Deceptive Religious Conversion and Discriminatory Reporting

via HK Correspondent published on October 15, 2008

Deceptive religious conversion of poor Hindus by christian missionaries continues to be a public concern. Observed through the media with disconcerting detail, recent incidents in orissa and karnataka has increased the level of fear and anxiety in the general population. Incidents of murder, violence, and tricks to intimidate, threaten and convert Hindus have created a need for more effective intervention to prevent coercive religious conversion.

Bogus intellectuals, phony media agents, and pseudo secular politicians cite factors such as poverty, and deficiencies in access to medical, psychological, recreational and educational services for christian conversion. Such explanations are bogus and have no merit. Christian missionaries have no interest in eradication of poverty or providing social services.

Their ulterior motive is to lure innocent Hindus in the name of a bait and convert them in to Christianity. There is absolute poverty in Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Ethiopia, Panama, Haiti and Uruguay. There is no social service for these poor converted christians by missionaries. Once poor people are liberated from their life sustaining traditional culture and converted, they are permanently abandoned. Missionary goal is the total destruction of traditional culture and to enslave people into their closed, totalitarian and rigid dogma. It is a political game to expand Christian domination.
Why Indian media and bogus intellectuals endorse deceptive missionary conversion? Why they consistently present discriminatory reports in the media against Hindus? Their anglisized mindset predispose them to engage in discriminatory slavish practices. They serve their slave masters consciously or unconsciously for few breadcrumbs. They fail to adequately address deceptive and violent practices of Christian missionaries and these subversive agents are culturally insensitive and therefore either target Hindu organizations or fail to adequately serve Hindu interests.
Such discriminatory practices of subversive coolies and pen pushers exist in India because there is no retaliatory efforts to expose their ulterior intentions. The majority people are still mired in their perverted philosophy of tolerance of intolerant missionary dogma. For the moment Hindus need not tolerate such subversive agents who compromise with evil elements. Hindus should not sit and seethe over the propaganda bilge being put out by missionaries and their paid subversive coolies.

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