Christianity -A bundle of fabrications and imitations

published on February 26, 2010

GSK Menon’s Response to the usage of ‘Pagan’as a derogatory term for non-Christians in Christian writings.

Christianity is not a religion, it is a bundle of fabrications and imitations. Take the case of Christianity in India, no Christian including the Bishops and nuns prefer a Christian name, everybody wants only a Hindu name, for eg look at the names of these convert bishops – Bishop Vijay Anand, Bishop Sunil Kumar, Bishop Pradhan, Brother Dhinakaran etc etc.

The Christians refuse to call these alien gods by their correct names, instead they have borrowed names of Hindu Gods & Goddesses, for eg; Amala, Vimala, Nirmala, Parameshwar, Mahesh, etc.

Nowadays they are into full scale imitation of Hindu temple rituals, rites and customs. Thus you will find christian idols being fed  Hindu dishes like kheer, laddoo and these being distributed as prasad. Is there any concept of prasad in their religion ? Nowhere else in any church in the world are these being done. Remember our Hindu brothers and sisters were converted by lure and guile by ridiculing as to how our Hindu idols ate ? Should we now not ask these converts as to how their alien idols are eating Hindu dishes ?

Temple rituals like procession on elephants, use of colour umbrellas, Hindu temple musical instruments, are all being shamelessly imitated. Even Dhwajastambhams are being erected which has no connection whatsoever with this desert religion. The Dhwajastambhams that are being erected in churches are exact replicas of those found in Hindu temples.

In Tamilnadu and Andhra converts are made to carry christian idols in palanquins like in Hindu temples !

Hindu lamps are currently the rage in churches. The Hindu traditional lamp is a representation of the Hindu trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, how is this being used in churches ? Most of the christian converts are embarrassed to answer this.

Caste system is immensely popular among the converts, the bishops and nuns pretending to be Brahmins. They are getting themselves be called as Swamy, Purohit, Acharya etc.

In Kerala it is a big joke, every christian convert in the Travancore area pretends to be a descendant of a Namboodiri family. Imaginary lineage claims which are unverifiable are bandied about. I once challenged a Namboodiri pretender to undergo a DNA test. He fled from the place in no time lest his actual caste and genes are deciphered !

What is the meaning in such type of characterless people calling others as Pagans/Heathens ? Do they have any locus standi to call others as Pagans/Heathens ?

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