Christians and Muslims want to hackle Dr. Subramanian Swamy

via Surinder Paul Attri published on August 9, 2011

Quote: The Communal Rights Body wants to hackle Dr. Subramanian Swamy for revealing Terror Truth and Duties of Hindus in India.

COMMENT: The loud-mouthed Reps of communal rights body ( CRB ) are confirmed Hindu-Haters. They cannot be expected to put in a good word for any Hindu, Dr. Swamy included. We Hindus don’t want to be lectured on morality by those, whose religious record has been engraved on the pages of history, as nothing but evil. Their co-religionists have been piercing the bellies of Kafirs, Hindus included, with lances. Their unfair criticism of the Kafir-Hindu is very difficult to swallow.

The ideologies that these Reps represent, inspires them to utter ferocity against those, who do not practise their religion, and who have done nothing against them. They are treated as those who are headed for Hell, and deserve only to be slaughtered. Their barbaric and fanatical onslaughts against Kafirs ( Hindus included ), are regarded by their co-religionists as wonderful things.The CRBs refrain from noticing the intolerable cruelty of Islam & Christianity, and their unjustified criticism of Kafir-Hindu, is a whale of non-sense.

Instead of picking on the Hindu, and giving Hell to Dr. Swamy, they ought to plead for Hindu cause, and assist the authorities in the conviction of those of their co-religionists, who kill Hindus, who set fire to trains in which Hindu pilgrimages are travelling.

They ought to reflect that Hindus, even though they are the majority, cannot go to their pilgrimage-shrines in Jammu & Kashmir, without military protection, and the Hindu has to live under the constant threat of Minority-Muslim. What kind of minority is a Moslem ?

The CRBs support of this kind of Moslem, makes it an illegal lobby.

CRBs non-sense criticism of the peaceful-Hindu, has no footing. It is hollow & curved inward. Many examples can be cited of the abhorrent & self-righteous attitude & actions, of the religions that CRB represents.

What kind of life does Kafir-Hindu have in Pakistan? Kafir-Hindu of Pakistan is in a constant Fear-Mode. He has no rights, whatsoever. He is continuously on the Undesirable-End. His sacred shrines & ancient temples have been turned into, picnic spots, hotels, military barracks, auto-repair shops, public toilets et al. Hindu can protest, he can cry & weap, but it does not lessen the brutality inposed on him. He is an undesirable Kafir. Sullas of Pakistan have, an un-feeling & atrocious attitude towards all Kafir-Hindus of Pakistan.

CRB ought to look at the situation honestly, and speak the truth. Instead of criticizing the peaceful Hindu, it ought to expose the brutality of situation imposed by Sullas ( and Kharistas ), on the Kafir-Hindus. It ought to tell its co-religionists to quit their slave & savage religions, and re-convert to Hinduism, under the program of Ghar-Wapsi ( Return Home ).


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