Christian Publish Pamphlet on How to Convert Hindu College Students

via Courtesy: Hindu Press International published on January 15, 2009

MADISON, WISCONSIN, January 5, 2008: The International Student
Ministry has published two documents on how to convert Hindu college
students to Christianity. Some excerpts are provided below. The
articles lament the difficulties in converting Hindus, are recommends a
method known as “friendship evangelism” by which the Christian feigns
friendship with the Hindu for the purpose of converting him or her. The
same site has a document on how to approach Muslim students. We note
the instructions for the Christians to “be a part of the Hindu student
club on campus,” and encourage such organizations to examine their
membership rolls for such missionaries.

“Some East Asian students come from secular, atheist, or other
backgrounds where public religious discussions are not common. They may
arrive in North America with a lot of curiosity about the Bible and
Christianity. Sometimes they may be very open to modern apologetic
approaches to sharing the gospel. However, Indians have a very rich
spiritual heritage. “Nominal Hindus” who uphold a fraction of their
religious traditions find themselves much more devoted than most
sincere Christians they encounter in North America. Fellowship meetings
that are largely social entertainment may serve to solidify the idea
that Christianity is a shallow and sterile faith. Indians enjoy good
fun, but do not appreciate it as bait for religious activities. A more
attractive approach would be devotion modeled by those following Jesus.
Ideally this would happen regularly as part of daily life and not just
at a religious meeting. Hindus should be welcomed to join in devotional
activities, but not always directly invited until they expressed their
thirst for such devotion.”

“Ministries that connect well with the Hindu culture are marked by
authentic friendships, focus on people and relationships (rather than
on Christian programs), and demonstrate faith lived out through
devotion, prayer, and study of Scripture.”

And from

“The students who are most effective with Hindus are the ones who form authentic friendships, showing genuine love and care.”

“As a student group, we encourage our members to be a part of the
Hindu student club on campus. Together we go to their festivals and
parties. We also attend important community functions like dance
recitals and Diwali. In these ways, we connect to the culture and have
a natural meeting place to develop friendships with Hindus. Once the
friendships are formed, it is important to train students to go deeper
in friendships and really get to know one another through giving to and
receiving from our Hindu friends.”

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