Disastrous consequences of special reservation for Muslims

published on July 5, 2012

Government of India and several state Governments have been allocating special financial aid, providing special privileges, job reservation, and quota system for Muslims. These policies and special financial aid programs only for Muslims are costly, ineffective and dangerous and fail to serve Indian citizens. In a word, these special privileges and programs for Muslims are dysfunctional, destructive, counterproductive and inefficient.

India’s corrupt, timid and criminal politicians are willing to surrender our national integrity to Islamic militants.  And the government rulers are afraid of Muslim violence and terrorism. They deliberately ignore that special financial aid, quota system, and special reservation for Muslims in educational institutions is dangerous and it has negative spillover effect for the country.

The present Congress government headed by the uneducated Italian Sonia is hastening India’s decline and ushering a new era of Islamic domination. Instead of dealing with Islamic expansion, the present government would ruin the country and its disastrous consequences will affect all Hindus in the future.

All arguments for special privileges for Muslims and financial aid for Jihadis are defective and dubious at best. Consider, for instance the relationship between extra spending on special education for Muslims, Hajj subsidy, Mullah Pension, financial assistance for Madrasa education and its consequences for the nation.

In Kerala, and Kashmir, education portfolio was controlled by Muslims since independence. In Kerala, and Kashmir Muslim students enjoy special privileges, financial assistance, reservation, and quota system. They control and allocate more Tax payer money for Islamic education. Muslims League Ministers allocate special funding for Islamic colleges, refuse to light a lamp at general functions, introduced special green uniform for teachers and declared special holidays for Muslims. Hindus are discriminated in every level of education.

Before Islamic invasion, India enjoyed a golden age and leadership in every area of knowledge.  Hindu scholars were experts in art, literature, music, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, astronomy, and in life sciences and medicine. Sanskrit was a common lingua franca and citizens were happy with their home education and guru-Sishya relationship. Skilled traders and artisans were happy in their fields. India that was a wonder of the world was destroyed by Islamic invasion and British Christian Colonialists.  After independence from British Christian colonialists, atheist Nehru and his Marxists and Islamic cronies have continued the McCauley educational system and introduced special privileges, reservation, quota system and extra financial aid for Muslims only. Funding for Sanskrit education has stopped and they tinkered with our educational system and Hindu ethos, moral values and culture were shattered.

With Central and State government debt is rising, and pro- Islamist governments spend more and more tax payer money on Islamic education, Mullah pension, Madras expansion, Hajj subsidy and special financial aid for Muslim students to an unsustainable long term pace.


Hindus constitute the majority community In India and they must unite and demand the anti Hindu government to re-think of special reservation and unlimited financial aid for Jihad education.

It is a good time to start in meeting India’s economic and social crises. It is awkward for some phony secular Hindus to admit they don’t know how to go about these matters.

What did the government do? Now the pseudo secular, anti Hindu government want to expand reservation programs to private industry also.

Major Corporations, Financial Institutions, Big Companies and Business Professionals in India agree that the world is rapidly changing. Rapid changes in science, technology and computer demands intelligent, smart, efficient and brightest employees to be competitive in the ever changing business world. Brightest-intelligent employees offer companies the opportunity to be competitive. The market, the productive world, and business competition demands drastic changes in workforce education qualification, skills and experience.

Businesses, major corporations and Big Companies can best capture the market, gain respect, and build profit only with smart-intelligent, well qualified work force. Companies cannot ignore smart, intelligent, highly qualified science and engineering graduates. If the companies that hire employees based on their Islamic belief system ethnic background, learning disabilities or retarded intellectual abilities are doomed.

Employees hire good, well qualified workers who may look at their job as a carrier, while some with intense interest in fanatic, closed ideology might look these entry levels as a stepping stone for promoting their fanatic ideology or closed dogma.

Highly competitive, well educated, intelligent, smart and bright people are pathways for companies to improve the market reach and competitiveness. The role for governmental organizations is to create a culture which every employee is respected for their contribution. If employees are the brightest, they do really well, and the management can delegate leadership and responsibilities to them.

Despite the fact that the rationale for special reservation for Muslims in government job, and financial aid for fanatic Jihadis are very weak, defective, the Sonia Government has expanded job reservation for Muslims and undeserving candidates. Special reservation and quota system have been growing year after year and it creates terrible debt for the government. This diabolically cunning strategy to increase vote Bank has aggravated an already bad situation, and provides a perfect example of the fundamental problem facing our nation today. Islamized politicians pushing such anti national illusory policies with extraordinarily high cost will ruin our country in time.

Perhaps and most importantly, such central and state programs only for anti National Muslims contributed to inflation, price rise, and social crises. These special reservation for undeserving candidates based on their closed religion is not an appropriate use of tax payer money at the time of budget deficits. When Hindus pay a large part for this Muslim appeasement programs, there is mute response from Hindus and Hindu organizations.

In Kerala for example, NSS and several Hindu leaders have issued statements against such special

 Reservation polices. In spite of rapid deterioration in service, the consumers never organize, unite and

 take appropriate action to prevent such pro-Islamic, anti national policies and programs of the

 Government dominated by Jihadis.  The unintended and dubious consequences of such special

 Programs for undeserving fanatic people will fail the nation.

It is time for Hindus to organize and show their power against such deeply flawed, highly controversial programs to promote Islamism. Hindus must methodically eviscerate such pro jihadi policies and programs and all other cultural issues of our time with intellectual force and vigor.

Corrupt and criminal politicians, expert mind manipulators may want us to feel powerless, helpless and hopeless and force us to believe that there is no cure for such atrocious programs.  But this is a sort of Stockholm syndrome. Some Hindus, unable to bear frustration, anxiety, fear and powerlessness, suppress it by identifying with the dirty, deviant, corrupt Islamized political captors. It is devolution from reason.

We are living in a democracy. By realizing that we are living in a democracy, a strong determination must be made that we are Hindus, and through sufficient maturity Hindus have to accept the burden of choice rather than submit to the whims and fancy of the criminal politicians or fanatic groups.  

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