Cultural Nationalism: The ongoing debate

published on July 17, 2012


India’s Leftist Academicians, anti-national media experts, corrupt politicians, anti-Hindu foreign owned media management, and controversial missionary agents, and Jihadi terrorist leaders—all seems to be worried about the rise of Hindu nationalism. We never hear from them:  What is wrong with our rising cultural nationalism?
Unfortunately, the pseudo secular, leftist comments are not always useful for those who care about our country, about the continuous improvement required in our democracy. For example, one may  conclude that  leftist, Marxist academicians, missionary agents, supporters of Islamic terrorists, and anarchists, and ant-Hindu media pundits appear to be motivated more by selfish interests, need for financial gains, recognition and applause from our enemies.

These anti-nationals, anti-Hindu writers, criminal politicians, corrupt NGOs and missionary and Jihadi agents profess to be developing new theories for improving our democracy are presently promoting thinly disguised alien dogmas and ideology as theory for misdirecting, misguiding and dividing Hindu nationalists. Many corrupt and criminal politicians in India fall into their trap created for them by psychological warfare experts.  They appeal to special voting blocs to get reelected and continue looting public wealth. Whatever theories presented for public consumption is to conquer and divide the country and destroy our eternal Dharma and all inclusive Vedic values.


For example, recently Sagarika Ghosh, Subramaniya Swamy and Sadanand Dhume were invited by Al Jazeera to discuss about the recent phenomena ‘Internet Hindus’.
Sagarika who coined the term ‘Internet Hindus’ in the whole episode shown her emotional instability and hatred towards ‘Hindutva’. She was using her knowledge, skill, and commitment to destroy our culture. It seems she is might have attended special training for skill building for psychological warfare provided by foreign agents freely operating in India.

Sagarika Ghosh failed miserably to explain what is wrong with Internet Hindus. She forgot that the democratizing power of the internet. Corrupt, authoritarian government is using Television, Print Media, surveillance techniques, the internet for disseminating cutting-edge propaganda, and mass communication system effectively to suppress free-speech and democracy.

Internet Hindus are determined to counter their misleading propaganda with real facts, truths and historical, accurate data to counter arguments for establishing a corruption free government in India based on our true spirited Hindu Dharma. Certainly, her obsession with psychological warfare techniques and strategies in keeping the anti- national, anti- Hindu system of government by digital means will backfire. In the name of promoting democracy, these so called do-gooders, the anti-Hindu journalists are deeply entrenched in promoting corruption, criminal behavior, anarchism, anti-national activities, and Jihadi terrorism as agents of our enemies within. They are trying to make it harder not easier for promoting real democracy. They shed crocodile tears when they use buzz words like Internet Hindus, communal Hindus, and remind us about Hindu tolerance, broad mindedness, compromise and pluralism. The reality is that there is a limit of tolerance and doing good for Jihadi terrorists and conversion gang requires as much oversight and consideration.

Evidence suggests that Islamization and coercive religious conversion and anarchism are not liberating, but promoting social crises and disasters.

We are living in a world of continuous technological change. Politicians and pundits have hailed internet as a revolutionary force that will empower Hindus around the world and threaten agents of our enemies within, promote corruption free government and expose pseudo secular social and political leaders.  Sagarika Ghosh: Your naïve ideas of INTERNET HINDUS are sadly misplaced. The Internet Hindus may distract you from your anarchist tendencies.  Internet Hindus have determined to empower Hindus around the world and we can trigger a wave of clean democratic transformation, freedom and pluralism for us and for our next generation.

For corrupt politicians, anti-national media agents, pro Jihadi provocateurs, the urge to find a quick fix to subdue and enslave Internet Hindus is hard. We, internet Hindus have decided to use profound technological change- in disseminating correct, clear and comprehensive information. We want to implement liberty and reason in an unreasonable world. It can be done. It will be done.

For those who are imprisoned in garbage traps, and phony secular policy makers of India cannot afford to forget that they cannot continue with their pervasive corruption. WE are not here to use internet for aggravating the situation, but we need more rational discussion about the root causes of the problem that have been haunting India. Hindus scattered around the globe found internet is a powerful tool to address common human problem created by Pseudo secularists, Islamists and Missionary gang in India.

C.S. Lewis pointed out, in the Abolition of Man, that “when we abandon the transmission of values, we end with social fragmentation and risk obliteration of humanity.”  What are these values? The values that we need can be found in the Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasas, Darsanas, and Puranas. How can we argue that the Values of our Rishis and Acharayas are not universal, spiritual, uplifting and harmonious?
There is hope for India. but it is grounded in our traditional Dharma. Follow our Vedic Dharma. Listen Hindus. We need a renewal. We do not listen to our distractors.

I am reminded of the powerful words of Woodrow Wilson:

“A Nation which doesn’t remember what it was yesterday, doesn’t Know what it is today, or what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we come from or what we have been about.”

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