Combating Marxist Murder March Against Hindus

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on March 15, 2008

For several years dogmatic Marxist ideology has developed many steps closer to its goal of “wiping the Hindu nation off the map”. Marxists have joined with several dogmatic, fundamentalist ideologies and British colonialists to de-structure and dismantle Hindu society. In collaboration with our enemies, Marxists have made several attempts to destroy the “oldest surviving culture” and have made several “apocalyptic utterances” and social engineering schemes to restructure Hindu society. But Hindu society with its all inclusive, eclectic philosophy and tolerant attitudes survived and prospered.

The fall of Berlin Wall and the collapse of the bureaucratic Stalinist regimes of Russia and Eastern Europe have been heralded as the end of “Marxism”.

Now Marxists who are in power in Kerala and West Bengal are rattling their sword and encouraging Marxist criminals to join with Jihadis, smugglers, bandits and mafia, whose modus operandi uses bombing, assassination, kidnapping, extortion and terror. Marxism meant in practice is bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal gulags, and forced labor, manufactured famines, extrajudicial executions and genocide. It is also widely known that thousands of innocent Hindus have been murdered in cold blood in Marxist ruled states in Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura. The Marxists have joined together with Maoist groups, Jihadi terrorist organizations and Peoples War group for the premeditated killing of Hindus in Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Bihar. They are also causing the death of Hindus through reckless and wanton disregard for human life.

Marxist party justifies terrorism against Hindus on grievances. In fact, Marxist murder mayhem is not sparked by grievance, but rather, it is inspired by Marxist intolerance, hatred and prejudice against Hindus. Marxist opposition to spirituality, openness, pluralism and tolerance is nothing new. It is as old as Marxism.

Terrorism is an essential part of the Communist Manifesto. Marx and Engels state that history is essentially the history of the class struggle. And the history is full of violence and terror; -terror from above-and terror from below. Of course terrorism is not only a form of political struggle but it is one of the most common strategy Marxists use against its opponents.

While terror constitutes the heart of the Marxist war plan, their goal cannot be achieved without the support of the anti-Hindu forces in India. Marxists are not standing alone in such mass murder of Hindus. The Marxists are tapping into the Islamic terrorist group, the Congress Party, and the anti Hindu press. The Marxist party is using pseudo secular words to charm the vain and muddled leadership of the Congress Party. The Marxists also need an outpouring of Islamic emotions to place secular judiciary, government, and the police on the defensive and make them supporting Marxist war on Hindus.

In foreign countries, Marxism and Islam waged bloody wars. Nevertheless, for a long time, there has existed an implicit Marxist-Islamic alliance in India against Hindus. It operates in politics, and in acquiescence or implicitly in terrorism against Hindus. Leftist writers are free to attack Hindus, but they remain blind to the excesses of Jihadi Muslims. The Marxist-Islamic alliance is strong for a variety of reasons. Marxism and Islam are blind, non-compromising, totalitarian dogmas opposed to free thinking Hindus. Marxist-Islamic hatred against Hindu liberalism is neither logical or practical. The ghost of Marxism remains alive in different parts of India and its goal is to extend its power and influence over free spirited Hindus. The Marxist-Islamic alliance and their deadly hatred against Hindus survives in India because the majority never questioned it. Moreover, Marxist governments in Kerala and West Bengal never allow Hindus to channel their grievances through legal forms. The Marxist government uses state institutions for repression of Hindus.

Prior to, during and after independence, Hindus have faced repeated episodes of genocides, collective violence and state sponsored terrorism. Relent anti Hindu media coverage seemed to make individuals and entire Indian society less sensitive to the horrors of the carnage. As the number of the episodes of mass Hindu killing increased in Kannur, Thalassery and Panoor, the public reaction was mute. Hundreds of Hindus had disappeared, detained, tortured, imprisoned and murdered by the Marxist criminals in Nadapuram, Kasargode, Kozhikode, Thalipparambu, Kilimanoor and Malappuram. Since July, 2007 more than 85 Hindus have been brutally murdered by the Marxist criminals. Most of the victims were killed by machete attacks. The Hindu victims died a slow and painful death. Between 2006 and 2008, there were 124 bombings, small arms attack, home invasion, and roadside murder attempts. The lethality of the Marxist bombings and terrorist incidents also increased. The Marxists justify heinous crimes against Hindus as a necessary battle to destroy “old thought”, “old culture”, “old habits”, and “old customs”.


How to confront the systematic murder of innocent Hindus in Kerala by the Marxist goons, an event of unprecedented magnitude and horror?. What are we to make of the calculated cruelty of the Marxists and the indifference of the Congress Party and bogus secularists?. The majority are still indoctrinated by Psychological warfare operatives whose main role is to disseminate disinformation and carefully manipulated information about Hindus. The Marxists and the Congress Party along with the Islamists have joined together with the secular media to conduct awareness operations that would influence public opinion. These awareness operations, perception management, and mental misdirection campaigns are conducted through propaganda and disinformation. The conspiracy of media silence also covers up the fact that Marxist funds are still funding these murders. The media determined not to rock the boat has been pretending not know that Marxist party money was greasing the murderers.

Common sense is one of the rarest of commodities these days. And it has been made rarer by the gradual transformation of our society in the past sixty years into a pseudo secular culture. The three basic values of the secular culture are tolerance of aberrant behavior, a non-judgmental attitude, and a sense of entitlement for the organized thugs.

It is time for Hindus to join together and show their strength. They should somehow get their heads out of the sand and realize that the world is a dangerous place and their pacifism, tolerance, indifference, denial, self-criticism, and apathy will get them nothing but a one way trip to loss of the freedoms that they take so much for granted. Anti-Hindu forces have embarked upon a multi-faceted strategy for defeating Hindus. Can Hindus resist the organized and shameless oppression? Is there a way to preserve Hindu self-respect and not to feel helpless, neglected, abandoned and unwanted?

Hindus are facing existential threats similar to those faced in the 8th century from the invading Muslims. Indeed the danger today is worse because Hindus are now dominated by hostile groups. Hindus around the world should awake and courageously assert Hindu rights. Courage is not an emotion, it is an act of will. Hindus need to be proactive with the manner in which we achieve desired outcomes. Our denial, apathy, tolerance, pacifism and irrational defenses should not hamper our offensive abilities. Hindus have been on the defensive on multiple fronts. We must be on the offensive regardless of world opinion. If we continue to tolerate Marxist and Jihadi murder mayhem and their intolerant dogmas, we will not be able to achieve anything. We will be butchered and enslaved for ever.

Hindu organizations should resort to positive violence and massive retaliation all across India against Marxist criminals. Marxists with criminal thinking, criminal needs and risk taking behavior are not willing to change through negotiation, unconditional positive regard or counseling. We must understand how Marxist criminals think and realize they have a fundamental different view of the world from that of Hindus who are basically tolerant and responsible. These miscreants should be cornered, contained and a force continuum shall be applied to save the community from these deadly criminals. We must specially target these criminals and their thinking errors if positive outcomes are to be achieved. Hindu organizations must demonstrate sophistication needed to be viable and visible, and assertive in the changed political world. In order to survive in this changing world of communication, political realities, information warfare and mind manipulation requires Hindus to move beyond mere survival. Hindus need to design an action agenda for turning passive reaction into proactive realities in the public field.

It is time for Hindus to wake up from the slumber, join together and show courage and determination to discriminate between good and evil and to create a strong community. It is a culture war. It is a constant and continuing war on our spiritual values in order to weaken our nation. We must stand up and take sides in this war for the minds.

Hindu organizations must have emotional bonding with Hindus from all over the world. Organizational force, particularly when wielded by a strong Hindu organization, can carry substantial clout. Successful use of organizational power is warranted against perpetrators or its sponsors of terrorism against Hindus. Part of the purpose for displaying Hindu strength and organizational power, in addition to eradication or discouragement of specific murder groups, may be to send a strong message to the target terrorist group that any attack against Hindus comes with a price.

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