Deceitful Marxist – NDF alliance and the murder mayhem in Kerala

via HK Correspondent published on October 28, 2006

Kerala is under siege. A careful study of the present situation when whole Kerala celebrates it’s 50th Birth Anniversary on November 1st 2006, reveals that criminal gangs, vagabonds, miscreants, money mafia, ISI agents, NDF Jihadi terrorists, and the Marxists, have made a deceitful alliance in Kerala.This is a demonic attempt to intimidate, terrorize and demoralize Hindus with cunning strategies and deliberate deception through well-laid plans including intimidation and murder.

The plan begins in collusion with the pseudo secularists, bogus intellectuals, and phony academicians by bombarding the public with a cleverly devised pattern of nagging thoughts, fears, false theories, lies, false stories and counterfeit ideologies. Tearing down Hindu cultural tradition through careful propaganda strategy and cunning deceit, NDF/Marxist alliance is waging a psychological warfare against Hindus with an intention to encroach the minds and lands of Hindus one inch at a time.

In the past few years, this unholy alliance of convenience between the NDF and the Marxists has taken roots in several districts in Kerala. The deal is that the Marxists will get a new vote bank, in return for giving Jihadi Muslims special privileges and subsidies, as well as support for their subversive and terrorist activities against Hindus. Marxists and Muslims have a mutual short-term interest in keeping the leftist parties in power, and a mutual long-term interest in weakening the traditional Hindu culture of Kerala, which leftists at best view with hostility, at worst as an evil obstacle blocking to the Marxist utopia. Besides, Marxists traditionally place little ideological importance on such matters as human rights, pluralism, religious rights and cultural nationalism.

The Marxists/Jihadi political alliance is becoming a more political force and the political ascendance threatens to exacerbate existing strains in Kerala. Marxist leaders, NDF leaders and ISI agents are in collusion to incite violence, bombing and murder of Hindus. It is an attempt to clear Muslim dominated areas from Hindus. They know Hindus are weak, financially unsound, socially disorganized and cannot stomach violence.

The most important factors contributing to the spiralling terrorists bombing and murder in the last five years is due to the unholy alliance between the Marxist and the Jihadi outfit NDF. The number of murder, bombing, robbery,Temple looting  and attack against Hindus has nearly doubled. The Jihadi terrorists’ trend has been accelerated by the availability of explosives, free flow of counterfeit money and weapons smuggled from Pakistan and the heightened influence of ISI agents and support from the Marxist party.

Empirical evidence, case study analysis and reports from the terrorist murders in Marad, Kochi, Kilimanoor, Kadakkal, Thalassery, Kannur and Kozhikode, indicate that most of the victims are Hindus. With the large influx of Jihadi criminals released from jails by the Marxist government, crime, violence, bombing, murder, home burglary and murder has increased dramatically in Kerala.

Public apathy, government indifference, police inaction, media and Marxist support play into the hands of NDF terrorists, who are in cohort with Pakistan ISI agents. Pakistan’s most important strategic goal is to seize control of a state or parts of a state in India. Confronting Kafir Hindus and launching Jihad against Hindus require a Muslim dominated or controlled state. Without achieving this goal, Pakistan cannot move forward with its plan for Islamization of India. Such a Muslim dominated area would be an ideal launching pad for continuous attack on India. And there is no riper spot than the Muslim majority areas of Kerala.

There is no doubt that the Marxist government’s inability to control Jihadi terrorists is the critical factor that fuelled the current wave of bombing, murder and violence against Hindus. The central government remains largely unable to take any decisive action while Italian Catholic Sonia led government continuous to claim what is happening in Kerala is purely an internal Kerala problem and keep telling Hindus to get lost. Sonia government had acquiesced to Pakistan and Jihadis and refused to stop the free flow of counterfeit money and weapons to NDF in Kerala. Kerala police is incapable to quell the Jihadi violence and its murder march. The government machinery in Kerala has been incapable of coping with the magnitude of the problem given the strength of the NDF/Marxist/ISI alliance.


 The Marxist government is playing hardball refusing to allow a more robust police force that will be capable to intervene and put a stop to the Jihadi murder mayhem. Meanwhile, the killing of innocent Hindus continues. Morale in the police force has gone down. To add more power to NDF and Jihadi terrorists, Marxist government is working hard to release mass murderer Madani from the Coimbatore jail. This step is counter productive and has contributed nothing to prevent Jihadi terrorism. Instead Marxist appeasement policy has claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Several people have been forced to flee from their homes and villages, and have become refugees in their state.

Kerala may pass for a democratic state, but the real problem is the state also meets the criteria of a failed state. Has it been a successful state, Kerala government would not have allowed the free flow of counterfiet money, weapons and explosives and the killing of innocent Hindus by Jihadi terrorists.

The question Hindus needs to ask is how long Hindus can allow inujustice and mass murder to continue. Let us call it what it is. It is an organised Hindu genocide. NDF is an anti national terrorist force. No one will disarm NDF and it has no intention of renouncing terrorism and there is no one to coerce NDF to do so. The marxist government is collaborating with NDF and its terrorist gang and none of the government agencies has any interest in preventing deadly NDF activities. NDF has taken control of several cities in Kerala with the active support of Pakistan ISI. These cities will gradually be emptied of its remaining Hindu population and zealous Islam will have achieved an important objective to convert Kerala into a mini Pakistan.

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  1. Raj Nair Reply

    October 28, 2006 at 4:21 am

    Re: Deceitful Marxist – NDF alliance and the murder mayhem in Kerala
    The Hindus in Kerala, who constantly vote for anti Hindu political coallisions viz. marxist party which is supported by INL, NDF etc., and congress party which is supported by League and Kerala Congress etc., do not deserve or expect a better treatment. Hindus of kerala! whether you belong to the so called forward caste or backward caste, whether you are rich or poor, whether you believe in god or not, whether you are real secularists or pseudo secularists, whether you vote for congress or communists, alas!, your plight is same as that of a “Fish” in a story, who quarreled with some other fishes in his pond and then went to a fisherman whom he made friendship and invited him to spread his net in the pond he is living, so that his enemy fishes will be caught in the net and be killed. By agreement, the “Fish” will show the fisherman where his enemy fishes are hiding in the pond and the fisherman in turn will spare the friends and familes of the “Fish” if caught in the net. The fisherman started spreading his net in the pond in the area where the “Fish” showed him and netted all the enemy fishes. The “Fish” was very happy to see his enemy fishes are caught in the net and dead, and so also the fisherman. Being so happy with his catch, which is a whole net full, the fisherman came the next day early morning and spread his net again. Unfortunately this time, since all the enemy fishes are gone, some of the friends and relatives of the “Fish” was caught up in the net. our “Fish” tried to complain to the fisherman, but he had no time to listen. He was busy with spreading the net and catching and catching all the friends and relatives of our “Fish”. Many times, our “Fish” and his family tried to avoid the net by running here and there in the small pond, but he was also caught up in the net along with his family and met his death. This is what is going to happen to all so called Hindus living in Kerala(soon in India). Some shameless and brainless Hindus will have no problem to convert any time. Some other Hindus, who consider human life is centered around a stomache full of illicit liquor is also have not problem to convert. And for some other Hindus human life means same as that of a cattle life(eat, shit and mate) also has no problem to convert. For a very few, who think right, has no way but to fight against the evil. 5

  2. Vaisakhan Reply

    October 30, 2006 at 4:04 am

    Re: Deceitful Marxist – NDF alliance and the murder mayhem in Kerala
    It seems Hindus are like moth flying into the fire for its doom. Here the foreign utopian ideology of secularism, socialism,communism et al is the fire and the so called ideologues or budhijeevees are already in its claws. Once communism was relevant in Kerala but not any more. It has become redundant; it has outlived its utility. Please note that in Iran the Islamic fundamentalist Komeni grabbed power with the help of Iranian communists in 1979. After assuming power the first he did was eliminate the godless communists. The fate of Hindus here, unless unite and fight together, is going to be the same. To know more about this subject visit website: -Vaisakhan 5

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