Criminalization of Kerala

via Dr. Babu Susheelan published on November 26, 2005

Criminalization of Kerala


[Dr. Babu Suseelan, a practising clinical psychologist, shares valuable insights into the cause of violent and political crimes in contemporary consumerist culture and society of Kerala.] 


 The present decade in Kerala may later be called the decade of crime. Never before has Kerala witnessed so much of crime, including attack against our culture, temples, spiritual institutions, and spiritual leaders. Even a superficial glance at today’s crime scene in Kerala reveals a stunning, haunting conclusion. Violent crimes such as kidnapping,  murder, rape, robbery, burglary, bank robbery, contract killing, and sex trade, as well as crimes against property are increasing at an alarming rate. There is also evidence of organized Muslim crime syndicates smuggling women from Kerala to the Middle East to work as sex slaves. Everyday there are new stories of gang-related crime, the proliferation of illegal weapons in Malappuram District, and jihadis dealing with explosives and bombs. Once considered an isolated phenomenon, gang violence is permeating everyday life in Kerala. Not to mention the sporadic growth of political killing, and religiously inspired beheading.  Citizens are tormented by rampant corruption and criminalization of running the whole gamut of life in Kerala. The pre-planned, cold-blooded, unusual brutality by the hard-core Marxist goons against Hindu social service volunteers is going on. What is more frightening is that the present government has been providing protective shield to the criminals committing heinous acts. Organized crime syndicates, corrupt politicians and inefficient law enforcement officials are working together to make life miserable for law abiding citizens.                                                                               


According to crime reports released by the government, in the last two years, under the Ommen Chandy government dominated by Muslim League and Christian Congress, there were 1,292 murders, 95 deaths in communal killings, 13,428 household robberies, 1,424 rapes, 28,955 suicides, 68 deaths of political violence, and 5,441 cases of vehicle thefts. In the last two years, police discovered 1,211 unknown dead bodies and 6,605 cases of persons missing.


The nexus between Jihadi terrorists and political parties that exist in Kerala makes it possible for Muslim mafia to distribute illegal hawala money, and engage in drug money laundering. Black money distribution is a booming business in Kerala, and Muslim criminal gangs are part of it. During the last few years, there have been a number of high profile violent sex crimes that have been reported in newspapers throughout Kerala. In several instances, political leaders were involved in these sex crimes. Sex crime perpetrators are allowed to get away and they act as self-declared protectors of the community. Illegal and fraudulent money collection from innocent people is a booming business in kerala.  Integrated Finance Company, controlled by a Kottayam-based Christian group has looted more than RS 2 billion from depositors.  The Company cheated thousands of people who have invested their retirement money and savings.  Blade Mafia and moneylenders have established a crime syndicate and a sense of solidarity with a larger sub cultural and supportive identity in Kerala. These criminal gang coalitions, alliances, and illegal organizational structures have ruined many families in Kerala.  Jihadi super gangs are busy with torching of passenger buses, bombing, and beheading in Malappuram and  Kozhikode districts.   Muslim fundamentalists receive funding and training unabated from ISI and other Jihadi terrorist organizations based in the Middle East and Pakistan, and are busy spreading hatred and  terrorism. Christian Evangelist gangs who receive foreign money are fast encroaching forestland, corrupting government officials, and illegally buying precious urban properties and sacred lands near Hindu temples.                                           

 There are several criminal grassroots organizations supported by the Communist Party and Muslim National Defense Front. They maintain and control group members and utilize them for attack against innocent Hindus. The Communist party and Jihadis have created a complex system for sustaining criminal enterprises. It carries out and performs tasks and commands from their bosses. Its criminal operation is financed, managed, and directed by the party system. The party function extends to dealing with the criminal justice system; provide assistance for families and defense attorneys. The alliance between criminal gangs and the party system is more multifaceted and fosters dense criminal bonds and utilitarian ties that promotes crime and violence.

 The alarming increase of crimes could offend any civilized society in any part of the world. In civilized nations crime never pays. Unfortunately in Kerala, today, crime pays and pays quite well. For most of us, ethics, respect for law, and law-abiding life are a high moral standard. But, for organized Jihadis and communist criminal gangs, it is not a priority. The Muslim religious body Darul-Ulomm defies judicial courts and frequently issues Fatwa claiming judgments of non-Muslim judges are unacceptable under Islamic Shariat. They have no guilt, remorse or fear. Crimes committed by Jihadi groups and Communist goons can scare the wits out of any one. What are the penalties, punishment for crime in kerala, and what are the chances of getting caught?

 There is a malignancy in our body politic. There are several reasons for inaction and tolerance for crime and violence in Kerala. Organized Muslim Jihadis and Christian  blade mafia have the resources, money power, political clout, and extra territorial support. They bribe the police, criminal justice administrators and political leaders. The Communists goons have the muscle power and criminal sub groups. The police and the judiciary have sufficient powers to deal with criminals. Yet, politicians who expertly appease organized Muslims and Christians to generate vote often handcuff law enforcement officials, and they stand silently on the sidelines. Political parties’ uni-dimensional focus on appeasing criminal organizations paradoxically guarantees that criminals will continue their offense and create unsafe communities. In addition, Kerala government’s inefficient criminal justice policies have bred several bizarre consequences. Several criminals involved in murder, looting, arson, murder and sex crimes were never arrested, prosecuted and punished. Look at the way in which our police and the government dealt with the Muslim criminals involved in Marad mass murder, the Chekannur Maulavi murder, riots in Kasaragod and bank swindling.  Kunjalikutty, the Muslim League leader who was involved in ice cream parlour sex case in Kozhikode was never prosecuted. Jihadi terrorists got away after killing innocent Hindus in Marad, Muslim fundamentalist leader Abdul Nasser Madani’s followers who torched a passenger bus in Kochi were never apprehended or faced the criminal justice system. When Hindu spiritual leaders are attacked, police is eager to identify them as mentally deranged and send them for ‘rehabilitation’, instead of criminal investigation. At the Karipur airport in Kozhikode, Muslim League raised Pakistani flag during Independence Day, dishonored Indian National Flag, and attacked media persons. The police did not apprehend or prosecute the culprits for fear of Muslim retaliation. When Hindus resist Communist, Muslim violence, they are depicted as Hindu fascists. It is strange; Kerala government dominated by Christians and Muslims explains away Temple vandalism, theft of precious idols, and destruction of spiritual institutions as social tension among Hindu organizations. Politicians deny the existence of anti Hindu gangs, its significance, playing down the urgency of the problem. It’s only natural for the police to respond to such crimes seriously and take appropriate action, not in Kerala. This is a clear indication that the police are afraid to arrest, prosecute and punish criminals.

 It is common knowledge that our intelligence operations are weak and ineffective in identifying, infiltrating and preventing rogue operations. Police are too unprofessional in crime investigations, or sometimes too lenient, and even may be involved itself in the crime. Public Prosecutors are appointed for political and communal reasons against the well-established principles of judicial system. Murderers serving long term prison sentences are released on parole for political reasons.


 Preventing Jihadi terrorism, crime, violence, corruption and, sex offenses should occur in three stages. The first is to break out of the denial mindset in which the majority are locked. The second is to embark on a process of identifying and exposing criminals and their ideological supporters. The third stage is to implement concrete anti- crime steps to apprehend, prosecute and punish criminals and their political cronies.  There can be no short cuts to prevent crime and terrorism unless we break our denial mindset and embark on a process of identifying ideologically driven criminal organizations. Rigid, doctrinal formulas dreamt up by pseudo-secularists and fundamentalists to fit their worldview should be exposed.

 Politicians tend to take refuge in a bunker mentality, which leaves little room for breaking the ideologically motivated wall of denial isolating them from reality. The solid wall of denial politicians have built to shield themselves from painful truths of crimes prevent them from openly admitting who are behind these crimes. Left wing intellectuals and media pundits’ complacent attitude towards crime committed by Muslim fundamentalists and communist goons is yet another example of how adept they have become at using defense mechanism to shield themselves from unpleasant truths.

 In such a time as this, citizens must renounce crime supporting policies and pronounce active law, and order policies, as well as effective strategies for criminal apprehension and offender management. The community, to prevent crime, needs to voice its own feelings of anger, insecurity and participate in the criminal apprehension process and the facilitation of justice.

 The majority Hindus must break out of the psychology of appeasement, tolerance and join together and change the system based on our Hindu values that is stronger, deeper and encompassing.  Our ability to come to grips with many social problems plaguing us depends on our ability to move forward with unity, assertiveness, courage and purpose.


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