Countering Venomous Propagandas

via Krishna Kumar published on March 3, 2012

In ancient times great philosophers and intellectuals used to engage in ideological clashes inorder to prove the infallibility of their understanding about the universe and self. We see this in the life of Sankaracharya who re-established the profoundity of Vedic wisdom across India after defeating scholars from all other schools of thoughts in intellectual duels.  But that is an old story. Now in this era even idiots think that they are great scholars and intellectuals. We have countless evangelists and pasters, mullas and maulavis and even ordinary individuals who after going through some shallow ideas, scream against treasures of wisdom as if they are possessed by devil. They get in to some kind of false illusion. We can see too many of such fools in the internet world. It raises few basic questions.

1) Should people who know the truth ignore these and keep quiet ? Won’t it be considered as a surrender and acceptance of their shallow views ? Won’t this filling of too much of garbage in to public domains like internet influence and misguide our gullible young generations ?

2) Should we Hindus also resort to the cheap techniques used by our opponents to counter them ? Shouldn’t it promote hatred and lack of mutual confidence among people ? Or should we back off from retaliating (in the same coin) just because we have to be tolerant ?

3) When Hindus are restricted by Govt regulations on posting harassing and blasphemous contents themselves, in this era of no boundaries, negative material is posted in plenty from across the globe against Hindus. How to fight this unjust war ? Defintely we have every right to make our brothers aware of these new challenges.

See for example the below link, which shows a muslim lady in burqa who claims to be a converted Hindu from Australia makes an idiotic speech. And at the end she shows breaking an idol of Ganesha which she claims to be the one which she used to worship earlier. There are many hidden and psychological messages being passed. One of such message is that “Like many prophets did in the past, I am also breaking the idols”

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