CPM is a sold out party

via Shankar, NY published on February 15, 2008

Pardon Hindus! .. Unfortunately CPI (M) is unable to ignore church’s orders for at least another fifty years. There is a very strong reason behind the shift of its policy in favor of the church. People of Kerala might have forgotten the visit of CPI (M) leader E. K Nayanar to Vatican when he was the Chief Minister Kerala. He visited Pope John Paul and presented a copy of Bhagawat Geetha (not “Das Capital”) to the pontiff during his visit. No one asked about the real intention behind the visit of a communist leader to a Christian leader.

CPI (M) was facing severe financial crisis in the 80’s and the rebel activities became stronger than ever before. But the church wanted to keep communism alive in India until their mission was accomplished. They understood that the only way to keep people away from Hinduism and Indian culture was to promote Communism. They knew that Communism will die by itself one day but they didn’t want that happen until the Indian souls were ripe enough to be harvested.

So they prepared a well researched game plan without a loop hole. Church offered huge financial help to CPI (M) to survive from their economic standstill. In order to execute the plan a delegate was sent to Italy including the Chief Minister of Kerala.

Both parties negotiated their terms and CPI (M) received uncountable amount of money from unknown sources from Italy. In order to powder the eyes of people of Kerala, delegates visited Pope and twisted the news in a different angle. Knowingly or unknowingly E.K Nayanar also played a major role in this well scripted drama. Terms of negotiations and names of people involved in this deal was well documented by the church.

Immediately after receiving the huge amount CPI (M) started a bucket collection campaign to bring the whole black money on to their book keeping table. The revival of CPI (M) after the CM’s Vatican visit was evident that the party had received a big boost from some unknown sources.

Church leaders know that CPI (M) can not take any actions against them even if they have crossed all limits by words or by action. This is what we are watching on the stage of Kerala politics every day. Now the ball is in the court of the super masters who live in heavenly bungalows. CPI (M) is irrecoverably trapped by the church and is unable to move a small finger without the knowledge of their grand sponsors.

If someone still believes that CPI (M) will change their mind one day and treat Hindus with equal status, then he is living in fool’s paradise.

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