Dear Atheists-Rationalists-Dravidians!

via Rajagopalan Seshadri published on January 31, 2007

An open letter to the Atheists-Rationalists-Dravidians”From “A Proud Hindu



“Dear Atheists-Rationalists-Dravidians!”


I am a Hindu and I am very proud to say so emphatically.


I am also not a fanatic and cannot hate any other religion, but when the persons of other religions hurt my fellow-Hindus, because we all are Hindus, I must admit that I am agitated.  But I have not reacted so far and I cannot foresee how my reactions will be in future.


I find the God in images, in stones, in good thoughts, in good words and in good deeds. I am awe-struck by the might of great God.  In this transient life, I find the humans as the tiniest of creatures and when I see their vagaries, fights, enmities, materialism, Atheism – – disbelief in the very existence of Lord Almighty etc., even when after seeing with our own eyes (to give a few evidences) like the vast Oceans, many splendors of nature, the Sun, the open sky etc., I simply pity the human creations, how we waste our time on almost nothing when we can do all possible things make our short life useful to us and others.


All said and done, I am also a human and wish to live as much as I can, a value-based life.


I would like to be a Hindu forever and I try to live as the best among the humans.


My God says, “Any Atheist is my first devotee, for he thinking of me constantly by scolding me always”.


There is no other religion in this world, which is more tolerant than Hindu religion.


But… Don’t underestimate the Hindus or take them for granted forever, because they do not get easily reacted or provoked even in dire circumstances. Their studied patience is entirely due to the traditional acceptance of this trait as a virtue and these are all born with the blood. (There may be some exceptions to any rule.)  They usually follow a four-step procedure for using force, and Force is the last step i.e., they follow Sama, Dana, Beda and Dhanda. They don’t enter into quarrel first, but being in, Hindus are extremely capable to make the opposed to regret because they have physical as well as more of mental / moral strength. But this trait as I said above, is not the sole property of Hindus alone, but can be mastered by anyone who follows the mind training or their family values and tradition.


Oh Atheists! You can break the Hindu Gods’ images or particularly, my dearest Lord Ganesh whether made in clay or stones or metals only just to provoke me and my fellow-Hindus and imagining that I will be easily insulted and feel hurt.  You can lick our Vaishnavite symbols or the holy-ashes put on their forehead and cut the sacred thread worn by some Hindus. Whatever the unpleasant things you do / did, the Hindus had been tolerating so long. Yes, ONLY so long. Yet I feel insulted and hurt but I still exercise my own values for action for some time. 


Normally, I really cannot think of hurting anyone physically, or by any of my other actions. But there is a limit to any patience and tolerance.


Many of my geysers in the following pages may be hurting your feelings, since you have taken us for granted, and as a routine, you are crossing all limits of decency and started hurting the Hindu feelings everyday as demons did in mythological times. Even now these expressions are meant to educate you for the present.


Oh!! Rationalist- Atheists, you act as if the traditional Atheists and Rationalist for generations, as mouthed by your famous ‘the Great Rationalist-father-for-you-all’ (Pakuththarivu Thanthai) Erode V. Ramasami Naiker (EVR)– even he was not able to cast away his caste’s name tugged to his name”Naiker”)


This point that he was a born non-believer of God is 100 %, a crystal clear total lie. But ‘EVRs’ Black Shirt party chief Veeramani, the present Senior-most leader of Dravidian Party and the heir apparent of EVR’s fortunes, quite often mouths that EVR was a born disbeliever of God from his childhood, and it is only to hoodwink his party men. He has no courage to admit this fact.


The few facts are given below. He was a staunch devotee of God, till at least his 46th age. (Refer to his first Issue of ‘Kudiyarasu’ dated 2nd May 1925 wherein he invokes the blessings of God in his Editorial and his opening speech when welcoming the Chief Guest who inaugurated the issues had the full and lengthy expressions invoking the God, and the Chief Guest was none other than the God-man Sri-la-Sri Swami of his days).


Very many instances likewise can be quoted from only his own published items etc., on the demise of many persons of his days.


Anyway, muster your courage to erect similar statues of Pakuththarivu Thanthai Periyar, EVR, in front of all the Mosques and Churches [as you had already erected in front of famous Raja Gopuram of Srirangam of Lord Sri Ranganatha, a Hindu Temple] with the exact inscription of the pearls of wisdom (as given below):

·        There is no God – There is no God – There is no God

·        There is no God at all

·        The inventor of God is a fool

·        The propagator of God is a scoundrel

·        The worshipper of God is a barbarian

For that I even suggest the following places in priority, (first in Tamil Nadu) one, in front of famous Nagore Islamic Darga, two, Velankanni Mother’s Catholic Church and three, in front of Santhome Church, in Chennai, let alone in front of ‘Jumma Masjid’ of Delhi or in font of my cherished and sacred ‘Ram Mandir’ to be consecrated in Ayodhya, in the exact location of Babri building.


If only you can do this in Tamil Nadu, you can transform the whole India and then the entire world according to the prescription given by your EVR.


Then EVR – Periyar will become another Prophet Muhammad and all your ‘Blood-brothers’ (Raththathin Raththams as quite often so addressed in Public Meetings and letters to his Party men written by Karunanidhi, the present Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in his party publication, “Murasoli”) can write the Neo-Prophet’s Revelation as “Periyarism” like Qur’an of Islam and his contemporaries can add an appendix or a subsidiary book (like Hadith and Sunnah of Islam), depicting their personal experiences with the ‘Neo-Prophet’ when he was alive, into a Black Book (like the Redbook of Mao-Tse-Tung of China) explaining your Dravidian-Rationalist-Atheist Philosophy!  I suggest as Black Book, because it is your very favourite colour.


If needed, we, the Theists can give a list of points to begin with to compose your Black Book on “Periyarism” on the following topics quoting exactly his views on the following:


1.      On Tamil Language, its Literature, its contents, its future & its great Savants, Scholars, Polymaths, Grammarians and Linguistic Scientists, especially against Thiruvalluvar, the most-revered by the entire world for his incomparable Thirukkural – the best book on Moral Codes, thus exhibiting EVR’s innate and complete ignorance so explicitly on many matters expressed,


2.      His loathsome expressions about Tamil people, himself being a Kannadiga and he was never hesitant to say so,


3.      On Benefits of jettisoning Tamil Language and taking up English as the main language for all purposes,


4.      On Women, the basic irrelevance of Chastity, uni-dresses like men, banning Marriage as Institution, on Pregnancy, breast-feeding etc., etc.,


5.      On Indian Nationhood,


6.      On Indian Constitution,


7.      0n DMK and its present-day leaders who once belonged to EVR’s party and with choicest expletives, especially on Late Annadurai and others why they left his Dravidian party to form Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (Dravidian Progressive Party),


8.      On the principles to be followed by the Elected Representatives of the people like MLAs, and MPs, (i.e., no elected MLA or MP should stand for election for a third term), By EVR’s standard, TN CM Karunanidhi is the most disqualified person, who shamelessly professes to say that he is following EVR’s ideals. It seems that this rule is only applicable to other party men and them!!


9.      On Castes, Creeds, Communities,


10. On Islam,


11. On Christianity,


12. On Hinduism,


13. On Brahmins,


14. On Congress Party,


15. On our National Tricolour Flag,


16. Our first Independence Day in 1947,


17. On Gandhiji’


18. On Communism,


And many more of his principles and preaching often were written in his “Viduthalai” (meaning “Freedom”) publication by EVR.


I am very hopeful that the above tips can trigger you into action, if only you think you are capable!


But I don’t think you will ever be capable to do such a principled action ever in your life as you have been jettisoning your avowed principles one by one from the days of Justice Party, your father’s father party.  Is that not so?


But you may not do this magnum opus, the Black Book for the following reasons: –


·        First, there can be only inconsistencies in EVR’s ideals, because your leader was such a turn-coat throughout his life with bundle of contradictions,

·        Second, his ideals will never stand to any reason at all, except one of them like elections to MPs & MLAs.

·        Third, he was an anti-Indian in many expressions, which no true Indian will ever tolerate

·        Fourth, whole world will laugh at you for your self expose-idiotic contents once written exactly without any omission or commission as per EVR’s various mouthing and writings in black and white.


In all topics suggested above,

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