christian evangelist Swami Sachidananda. A Christian missionary wrote about the methodology of Christianizing Hindus in India some 80 years ago using a similar deception. The missionary wrote “If we are insistant in converting Hindus, let it be remembered that until we adopt Hindu cultural practices, it is difficult to lure Hindus for Jesus”. Christian evangelist Swami Sachadananda Bharathi and his organization are adding a new deceptive dimension based on the old missionary technique.

The deceptive tactics of the evangelist Swami Sachidananda Bharathi (formerly N.V. John) and other slick evangelists include misquoting Hindu verses, building Churches that look similar to temples, Ashrams, doing Christian ceremonies like Hindu festivals, and adopting Hindu names for conversion centers. They construct preaching centers which are outwardly as closely as akin to Hindu Ashrams. Christian evangelists continue the outward form of Hinduism while adding a new dimension based on the Bible.

The real intent is to implement the policy of psycho programming and mind manipulation to demand the voluntary participation of Hindus for conversion. The plan is to break the spirit or sap the vitality of Hindus, who continue to enjoy a spiritual life. It is a trick for exploitation and bondage as well as to crush Hindus. The evangelist strategy of enslavement and dehumanization is now turned into dishonest and deceptive strategy. It is an attempt to convince Hindus that they are not complete until they accept Jesus as the only God. Over the past 60 years, thousands of Hindus have been deceptively converted specifically by Christian evangelists with fake promises and deceptive tactics that masquerade Christian belief in the guise of Hindu spiritual practices. The Christian gospel is preached by “Christian Swamis” wearing saffron clothes and Rudraksha (Beads). These fake Christian swamis promote their rigid Christian faith by using a new Hindu name.

These dishonest Hindu sounding Christian organizations and fake Christian swamis have influenced secularists, intellectuals, social liberals and the media by psycho linguistic programming and deceptive propaganda. This method of proselytizing increases the number of contact people, who serve as conduits to the Hindus in social settings. Contrary to popular perception, it is not only emotionally unstable to Hindus who fall prey to evangelist efforts. In fact, all Hindus are susceptible. They often target college campuses, hospitals, housing colonies, senior residences, and poor Hindu neighborhoods. They deliberately misquote, mistranslate and misinterpret Hindu scriptures and puranas in an attempt to prove that Jesus was both an avatar and Hindu God.

Their deliberate and dishonest de-legitimization of Hinduism, in concert with misleading exploitation of Hindu symbols, religious artifacts and even traditional music serve to confuse the potential convert, making him/her more vulnerable.

Secular Hindus, social liberals and the media have been very slow in catching on to the fact that the evangelists are in a war, -a war that is cultural, religious and political.

Hindu spirituality involves experience and understanding of life, space, time and the universe. It is beyond that which can be managed by a closed, rigid, dualistic dogma. However, based on its pitiful and absurd understanding of spiritual life, the evangelists call everything outside of its own dogma “superstitions” and subject Hindus to brainwashing and deceptive conversion. Those unwilling to abandon spiritual practices are insulted and bombarded with shameless, wicked psycho linguistic programming.

Hindu culture is significant because it reaffirms for us that we once organized complex civilizations all over the continent. We can take these traditions and generate more advanced ideas for peaceful human survival with freedom and dignity. Let all Hindus join together, be free to create, and let a Hindu spiritual revolution be born.

Hindus must vow, an iron vow that we will never either tolerate nor allow any deceptive mind manipulation of Hindus. This means that no Hindu should participate in such fake organizations. The task is for the lion-hearted Hindus. It requires discipline, commitment and devotion to Hindu culture and society on several levels. Hindus should extricate themselves from the pseudo secular, colonized mind. A colonized mind is always on the verge of submission, the destruction of the creativity, and the suicide of minds. A creative Hindu mind can expose these evangelist wolf dressed in sheep’s skin and preaching dogmatic faith in Hindu cultural garb

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