Christian priests and sex-abuse

via VEDAPRAKASH published on May 29, 2008

Priest morphs picture, blackmails woman friend

Thursday May 29 2008




A 32-year-old Christian priest was arrested here on Wednesday for
morphing the photo of a woman and blackmailing her to get married to

According to police, pastor Suresh Paul, working in an
Apostle Christian Association church at Perambur, befriended Beulah
Vasanthi (42), when she used to come for the service three months ago.

who had separated from his wife, was earlier working in a church at
Kolathur and left it following some allegations against him.

was then living with her mother at Perambur after a fight with her
husband Srinivasan (50), a railway employee. Recently, Beulah along
with her children returned to their house in Vellaiyunur Karpagambal
Nagar near Avadi after the couple patched up.

Suresh went to her
house two days ago. He had morphed a photo of Beulah to show her in a
compromising position. He used the photo to blackmail her.

Beulah’s complaint, Suresh was arrested under section 4 of the
Prevention of Harassment of Women Act and sent to Puzhal Central Jail.


A Pastor who threatened a woman with sex-threat arrested


Christian religious preacher Suresh Paul (aged 37) threatened a lady
named Beulah Vasanthi (aged 41) with the morphed photo of her and added
that he wopuld publish all such photos, if she did not marry him.


is wife of Srinivasan (aged 50) with a son and daughter has residence
at Vellaiyunur Karpagambal Nagar near Avadi. As she had fight with her
husband, she came to Kolattur, Erattai Eri, Perambur area to live with
her mother. At that trime she used to go to Church nearby, where, she
developed friendship with the Christian religious preacher, a pastor
Suesh Paul. Meanwhile, the realtives and other family members talked
with the husband and wife and advised them to live together. Thus, she
returned to her husband’s house.


she stopped coming to the Church, the pastor Suresh Paul enquired to
know the facts. As he was developing friendship with her, he wanted to
have control over her. However, he, though four years younger to her,
had other motive. He had taken photos of Beulah in several angles
without her knowledge. Then he morphed with naked photos of other
women, and made photos as if Beulah was having sex with him. He took
copies of such photos, knowing that she had already gone to her
husband’s house, one day he went there and started pressurizing her to
yield to him. When she refused, he showed the photos and started
threatening. He even threatened that he would publish all photos and
thus throw mud on her family and ruin her life.


she had no other way, she complained to the Tank factory Police, Avadi.
The Police searched his house and seized such morphed photos. SI
Senguttuvan arrested him reguistering a case under section 4 of the
Prevention of Harassment of Women Act and sent to Puzhal Central Jail.


Complaint against a Bishop for rape:

The marriage stopped


Today Dinamalar (


reports about the rape of a young woman by a Bishop near Sirgazhi in
Tamilnadu. The police stopped marriage of a Christian Father / Bishop
to a woman after raping the young woman.


Escol (aged 32) has been the bishop of Sayavanam village near Sirgazhi
and has been running a Church named “Besthil Pentecost” near
Manigramam. There has been complaint that he has been sexually
misbehaving with the women coming for prayers.


Selvi (aged 21) daughter of Mariadas of Vadamanigramam has been poor
and he made arrangement for her study in a nearby school at Tiruvankadu
up to plus2. He has been having illicit sex with the girl telling her
that God has ordered him to marry her only. Few days back, she came to
know that suitable bride was searched for Bishalla Escol for marriage.
When she asked about this, he showed a poison bottle and gave her
telling, “I would live only with you. And if we have to die, we shall
die together”


this, she drank the poison last April 13, 2008 and admitted in Sirgazhi
Government hospital. After treatment he was staying with her family. At
that time, she came to know about the marriage of him with another girl
Tamizhmani alias Plasti of Kizhmathur.


by this treachery, she complained to the Police about her relationship
and his assurance given to her for marriage. She also confessed that
the Bishop used to indulge in sexual activities with her when she was
studying in 9th standard itself. Thereafter, he used to show
Blue film on video and tempt her to have sex with him. Thus, he has
raped her. After the complaint, the police made enquiries on both sides
and then stopped the marriage that was to take place yesterday. This
has created uneasiness in the village.


For details, see:


Again, the news has been disturbing to note the pattern.


stage may come when we excel the westerners in such sex-crimes. When
Christians claim that they would be very honest and sincere in handling
with women, girl-children and so on, it is intriguing as to why the
Christian priests, pastors, bishops and others go on indulge in such
sex activities?


the first case, incidentally, a wife, who came away from husband,
because of some difference of opinion, naturally expects
anti-depressive relief and where the pastor plays his role with sexy


the second case, the animal-instinct father reared the innocent girl
only for sex. Not only that after having sex with innocent girl, he
tried to marry one more woman.


there is no other way but the girls and women have to be very careful
in dealing with other men, even, if they are bishops, pastors and


westernization, media-exploitation etc., have ruined Indian society and
the main victims have been the Indian women. When westernized, advanced
and modernized religion like Christianity could not produce good sheep,
but black-sheep, then, the shepherd is responsible to answer. He cannot
simply escape pointing to the same aberrations.




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