Could Jihadi terrorism happen again in India?

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on December 5, 2008
Could Jihadi terrorism happen again in India?

Over the years inefficient and corrupt Indian politicians and bogus intellectuals have consistently answered – NO.

They say after each Jihadi terrorism, that it is unique event  and government of India will address their grievances.

Politicians announce more incentive, financial assistance, Hajj
subsidy and extra constitutional privileges.

 Do these misguided Indian
politicians have learned anything from Jihadi terrorism?

No Islamic
hatred and murder have reached beyond the innocent victims.

happened in Mumbai could happen again.

It is a daunting undertaking to
confront the systematic murder of hundreds of innocent civilians, an
event of unprecedented magnitude and horror.

How are we to understand
this horror?

How do understand the calculated indifference and
ineptitude of our politicians?

What are we to learn from several Jihadi
homicide and terrorism in India?

Was it a unique Jihadi event, or might we experience such horrible Jihadi terrorism again?
terrorism is nothing new

Millions of innocent people have been killed
since Islamic invasion of India.

Since 1947 thousands of Hindus
were executed or beheaded by Jihadis.

What happened previously could
happen again.

There are signs and they are unmistakable.

The arrogant
self-righteousness of the Congress leaders, the cynicism, apathy and
indifference of our intelligence agencies and denial of the
judiciary are irrevocably linked to Jihadi terrorism.

The Jihadi enemy
is growing more and more powerful, more and more daring.

aggressiveness of Jihadis, the permissiveness of our political leaders
and the total submissiveness of our security forces encourage Jihadis
to threaten our survival.
Despair, denial, apathy,
tolerance and indifference are no solution.

What is the solution?

Jihadis have one solution.

Complete subjugation of non believers
through Jihadi terrorism.

They are succeeding while our politicians
keep silent.
There is a solution.

Learn Islamic history.

Philosopher George santayana wrote,

“Those who do not remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.”

It is only thorough an exploration of the
brutal past of Islam that we can ever expect to learn from it. what
lessons will be gleaned from the brutal Islamic history, and the desire
of our citizens to discover the truth will determine our strategies to
prevent further Jihadi terrorism.

 The courage, peace and morality of
India is constantly challenged by these criminal thinking Jihadis. 

are in crisis and we are tested to our limits.

Citizens who refused to
be immobilized by fear can do wonders when working against a common
enemy. It is time for us to stand up to Jihadi evil.

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