Communist Mercy Killing in Kerala

via HK Correspondent published on March 11, 2007

Communists, Nazis, Fascists and Islamists have a peculiar way of eliminating people they consider as undesirable. They have mercilessly send undesirable people to labour camps, concentration camps, gas chambers, mercy killing centres and institute for assisted suicide. In several islamic countries beheading of common criminals, mentally retarded and mentally sick people is common occurrence. Honour killing of women in Islamic countries eliminates women who refuse sexual advances of Mullahs.

Now Communists rulers supported by Jihadis are experimenting new techniques for mercy killing. Under the Islamist supported Communist rule, Kerala became a homicide, suicide and murder capital of the world. Media is replete with daily murder, homicide and suicide. Suicide is very high among farmers in Wayanad and Idukki. Now Communist government has devised new techniques to assist suicide. Instead of providing material and mental support to prevent suicide, Communists are encouraging and assisting suicide with their siren songs   

In Wayanad during the harvest season, suicide rate is on the increase.  This harvest season, along with the hustle and bustle of harvest and the recurring suicides, the agrarian district of Wayanad also witnesses a state-sponsored cultural campaign. The cultural campaign is planned for preventing suicide. The effect is to smooth out suicide victims with songs! 

Will this intellectual campaign announced by the government for the district instead of financial assistance, help save the hapless farmers from committing suicides? So believes the LDF Government, which recently launched Uyirppu (resurrection), a cultural campaign against suicides in the district.

A host of forums such as Kerala Lalithakala Academy, Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Kerala Kalamandalam, Folklore Academy, Sahithya Academy and State Film Academy are joining hands with the Cultural Department in the noble mission of saving the lives of farmers, creating a cultural ambience.

Ironically, the campaign was opened last week by none other than Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan, who promised farmers of complete write-off of farm loans in his previous role as the leader of opposition.

Farmers who failed in their suicide bid, those waiting an ideal situation for executing the extreme step and those who are afraid to commit suicide can also enjoy a wide variety of cultural programmes.

The government is planning to parade almost all leading artists, poets and writers at various centres of the district during the month-long programme. The campaign has been envisaged in such a way that a debt-ridden farmer who is on the verge of ending his life can enjoy a variety of programmes including the play Koottukrishi, the tribal folk festival, endless cultural processions, music/dance nites, the inspiring speeches of intellectuals, painting exhibition and orchestra.

As part of the campaign, a painting campïgn namely Mannu (soil) has been already organised at Mananthavadi under the auspices of Lalithakala Academy while a mural painting campaign is on at Muthanga under the auspices of the Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam, Aranmula.

However, the farmers organisations are up in arms against the government over the issue. Instead of creating positive impact, the campaign would send wrong messages to the farmers as it underlines their fears that the LDF has no plans to revitalise the rural farm sector and to write-off farm loans, as promised earlier.

It is like teaching the techniques of swimming to a person who is sinking in water. By launching such a campaign, which could have been conducted by any cultural organisation, the government is demonstrating nothing but its inefficiency in resolving the issue.

Experts on suicideology say that the Communist campaign is like giving good food to a condemned murderer before he is executed. The Communist campaign is nothing but mercy killing, assisted suicide to get rid of helpless victims of the Communist policies of oppression and exploitation. Tribal farmers are under constant pressure from rich Christian Robber barons, islamic money mafia and Communist goons.

There are are many reasons why people want to end their life by committing suicide, ether by themselves or with the aid of someone else. First, some are severely depressed over a long period of time. To them, suicide may be a permanent solution to a permanent problem. Also, people who experience personal problems, chronic pain, some due to poverty, or lack of health care coverage, cannot afford proper medication find suicide as an escape mechanism.

Communists claim they are merciful. Mercy is the key word and what determines merciful anyway? The term is a bit vague in this context, as are most of the Communist words and deeds.

Life can seem pretty hopeless for farmers. The Communist way is a clear example of a slippery slope at work. The Communist music for suicide victims has been a gradual process that some life is “unworthy”. Indeed, Communists are doing just that. Mercifully, Hindus in Kerala are the closest  from Communist vampires and islamic cliffs on the issue of merciful killing (assisted suicide). A few more nods at Communist assisted suicide, and it will be time to watch our neck and look out below.


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