Cruelty- thy name is SFI. Savagery – thy name is DYFI. Barbarism- thy name is CPM.

via A Hindu published on March 8, 2008

CPM has once gain proved that , they follow a doctrine of intolerance
,violence and hatred.It is something totally unacceptable to Hinduism
and our traditions.CPM believe in physical elimination of their
political opponents.It is a conglomerate of anti nationals , chineese
spies and fifth columns..Naturally, one cannot expect democracy,
wherever they are in power.

The hapless Hindus of Kerala are caught
between devil and sea..They are sandwiched between dominant minorities
strangulating and suffocating them silently where as the merciless CPM
cadre continue their butchery at other side..At one side there is all
powerful NDF terrorists, assisted and funded by pan Islamic nationalism
and the mighty christain clergy in an evangelical attire (A Marichan in
the attire of deer) always eager to make a big catch from turbulent
waters created by the warring Hindu factions. History repeats, and at
the rear side , you have to fight with your own selfish brothern, brain
washed by man eaters in CPM leadership. Here the Hindus are taken for a
ride by CPM.There is mistaken notion that CPM stands for poor and down
trodden.It is absolutely false and a myth.They want to see the poor
always poor, so that their vote banks remain intact.This is a party
totally against the social and economic development of poor in Kerala.
They did nothing positive for poor people.They are killing poor Hindus!

Some of the CPM leaders behave like an awatar of Edi Ameen with a
penchant for human flesh.In their quest for minority vote banks and
expanding horizons , the communists resort to barbaric killings and
brutal butchery of hindu youths so as to please their minority bosses..
Nationalism, patriotism and Hinduism are unwanted commodities in the
CPM land. They are propogating a barbaric culture and inspired by demons
of bygone era. This is a party tutoring savagery and barbarism.

Kannur has turned out to be a political laboratory of CPM. Today it is
RSS. Tomorrow , it will be NSS and day after tomorrow SNDP. If the
catholics and Muslims do not become submissive to communists, they too
will face CPM wrath sooner or later.Hindus are an unsafe lot in Kerala
and their future is very bleak. In the CPM Raj , you have to pay a
heavy price for being a nationalist.To be a Hindu , is considered as a
crime! It is difficult to live in a Kannur village as a non
communist!The ground reality in remote villages of Kannur makes a
mockery of fundamental rights guaranteed in Indian constitution!

are some unwritten rules in CPM empires. The uncrowned emperors of CPM
weilds power more than YAMA RAJ. One cannot open the mouth in their
fortress! Be it congress or any other so called secular! CPM is a cadre party with a strong presence all over
Kerala.Nothing happens in CPM without the connivance of party
leadership.The party leadership is responsible for the gruesome
killings.Hindus are targeted and killed to to woo the minorities .CPM
want to enter the good books of Cardinal vithayathil and Panakkad
thangal. Hindu youths are being massacred for a handful of votes in the
coming elections! The recent violence are engineered to divert attention
from Paloli committee and Sachar report.

Democracy is being butchered in Kannur for the last so many decades.
CPM has gone berserk with their brutal majority.Ask K.Sudhakaran or
M.V.Raghavan to know more details!Both of them are not associated with
Sangh Pariwar in any way. Are they safe to roam in Kannur with out
police protection?

It is time for all political parties to come together and isolate
CPM. Every Indian citizen has a right to to live with self esteem.In
Kannur , people are deprived with this cardinal right.It is not BJP
versus CPM. Congress,CPI,CMP.Muslim Leaugue,NCP, all are suffering at
CPM high handedness.

A couple of years ago, two ABVP sympathizers were chased and forced to
jump in river. . The SFI workers pelted stones on them till the duo
drowned in waters!And these people are talking of Human rights in
Orissa and Gujrath? And now , the chairman of one and only college
union in Kerala, headed by ABVP has lost his eyes!Cruelty, thy name is
SFI. Savagery , thy name is DYFI. Barbarism, thy name is CPM.

From Panunda Chandran to Surendran, there is a long list of Martyrs in
Kannur.Jayakrishnan master was assassinated in broad day light in front
of his students in the class room.The accused were given a heroic
welcome by CPM leadership!

Enough is enough!It is time for BJP and Congress central leadership to
intervene effectively and decisively to tame the CPM leadership.

Innocent poor Hindus are losing their lives in Kannur.

Ma Nishada!

My salute to departed souls!

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