Conversion without tears or persecution with Christian compassion?

via Surinder Paul Attri published on February 5, 2007

1. The statements of several Christian-Clerics and Missionaries, are not only repulsive, but the height of indecency. They are labeling our Hindu gods and goddesses, as creatures of the Devil ( a totally imaginary creature, a creature of no-existence ), their worship as evil-ritual, and any donation to temples where this kind of ritual is conducted, as an evil act, and encouraging an evil-belief.


Question: If this kind of utterance is not Gospel Of Hate, then what the hell is this ?


2. What is the reaction of our Phoney-Liberal Hindu Politicians, especially those of the left ( Marxists, Socialists, et all ) to this open and extended outrage and monstrosity?

They not only go along with this enormous barbarity, they label Hinduism beliefs as “ Opium Of The Masses. “

They have no reluctance in hurting the sentiments of the Hindus, by labeling Hindu beliefs and Rituals as “ Superstitious. “


These Phoneys have no hesitation nor any twinge of conscience, in accepting the biggest superstition of the universe of both Islam and Christianity, their Herculean belief in a totally imaginary creature, which they label as Shaitaan & Devil/Satan.

They label neither Islam nor Christianity as the “ Opium Of The Masses. “

What Hypocrisy?


3. What about our Hindu Holy Men ( HHMs), what are they saying about this monstrous maligning of the Hindu religion?


Some of them are saying that they want to stay out of politics.

 Others are affirming their belief in Ahimsa and Non-Violence.

Still other HHMs are saying that:

a. All religions are the same and equal
b. Hindu-Muslim are Bhai-Bhai


Question: What kind of rubbish is this?


If all religions are the same, then why do they grasp different and antagonistic beliefs, why do they worship different books, why do they go to different temples, mosques, and churches?


How can a Muslim and a Hindu be Bhai-Bhai?
How can a Butcher and his Victim be Bhai-Bhai?
How can a Sinner and a Saint be Bhai-Bhai?
How can a Bank-Robber and a Bank-Manager be Bhai-Bhai?

4. What about our Hindu people, what are they doing about this challenge?

Even though some Hindus are Now talking about “ Reciprocity “ and “ Tit For Tat “ treatment, in actual practice they are doing Tit for Tat against each other.

Instead of uniting, Hindus are wasting their energy and resources in throwing brick-bats at each other.Even if Non-Violence is accepted as valid, the veracity of the situation is:


Non-Violence of the strong has meaning. Non-Violence of the weak is non-meaning and non-convincing.


5. Can we Hindus get our act together?

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