Communist Hatred of Indian Judiciary

via K.Vijayan published on April 4, 2007

CPI(M) leadear Prakash Karat  lashed out at the growing trend of “judicial encroachment” and demanded setting up of a National Judicial Commission to bring in accountability and reforms.  The communist party unhappy about the recent court rulings adverse to party stands and party leaders revealed their hatred towards democracy and Indian Constitution once again.


Mr. Karat should first try to “bring in accountability and reforms” in Parliament and legislatures, which are increasingly full of criminals, anti-nationals and secessionists.Politicians, including the Communists presently performing within the framework of the Indian Democracy, should try first set their house in order before meddling with the already “Committed Judiciary”.


Let Karat press for hanging the Nandigram murderers starting from Budda, all hailing from his own Party and then talk of judicial reforms.Karats, Sonias and pliable Mohans are the problem, not the Judiciary.

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  1. Yukti Anamika M.Sc(IT)MCA Reply

    April 5, 2007 at 12:22 am

    Re: Communist Hatred of Indian Judiciary
    From the very begining I have been holding the view that communists are the traitors of the first water.They are more cunning and dangerous than even islamists and xtian missioneries,They maligned and tarnished our country,cultur and
    history. Along with muslims and christians they also hate Hindus and Hinduism and want to disintegrate them. History of
    Freedom Struggle supports my view.
    And about these psec-hindus, better it is not to speake about their suicidal tendencies. They preach lofty values sitting on
    very high moral grounds forgetting that under their own feet
    their own graves are being dug.Who will awake and aware Hindus
    of the dangers of communists,chritians and islamic lobbies? 5

  2. Vaisakhan Reply

    April 5, 2007 at 5:07 am

    Re: Communist Hatred of Indian Judiciary
    RSS/BJP should work hard to educate hindus. They can take a cue from the Marxists in this matter. In the nineteen fifty’s members of Communist party went house to house of poor people and taught them communism with the result Marxists came to power through ballet.

    The so called hindu party RSS/BJP should send their members to visit each and every hindu house and explain to them the present political situation in the country; unless hindus act immediately with wisdom they will be overwhelmed by Islam and Christianity aided by anti national Marxists. This is the only way for hindus. 5

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