Close the door on Jihadi terrorism

via Dr. Babu Susheelan published on July 14, 2006

I saw the naked, deadly Jihadi bombing on commuter trains in Mumbay and I felt an odd combination of anger, bewilderment and embarrassment (for being from a country in which such insanity is tolerated).


Can’t a country as India get its priorities straight and get this Jihadis out of our streets? Is this what the taxpayers really want to pay legislators, police and courts to do? What utter madness. I have come to believe more and more that Jihadi terrorism and other problems in India won’t get better until law abiding citizens turn their rage on the stupid, third rate gutter politicians and arm chair secularists. Jihadi appeasement, rewards for terrorist Imams, reservation for Muslim terrorists, special treatment for terrorist gang leaders, minister ship for anti national Muslim League members, whatever freaking policies they care to implement in India at the expense of majority peace loving citizens are making law abiding citizens an easy target for Jihadis for butchering. Tolerating intolerance, special treatment for Muslim terrorist leaders, massive corruption of law enforcement officials, and erosion of rule of law and respect for it—increased corruption of politicians—have I missed any biggies? It’s corroded India’s national soul.


The war on terrorism in India is an aberration. It is a uniquely Indian folly, a by-product of our tolerance, appeasement, denial and cognitive disorder. Indian police is obscene; -unfortunately they have done more far more to empower Jihadi terrorists than to protect innocent citizens. Indian laws are far more effective at putting Jihadis in power and sensitive positions than safe guarding lives of the law-abiding majority.


If the Congress government is really serious about combating Jihadi terrorism, it should show the courage to look at their appeasement policies. How many innocent Hindus should die in order to perpetuate the fiction that the Congress government can completely control Jihadi terrorists.


Muslims, bogus secularists and phony media pundits control the systems of indoctrination in India. They shape what citizens think, what they believe, what they aspire to, what history is kept, and what history is erased. Allowing the Islamist/phony secularists to dictate India’s goals, Visions, and aspirations is one of the grave mistakes people make. But it is done in such a way that most people do not even notice it, or understand it. They create an atmosphere to create a mood of passive compliance and willingness to look the other way. It is the “normalization of the unthinkable”, ‘tolerance of intolerance” and passivity, a dangerous combination that leads to tolerate Jihadi terrorism. For Islamic propaganda and indoctrination to be effective, evidence of its existence must be difficult to see. Then there are those in the indoctrination business; the media, which normalize the unthinkable for the public so that people learn to tolerate Muslim appeasement and Jihadi terrorism. In India, the media in the interest of promoting and protecting corrupt Jihadi politicians and terrorists shapes the national mood, to a large extent. From this perspective, no real interest to reveal and discuss terrorist groups and their hidden agendas. Government of India has spent so much of its resources to appease Muslims. But nothing is done to prevent Jihadi terrorism. What the government, the media, and the phony secularists do is never called Muslims are anti national and Jihadis are terrorists.


Jihadi Terrorism’s foundation  


Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai where hundreds of Hindus died and injured is not an isolated incident. It is a continuation of Jihadi terrorist incidents in Coimbatore, Marad, Bangalore, Kozhikodu, Nadapauram, Kochi, Kilimanoor, Ghodra, Hydrabad, Vadodhara, Varanasi, New Delhi, Patna, and Kashmir. Islam has been expanding in to India for centuries by terror, violence and Jihad war. We have witnessed the spread of Islamic terrorism since 1947. Violence, intimidation and terrorism are part of Islam and it is rooted in their Koran and the concept of Jihad war. Islamic brutal attitude towards Hindus is constant and Muslims in India use terrorism as a political weapon to enhance their political agenda. Support of Jihadi terrorism is a crucial element of Islamic political culture. Pakistan, the ideological leader of Jihadi terrorism, carries the torch of “Jihad war” against India. Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait continue to provide financial support. Muslims also resort to money laundering and Hawala system to finance Jihadi outfits. Hawala money has successfully penetrated judiciary, police and government elites. Those who are not on the take practice passive tolerance. Hawala money fuels the growing underground Jihadi economy, which serves as a base for the continuing penetration of the economy, and political institutions by Jihadi terrorist organizations. The dark reality of underground Jihadi economy is about to replace Indian economic growth.


Devoured by corruption, willingly seduced by Jihadi underground money, India is rapidly changing from the land of Vedas and freedom to a symbol of Jihadi terrorism in the eyes of the world. Jihadi money is used for peddling influence and to promote Jihadi terrorist organizations and overloads. The magnitude of the Jihadi hawala money in India, combined with political corruption, have created a fertile ground for declining moral values, escalating Jihadi terrorism, growing public apathy, and passivity. The police, judiciary, legislatures and the entire media alike have been in the pockets of Jihadi terrorists.


Where have all bogus secularists and phony liberals gone? They are not visible anymore after the Jihadi blasts in Mumbai. It appears they have successfully maneuvered to avoid the deadly real nature of Jihadi terrorists. Some have gone into hibernation. Some are busy providing immunity to those terrorist leaders like Abdul Nasser Madani and Imam Bukhari. Because of their primary allegiance to Jihadi terrorists, the phony liberals feel no remorse or empathy for Hindu victims. They are not alarmed by emergence of an unprecedented Jihadi coalition of Al-Quida, Laksher E-Toyiba, Jaish Mohamed, SIMI, Pakistan ISI, NDF and PDP. These alienated liberals have few sympathy for the Hindus being massacred daily in Kashmir, Kerala, Mumbai, Bihar and Tamil Nadu. They are busy smearing nationalist Hindu organizations.


The mass media and their allies have sold their alliance to Jihadi terrorists and corrupt politicians. To date, no serious inquiry into the root cause of Jihadi terrorism has taken place in the corridors of the mass media. Any student of history knows that Jihadi terrorism in nothing new in India and it is rooted in Islam.


It is time for Hindus to join together and demand the government and its agencies to band together to approach Jihadi terrorism on a high priority basis and put a stop to Jihadi terrorism. It’s important that Hindus should act and not be passive, in the face of deadly terrorism. A nation will be judged not by what it tolerates but what it refuses to tolerate. Hindus can put a stop to Jihadi terrorism if they can look at things they tolerate and things they should not tolerate.

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