Christianity is the most hateful religion,Ever known to Man

via Surinder Paul Attri published on November 1, 2006

1. At this time, GOI is considering granting SC/ST status to converted Moslems and Christians. This action shall have unprecedented and adverse consequences for Hinduism. If the converted Moslems and Christians can also have double rights, then why would anybody stay Hindu. This action is strongly Pro-Islam and Pro-Christianity, and astronomically-adverse to Hinduism.

Moslems and Christians already have special rights as minorities. If converted Hindus also get the rights of SC/ST status, then they have double rights. Hindus neither have the rights of the majority, nor of the minority. This action is, therefore, a Triple-Insult on the Hindu. No Hindu can tolerate it.

2. Why is the Government of India (GOI) is thinking of such a foolish action? Hindu is basically very tolerant, but Hindu’s tolerance cannot be taken for granted. Why is the GOI favouring the religions of Islam and Christianity, at the cost of Hinduism? What is so great about Islam and Christianity? Neither Islam nor Christianity values the right of another person, to hold beliefs that are different from theirs. Instead, they regard other beliefs as ‘Fundamentally-Wrong’

They label these other beliefs as ‘Sin’  by word of God, their God.

This attitude is highly arrogant, and extremely intolerant. If GOI unaware
of this character of Islam and Christianity, GOI needs some education.

3. GOI needs to realize that this proposal is against, the ideals of Indian culture and canons of Indian constitution. Our Indian ideal is that:”It is not necessary that we all agree with each other, or that we like each other. Our ideal is that we must respect each other, especially the right to be different.”

Neither Islam nor Christianity subscribe to this ideal of our culture and constitution. This is because both Islam and Christianity are intolerant, and want to control everybody’s life, because both of them are imperialistic.

4. Taking the case of Christianity alone (which applies to Islam as well), it is worth examining some of the screams and sermons of Christian-Clergy, these are given below:

A former Southern Baptist president told two large meetings recently that God does not listen to the prayers of Jews.

A Baptist minister in
Texas has allegedly called for the mass murder of Wiccans by napalm.
An Evangelical minister explained that there are two groups in the world: the children of God (those who are saved), and the children of the devil (everyone else).

Another stated that New Age beliefs are another attempt by Satan to pollute
Christianity, promote immorality and foster unethical attitudes.

Still another stated that non-Christians hate God, love sin, and don’t care
whether anyone is struggling with sin or not.

A televangelist called for the round up and extermination of all Wiccans by
U.S. Federal government.

Buddhism, Hinduism and other Eastern religions have been described as
variations of Satanism.

5. Are the sermons listed above, not tell-tale signs of Christianity’s Intolerance?  (Note: Islam is equally intolerant.)

There are many more examples of intolerance of Christianity (and of Islam). The list presented here is just a sample. Both Islam and Christianity are bringing a Bad-Message. There is danger ahead in GOI’S planned proposal.

Does the GOI want to make
India a better place or a worse place than what it is today?

It is a pity that GOI does not look at these disgusting and gruesome statements of Islamic and Christian clergies.

6. It is a historical fact that, intolerant religions like Islam and Christianity, always lead to war and suffering. Such religions should not be encouraged and emboldened, they should be curbed and controlled. Christianity cannot be tolerant, even if tried to, because it is convinced that its position is without question correct, and those who disagree with it, are less worthy of consideration, and deserve only disrespect and insults from Christianity. Christianity is convinced that it alone possesses the truth, and that Non-Christians possess only error. Therefore, every one else is severely condemned, diminished and insulted by Christianity, and all of this in the name of its God.

7. GOI: Watch out for the following signs, symbols, and consequences of Christianity, that reside inside the heart and mind of majority of Christians:

a. Majority of Christians believe that freedom is bad, because it gets them
away from God.
b. Any one who is not a Christian is inferior, and is destined for Hell.
c. Only Christians are going to Heaven (of course, this is a bunch of blarney, and totally false).
d. Christian churches are known to abuse and molest children, but majority
of Christians do not condemn such acts.

8. This proposal of GOI is a total disaster for Hinduism. We must do
everything that we can to prevent this misfortune and catastrophe.

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