Come On Rajdeep, Face the Nation, Save your Face!

via K.R published on April 6, 2010

An open letter emailed to Rajdeep Sardesai

To: [email protected]
Sent: Sun, 4 April, 2010 2:04:09 PM
Subject: Response to ‘Face the Nation’ HT dated Apiril 02, 2010

Dear Mr. Rajdeep,

I am more a fan of your charm and eloquence than anything else. I am a regular viewer of your program ‘The Weekend Edition’ in CNN-IBN. As an occasional reader of ‘Beyond the Byte’ of Hindustan Times, I chanced to read your article ‘Face the Nation’ dated April 02, 2010. I thought that there will be an apology from media hosts of your integrity and caliber in falsely reporting the date of the Gujarat CM being summoned by SIT as March 21st (Sunday!). But my poor eyes couldn’t stumble upon apologies or anything of that sort. On the contrary it was another blitzkrieg against Modi.

My decipherment of your article could be summarized in two points:

1) Modi and Mayawati accuse all the time of being victims of media campaigns each in their own way.
2) Supporters of Modi in ground & cyberspace are abusive of journalists who dare raise discomforting questions for the Gujarat CM.

Yet I found a ray of hope in the last few paragraphs wherein you included even Sonia Gandhi, PM and LK Advani in the list of politicians who are unwilling to subject themselves to rigorous media scrutiny.  This nation has seen LK Advani give an interview to Barkha Dutt of NDTV before the General Elections 2009.

But Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, never ever!

In your piece you have also accused many of the top journalists of becoming foot soldiers of the political class. As your hard core fan I believe that you are not one of those foot soldiers and should have no problem in inviting Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as a guest speaker for one of your programs.

To make the session a lively and an entertaining one, I suggest the topic for discussion to be either of the following:

1) How to control inflation and what are the efforts taken by the UPA in this regard?
2) How to bring back Black money stashed away in Swiss Banks?
3) Bt. Brinjal – Boon or a Bane? Let’s hear it from NAC Chairperson.
4) Why free Mr. Q from red corner notice of Interpol?
5) Whom to blame for 1984 Anti – Sikh riots and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits?
6)  Should ‘Terrorists turned Humans’ be invited back to India from POK?

I firmly believe that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will be able to add flavor to the program with her Cambridge education and strong oratory skills in English. The nation is need of such eminent persons though politicians to enlighten the common man on these pressing issues.

If you find your efforts of inviting her go in vain owing to madam’s busy schedule, there can always be a general talk session with the audience on ‘Sonia Gandhi’s early life & achievements’.

I have always thought Indians of being one of the most exploring lots in the domain of journalism and media. But this opinion of mine could last only until a couple of years back since when I have been coming across a few ‘Open Letters’ to the Editors of Indian dailies and media persons. I couldn’t merely dismiss them as hate campaigns similar to the once against Gujarat! They had substance and were well enunciated with facts. The essence of most of these letters was indicative of the print and electronic media of being anti – Hindu, anti – National and a stooge of the UPA.

I am least interested in pity political skirmishes but nevertheless I am an ardent Indian citizen in exercising my franchise. Though urban votes hardly play a big role in deciding the future of the nation, I am aware that the media shapes the opinion of a selective few who can spare a walk to the polling booth on the Election Day.   Having said this, I wish media persons like you to remain free of any political banners and affiliations.

Now-a-days I have seen many viewers indicate their displeasure over the bias displayed by some TV anchors in choosing the cross section of the audience for debate shows and programs. Also in your article, it is very sad to see you complain on the disdain exhibited by victims of media campaigns.  So it would seem kind and more impartial of you to invite 25 top RSS cadres out of say a 50 audience for a show on / with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. I sincerely hope that you will display the same vigour and vitality in probing Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s antecedents as much as in ‘Stalinizing’ Modi. Please see if you can include these humble suggestions in any of the programs of CNN – IBN.  This will undo the damage done on you by your detractors. This is written in the best interest and spirit to save your image from embarrassment any further. Come On Rajdeep, please don’t lose another fan of yours. Face the Nation, Save your Face.

Your admirer,

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