Christian Missionary frauds to plant ‘Jesus’ in Vedas exposed

published on June 17, 2010

Christian Missionaries after their failure in refuting Vedas and Hindu scriptures even after repeated attempts , their tactics to dupe naïve Hindus had changed. Now their  attempt is to – To prove that  Jesus arrival was prophesied in Vedas and there by Hindus should convert to Christianity. Following the path of these Christian propagandists , Jihadi’s are also trying die hard to plant their Allah and  Muhammad into Vedas.

One of such claim by Christians propagandists in various forums as part of a organised conspiracy is as follows

If Krishna is a far cry from the superlative person of Jesus, there is another person in the Rig Veda who fits the comparison most.  As there are 73 books in the Holy Bible, there are 10 books in the Rigveda. Ten mandalams. First nine mandalams refers to a God and presents methods of worship as rituals.  In the tenth mandalam, besides this Lord Almighty, there is the mention about a man. The first born and only born son of the God. His name is ‘Prajapathy’. Prajapathy, the son of the God comes to this world at the appropriate time. After coming to this world he travels around advising mankind, what is sin and what is not sin; what is to be done and what is not to be done; what is wrong and what is right. To those human beings, who accept his advises and obey his orders, he offers prosperity and peace in this worldly life and salvation at the time of their death. And being the completion of his venture to redeem mankind from sin, he gets sacrificed at the end his specified period on earth.

In verse 7 chapter 90 of the 10th book of the Rigveda, the sacrifice of Prajapathy the Son of God, is well explained.

‘At the time of sacrifice, the son of God will be tightly tied to a wooden sacrificial post using iron nails by hands and legs, he will bleed to death and on the third day he will regain his life in a resurrection.”   Evidently none of the avatars meets this description. Nor are they expecting another incarnation, which will fit the description and attributes

Shri KM Rajan’s Rebuttal

Now let us counter the allegation verse by verse.

Allegation 1. In verse 7 chapter 90 of the 10th book of the Rigveda, the sacrifice of Prajapathy the Son of God, is well explained.

‘At the time of sacrifice, the son of God will be tightly tied to a wooden sacrificial post using iron nails by hands and legs, he will bleed to death and on the third day he will regain his life in a resurrection.”  

Reply :  This Hymn is from Purusha Sooktham of Rig Veda. It is repeated in Yajurveda also. The meaning of this Hymn is as follows “O men know Him, the perfect God, existent before the creation of the world, and highly adorable, Him the learned, the yogis and the Rishis realize in the innermost recesses of their hearts, and worship as directed by the Vedas preached by Him!’  There is no mention of cruzification by nails, bleed to death, resurrection etc.

Allegation 2 :  “sa paryaghachachukrama virunamsnaviram shudhhama papavittham kavirmanishi paribhur swayambhur yadhatha ityadhorthan  viyadhadhacha chiviyaha samabhyaha”

Reply : This manthra is from Isavasyopanishat (also the 8th manthra of 40th chapter of Yajurveda). Its meaning is “God is All pervading, Lustrous, Bodiless, Flawless, Sinewless, Pure, unpierced by evil. He is omniscient, knower or the hearts of all, censurer of the sinful, and self-existent. He truly reveals through the Vedas all things for His subjects from His immemorial attributes, free from birth and death”  Nowhere here the Jesus seems to have any resemblance. The description of the Supreme God mentioned in the referred Upanishads also do not substantiate the biblical view of God.

The Hymns of Purusha Sooktham mentioned in the articles and their concept of meaning can only foolish those who do not  know basic Sanskrit knowledge. See a classic example (this I already pointed out in reply to Allegation 1 above). In vedic literatures, the word yagya is not similar to the meaning of sacrifice as being followed by Christians and Muslims (for them sacrifice means killing of men or animals as an offering to God!). Vedas totally prohibits killing of any creatures for any purpose including food needs also. The Prajapathi mentioned in Vedas do not have any resemblance with the man God Jesus!

It is very interesting that the Christian propagandists are now willing to accept that Vedas originated even before their Bible and Jesus. It will also be interesting to search the truth that the life of Jesus was missing from his age 13 to 30 yrs from history books. In his research book titled ‘Christianity is Krishnanity’  by renowned historian and INA veteran Late Sri. PN Oak clearly proved with strong evidence regarding this view.  Since our missionary brothers started acknowledging the Vedas, it is right time for them to study more on Vedas, Hinduism and return to their parent religion i.e. Vedic Religion!

                                               Om Krinvantho Vishwamaryam!

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  1. Parameswaran Reply

    June 17, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    True History of Other Religions
    We know that the British Government had a paid employee under them – Max Mueller – whose main job was to project Hinduism as inferior to Christianity. Burgess, the translator of Surya Siddhanta, insults Hindus in every paragraph of his book. Still the Indian Astronomy community praises him! Macaulay called Europeans as brahmins sent to rule the pariahs of India!

    Now Islam buried its atrocities after Independence by allowing the “status quo” of all mosques at that time. What this meant was that a mosque in 1947 would remain as a mosque even if a temple existed under it!

    In the midst of all this propagandists who are interested in white-washing history and glorifying Islam and Christianity, where it the truth?

    I would go to Veda Vyasa. Read his bhavishya purana. The history of Islam and Christianity are described or even predicted there. 5

  2. Prasad Reply

    June 17, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Here are ideas..
    Then they should also produce a vedic hymn, ” Jai sodomy, jayathu balaathkaara”! It should be possible.. with a little bit of research. 5

  3. Agasthya Reply

    June 17, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    This is the work of none other than Croooked Ninan
    This kind of nonsensical & crooked statements could only be made by MM Ninan , who is an aggressive missionary by nature but profess himself as a Physicist . He had published countless number of books and using internet for his propaganda.

    I wonder why some spiritually knowledgeable hindu saints could not answer to his crooked questions publicly to avoid misleading ignorant Hindus and prevent them to be pulled in by desert religions – The Ultimate Sinners .


  4. Oldman Reply

    June 18, 2010 at 12:29 am

    Salvation for all humanity
    It should be a matter of joy that Jesus was revealed not only through the Jewish prophets but also through our Indian rishis. The rishis recorded their intuitions in the Vedas.

    According to Thandiya Maha Bramana in Sama Veda, for the forgiveness of all sins blood is necessary. That blood is realised by the Paramatma offering himself as sacrifice. Prajapathi (God) himself must become the `Yagna’ or sacrifice. Offering himself as Yagna, Prajapathi atoned for the sins of man. This has been fulfilled and accomplished in Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross on Calvary. According to Thandiya Maha Bramana in Sama Veda, for the forgiveness of all sins blood is necessary. That blood is realised by the Paramatma offering himself as sacrifice. Prajapathi (God) himself must become the `Yagna’ or sacrifice. Offering himself as Yagna, Prajapathi atoned for the sins of man. This has been fulfilled and accomplished in Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross on Calvary.

    According to the Rigveda, the `yagna pasu’ (animal) should be a pure and spotless lamb. Thorns must be tightly tied around its head and the lamb must be tied to a pillar. The cloth covering the lamb must be shared by the people and not a bone of the lamb must be broken. To the fainting lamb, Soma should be given. At the end of the sacrifice, there should be prana prathista to the lamb. The meat of this sanctified sacrificial lamb should be eaten.

    All these stipulations are fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus is a pure spotless lamb. He is scourged. He is crowned with a coronet of thorns. The soldiers divided his garments though they had to cast lots for his seamless robe. 5

    • Samskar Reply

      January 10, 2017 at 1:04 pm

      Jesus is just a man who born in this earth to a biological father and mother. He came to Bharatham and learned Bharama Vidhya from the great Sanathana Dharma. Later he attained Enlightment and become a Yogi. He tried to spread great Sanathana Dharma teachings to his people. But unfortunately they dint understand anything, caught him and crucified him. Jesus escaped from cross and fled to Bharatham and lived rest of his life here in Kashmir. He did not died nor sacrificed his life for anyone or for anything. Prajapathi is a different concept , it has no way any connection with Jesus. Dont spread false stories.

      • divya chacko

        March 28, 2017 at 12:32 am

        What a croak n bull story this is?

    • Tutti Reply

      March 17, 2017 at 7:54 pm

      Thank you !! All your homework has helped me in an instant!! And I am falling in love with God ,over and over again…… for answering my questions!! Seek and you shall find….how comforting to get the exact desires of your heart ❤…..
      Exactly what I searched !!

      • Sandra Mccutcheon

        July 19, 2017 at 2:27 am

        I to feel great comfort here. Thank you prajapathy for revealing the truth.

  5. menon Reply

    June 18, 2010 at 12:30 am

    This is joke
    Will these priests ever read Bhavishya puranam? Where Isai is mentioned. They are not ready to believe Christ has visited India and learned Sanatana Dharma. It will affect their business.


  6. vinod menon Reply

    June 18, 2010 at 4:00 am

    history also donot support
    History also donot support this Christian attempt since world knows the period of Vedas (5000-6000) Years and Jesus who came much latter (after 3000-4000 years after Vedas)


  7. narendran Reply

    June 18, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Jesus who?
    Your argument of Jesus fulfilling all things you wanted him to have fulfilled for our edification is fine. But what are you going to do with the Jews who do not at all seem to be impressed that your man Jesus is the one they have been expecting ? In spite of every attempt to convince them about him , including murdering them en masse – 6 millions in one stretch by Hitler- and looting their wealth , they don’t seem to be obliging you and still insist that your guy was a false guy. For details click here:

    Why do you think we should believe you if the Jews who have first hand knowledge about Jesus than Christians on the basis of their scripture treat him as a false messiah? We know it very well that until the last Jew is exterminated from the face of earth the expected second coming of Jesus to bring rupture will be delayed. What a terrible loss for all of us? Damn the incorrigible Jews who seem to be adamant about not believing lies.

    • susigaran Reply

      February 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm

      Dear narendran, all the mentioned executions of the jews,,, mass killing … is all mentioned in BIBLE….. read it without complex ……to know the truth…..

  8. Raghu Reply

    June 18, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Old senile man…..

    There are no such verses in Thandya brAhmana referring to your jooish zombie man-god. If you think there are quote the Sanskrit verses, along with proper reference for the verses.

    The Tandya Mahabrahmana (or the Praudha Brahmana) (“great” Brahmana), also known as the Panchavimsha Brahmana from its consisting of twenty-five prapathakas (chapters) is a Brahmana of the Samaveda……. 5

  9. Sudhakaran Reply

    June 19, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Ishana is Shiva
    There are no records or accounts of the real life of Jesus and his teachings either in the Bible or outside of Bible except in Tibetan Scrolls.There are coutless inconsistencies and errors in gospels.So it can’t be considered as reveald words of god.Chirstians are forgetting the mission of Jesus and fight for his historical personality becuase their spiritual eyes are closed.The greater portion of Jesus life is unknown to chirstians so they are searching it outside.!
    Ishana is Shiva.Ishani means the follower of Shiva. The biography of ‘Isa’ is preserved in the Tibetan scrolls.The lost years of the follower of Shiva(from 13 to 29) can be found in Tibetan scrolls.Jesus left Jerusalem at the age of 13 and went to Sind.He reached Puri Jagannath where he studied Vedas,Yogas.He spent six years in puri and Rajgirh near Nalanda.Then he went to some Tibetan Monastery of Himalayas and returned to Jerusalem through Persia at the age of 29. 5

  10. T.Surendran Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 7:30 am

    The Marketing of Christianity
    Christian missionaries use every trick in the trade to promote and market their religion, as they derive material benefits from these actions. What is more, they even try to create divisions in society and also the work place through their weekly discourses in the church.
    I had occasion to take part in a Sunday service in a church in which the priest exhorted Christians to form groups of Christians in their neighborhood as well as in their offices. Their activities have to be closely monitored, and any divisive or other tactics which can harm the interests of the society as a whole have to be nipped in the bud. 5

  11. WhatDoYouKnow Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Poor Missionaries
    The poor missionaries have not understood the Indic traditions, the Indians will not have any problem in including Jesus into the pantheon; only to be reduced from the high pedestal they hold and become one of the several gods. 5

  12. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 11:05 am

    copied from orkut, defending the onslaught of christian websites
    from christian websites : REALISATION OF SIN

    After having reached this stage of knowing the truth, the next step is obviously to follow the truth, which will ultimately help mankind to attain mukti (salvation). It is at this stage that the man comes across a major hurdle, which is very well described in Prartha Snana Mantra.

    Papokam, papa kanmokam, papathama papa sambhawa;
    Thrahimam pundarikaksha sarva papa hari hare…

    which means, “I am born in sin, doer of sin, and a sinful self ;I am the worst of all sinners, Lord save me from all sin.” Why is sin a hurdle? Because it is an offense against God (Rig Veda 7.86.3). Sin has many names in the Vedic scriptures namely pap (sin) aagg (fire) duskrit (evil deeds), thamas (darkness) prakrit (inborn nature), asatya (untruth) etc.

    Reality :
    Rig ved 7.86
    1. WISE, verily, are creatures through his greatness who stayed ever, spacious heaven and earth asunder;
    Who urged the high and mighty sky to motion, the Star of old, and spread the earth before him.
    2 With mine own heart I commune on the question how Varu?a and I may be united.
    What gift of mine will he accept unangered? When may I calmly look and find him gracious?
    3 Fain to know this is my sin I question others: I seek the wise, O Varu?a, and ask them.
    This one same answer even the sages gave me, “Surely this Varu?a is angry with thee.”
    4 What, Varu?a, hath been my chief transgression, that thou wouldst slay the friend who sings thy praises?
    Tell me, Unconquerable Lord, and quickly sinless will I approach thee with mine homage.
    5 Free us from sins committed by our fathers, from those wherein we have ourselves offended.
    O King, loose, like a thief who feeds the cattle, as from the cord a calf, set free Vasi??ha.
    6 Not our own will betrayed us, but seduction, thoughtlessness, Varu?a wine, dice, or anger.
    The old is near to lead astray the younger: even sleep removeth not all evil-doing.
    7 Slavelike may I do service to the Bounteous, serve, free from sin, the God inclined 5

  13. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 11:10 am

    copied from orkut, defending the onslaught of christian websites
    continued :
    And learn how the evil missionaries used this passage to justify christ in ved. When you will search for the veda 7.86.3, allmost all the refernces have come up from missionary websites.

    The hymns here are prayers done by rishi vashishta to god varun. Who is varun? varun is god that brings rain.

    who is rishi vashisht? he is sage of Aryans and leading them against assurs. guiding his disciple raam aginst assurs for killing them.

    So Rishi vashisht is praying to god varun and just because he is refering to the sin committed by his ancestors how come word sin is connected to jesus.
    Indians do pooja for pirtudosh even today. How that is connected to christians. 5

  14. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 11:13 am

    copied from orkut, defending the onslaught of christian websites
    This is copied from christian missionary web site
    Papokam, papa kanmokam, papathama papa sambhawa;
    Thrahimam pundarikaksha sarva papa hari hare…which means, “I am born in sin, doer of sin, and a sinful self ;I am the worst of all sinners, Lord save me from all sin.” Why is sin a hurdle? Because it is an offense against God (Rig Veda 7.86.3).

    Reality is :

    actual transcript is
    ????? ????? ???? ???????????? ??? ???????? ???????? |
    ??????? ?? ?????????????? ? ?????? ????? ??????? ||

    parchhe tadeno varun didrakhupo emi chikitusho viprachchham………….

    And actual transcript is
    3 Fain(foam) to know this is my sin I question others: I seek the wise, O Varu?a, and ask them.
    This one same answer even the sages gave me, “Surely this Varu?a is angry with thee.”
    Christian web site writes : “Rog Sog Dukh Paritab Bandam Vyasnanicha,Atama Aparatha Vrukshanam Phalarh edhani dehinam” (Mitralabha 42).

    which means “What are the fruits of the sinful tree which is our body? Sickness, sorrow, pain, bondage and many other kinds of sins. No man is free from this bondage of sin. The Gita confirms that all created things on earth are under the bondage of sin and death. (Gita 3:27,18:40)

    Reality : actual 3.27
    3:27: The Gunas of Prakriti perform all Karma (action). With the understanding clouded by Ahamkara (egoism), man thinks, “I am the doer.”

    18:40: There is no being on earth, or again in heaven among the Devas, that is liberated from the three Gunas, born of Prakriti.

    so dear missionary , there is nothing about sin here. The word gun means properties, that is sat, raj and tamh: and not sin or gunaah what your people must have understood.


  15. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary web site:

    According to the Bhagawata Gita, God does not accept karma either good or bad as far as the redemption of the soul is concerned (B.G.2: 50).


    actual words are :
    VedaBase: Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.50

    buddhi-yukto jahatiha

    ubhe suk?ta-du?k?te

    tasmad yogaya yujyasva

    yoga? karmasu kausalam


    buddhi-yukta? — one who is engaged in devotional service; jahati — can get rid of; iha — in this life; ubhe — both; suk?ta-du?k?te — good and bad results; tasmat — therefore; yogaya — for the sake of devotional service; yujyasva — be so engaged; yoga? — K???a consciousness; karmasu — in all activities; kausalam — art.


    A man engaged in devotional service rids himself of both good and bad actions even in this life. Therefore strive for yoga, which is the art of all work.

    How the words devotional service will rids himself of good and bad karma has been changed by missionaries to god does not accept. Actual word says it is possible and accepted by god and missionary says god doesnt accept. 5

  16. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary web site:
    Thertiriya Aranyaka verse 3 says

    “Sarvapapa pariharo rakta prokshna mavasyam”

    Now there are 15 references to this and all emnates from missionary web sites. because the taittriya aranyak is a big book and verse 3, independently doesnot exist .

    Missionaries did a very clever thig by searching for the word paap or wrong deeds and equated it with sin and then transported the sin to jesus.

    Missionary website writes

    There is no other way other than the sacrifice of Purusha Prajapati.
    Purushao vava yagna (Chandokya Upanishad3.16.1)

    Now these words are again popular with liers and every reference is from missionary web sites.

    Actual chhandogya upnishad says it different

    1. Man is sacrificer. His (first) twenty-four years are the morning-libation.
    The Gayatri has twenty-four syllables, the morning-libation is offered with
    Gayatri hymns. The Vasus are connected with that part of the sacrifice. The
    Pranas (the five senses) are the Vasus, for they make all this to abide
    2. If anything ails him in that (early) age, let him say: ‘Ye Pranas, ye
    Vasus, extend this my morning-libation unto the midday-libation, that I, the
    sacrificer, may not perish in the midst of the Pranas or Vasus.’ Thus he
    recovers from his illness, and becomes whole.
    3. The next forty-four years are the midday-libation. The Trishtubh has
    forty-four syllables, the midday-libation is offered with Trishtubh hymns. The
    Rudras are connected with that part of it. The Pranas are the Rudras, for they
    make all this to cry (rodayanti)

    Here the man is the sacrificer and not god who is being sacrificed. 5

  17. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary web site:

    Sama Veda Dandiya Mahabrahmana says,

    ” Prajapathi devapiyamathmanam yagnam kruthva prayaschita”

    which means that God will offer himself as a sacrifice for mankind.


    The Rig Veda specifies ten requirements for the sacrificial Purusha:

    He should be without a blemish nishkalanka Purusha-Chantokiya Upanishad (1.6-67), says that the yagna Purusha is free from all sins.
    Jesus Christ was without any blemish-It is written in the bible “Do not bring anything with defect, because it will not be accepted on your behalf”(Levi 22:20.”In him Jesus Christ there was no sin”1John3: 5,”who did not sin”1st peter 2:22,who knew no sin 2corin 5:21.

    Reality :

    here the refered sama veda dandiya mahabhramana does not exist as sam ved is actually same as rigved and yajurved but with addition of tunes to sing it musically. there is no dandia mahabhramana character as all the rishis are ancient ones.

    God will offer himself for sacrifice? These people never understand the concept that in yagya there are sacrifices of animals or symbols of animals. A man is always sacrificer or the person who sacrifices the animals or grains.

    In veda the sacrifice is made by the purush to please gods. in christianity a man named jesus was killed and not sacrificed and very clearly jesus never sacrificed any thing for god.


  18. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary web site:The Purusha has to be separated from others –While sacrificing a horse the sacrificial horse is always separated from the others .A bush of thorns is usually placed on the head of the horse to inform the people that this horse is separated for sacrifice. Also the head of the horse is considered to represent the Purusha. (Sathapatha brahmana13th Kanda, 6.2.2.)
    Jesus Christ was separated from others-The bible says that the soldiers platted a crown of thorns and put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe” John 19:2,thus separating him from others.

    Reality : The facts are And as to why it is called Purushamedha:–The stronghold (pur) doubtless is these worlds, and the Purusha (spirit) is he that blows here (the wind), he bides (sî) in this stronghold (pur): hence he is the Purusha. And whatever food there is in these worlds that is its ‘medha,’ its food; and inasmuch as this is its ‘medha,’ its food, therefore (it is called) Purushamedha. He seizes them on the central day, for the central day is the air, and the air is the abode of all beings; and, indeed, these victims are also food, and the central day is the belly: he thus puts food in the belly.

    13:6:2:33. He seizes them by decades 2 for the obtainment
    of all food, for the Virâg consists of ten syllables, and the Virâg is all food 1.

    13:6:2:44. Eleven decades 2 he seizes;–the Trishtubh consists of eleven syllables, and the Trishtubh is the thunderbolt, and vigour: with the thunderbolt, with vigour, the Sacrificer thus repels evil from within him.

    13:6:2:55. Forty-eight he seizes at the central stake;–the Gagatî consists of forty-eight syllables, and cattle are of Gâgata (movable) nature: by means of the Gagatî he (the priest) secures cattle for him.

    13:6:2:66. Eleven at each of the others;–the Trishtubh consists of eleven syllables, and the Trishtubh is the thunderbolt, and vigour: with the thunderbolt,

    And where is jesus sacrificed here? 5

  19. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary web site:

    The Purusha has to be rejected by his own people-In Itareya Brahmana it is written that the sacrificial animal has to be rejected by its father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends (2.16)
    Jesus Christ was rejected by his own people-“He came onto his own and his own received him not.”John1: 11.”He is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it our faces from him; He was despised and we esteemed him not.” Isa 53:7

    The Yagna Purusha has to suffer silently-Rig Veda 5.46.1.says “Like a horse I have yoked myself well knowing to the pole. I seek neither release nor turning back.”
    Jesus Christ suffered silently-“He was oppressed and afflicted yet, he did not open his mouth. He was lead like a lamp to the slaughter and a sheep before the shearers is silent”. Isa53: 7


    There is no aitreya brahmana though many claim so. aitreya aranyak is part of upnishads and no 2.16 exists.

    And what 5.46.1 actually says
    HYMN XLVI. Visvedevas.
    1. WELL knowing I have bound me, horselike, to the pole: I carry that which bears as on and gives us help.
    I seek for no release, no turning back therefrom. May he who knows the way, the Leader, guide me straight.
    2 O Agni, Indra, Varu?a, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Vi??u.
    May both Nasatyas, Rudra, heavenly Matrons, Pu?an, Sarasvati, Bhaga, accept us.
    3 Indra and Agni, Mitra, Varu?a, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven,
    Vi??u I call, Pu?an, and Brahma?aspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help.
    4 May Vi??u also and Vata who injures none, and Soma granter of possessions give us joy;
    And may the ?bhus and the Asvins, Tva??ar and Vibhvan remember us so that we may have wealth.

    Here the man wants wealth, land and flowing rivers. He is not a sacrifical lamb though the hymn to vishwedeva is presented as a man being sacrificed. 5

  20. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary website:
    In Sapta Brahmana it is written never do they immolate an animal without tying it to a pole. “Na varute yapaat pasum alabhate kadachana”(3rd-7.3.1.) It is important to tie an animal to a sacrificial pole before it is sacrificed. The pillar is called yupa stampa(sacrificial pillar),which has now become a flag mast.
    Jesus Christ was tied-Psalm 188:27 “Bind the sacrifice with cords, even to the horns of the alter.”

    The blood of the sacrificial Purusha should be shed-Bruhad Aranyaka Upanishad (


    No sapta brahmana exists
    and in the brihadaranyaka the story is about the debate between yagyavalka and a brahmin called sakalya.

    (âtman) is to be described by No, no 1! He is incomprehensible, for he cannot be (is not) comprehended; he is imperishable, for he cannot perish; he is unattached, for he does not attach himself; unfettered, he does not suffer, he does not fail.’

    ‘These are the eight abodes (the earth, &c.), the eight worlds (fire, &c.), the eight gods (the immortal food, &c.), the eight persons (the corporeal, &c.) He who after dividing and uniting these persons 2, went beyond (the Samâna), that person, taught in the Upanishads, I now ask thee (to teach me). If thou shalt not explain him to me, thy head will fall.’

    Sâkalya did not know him, and his head fell, nay, thieves took away his bones, mistaking them for something else.

    27. Then Yâg?avalkya said: ‘Reverend Brâhmanas, whosoever among you desires to do so, may now question me. Or question me, all of you. Or whosoever among you desires it, I shall question him, or I shall question all of you.

    But those Brâhmanas durst not (say anything).

    28. Then Yâg?avalkya questioned them with these Slokas:

    1. ‘As a mighty tree in the forest, so in truth is man, his hairs are the leaves, his outer skin is the bark.

    2. ‘From his skin flows forth blood, sap from the skin (of the tree); and thus from the wounded
    man 1 comes forth blood, as from a tree that is struck.

    where is jesus 5

  21. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary website:The sacrificed animal’s bones should not be broken-In Itareya Brahmana2.6 it is stated that the one who sacrifices separates the 26 ribs of the sacrifice without breaking them.
    Jesus Christ’s bones were not broken-In the bible Exodus12: 46 say that the bone of the animal to be sacrificed should not be broken. Three hours after crucifixion “they (soldiers) came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already and brake not his legs” John 19:33

    Reality :
    And what aitreya aranyak says
    1. Let the women go back to their place.

    2. Who is he whom 1 we meditate on as the Self? Which 2 is the Self?

    3. That by which we see (form), that by which we hear (sound), that by which we perceive smells, that by which we utter speech, that by which we distinguish sweet and not sweet, (1) and what comes from the heart and the mind, namely, perception, command, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, seeing, holding, thinking, considering, readiness (or suffering), remembering, conceiving, willing, breathing, loving, desiring?

    4. No, all these are various names only of knowledge (the true Self). (2)

    Where is the fake story from aitreya brahman comes from.
    Can missionaries justify the deliberate distortion in name of god? 5

  22. NL Reply

    June 20, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Distortion by christian websites
    Missionary website:The flesh of the Purusha has to be eaten by his saints-In Satpata Brahmana (,2) we find that the Prajapati gave himself unto them, thus the sacrifice became theirs, and indeed the sacrifice is the food of the gods (saints).
    Jesus gave his body to be eaten-At the last supper Jesus took the bread, gave thanks and gave it to the disciples saying “Take and eat, this is my body. Then he took up the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them saying. Drink from it all of you, this is the blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many, for the forgiveness of sins.”Mat2: 6,26:27.

    Reality :

    from sacred
    1. Verily, Pragâpati, the Sacrifice, is the Year: the night of new moon is its gate, and the moon itself is the bolt of the gate.
    11:1:1:22. And when one lays down the two fires at new moon 1,–even as one would enter a stronghold by the gate, when the gate is open, and would thence reach the world of heaven, so it is when one lays down the fires at new moon.
    11:1:1:32. And if one lays down the fires under a (special) asterism 2,–just as if one tried to enter a stronghold, when the gate is closed, in some other way than through the gate, and failed to get inside the stronghold, so it is when one lays down the fires under an asterism: let him therefore not lay down the fires under an asterism.
    11:1:1:44. On the same day on which that one (the moon) should not be seen either in the east or in the west,

    where is flesh of purush to be eaten is mentioned here? 5

  23. NL Reply

    June 21, 2010 at 3:41 am

    Delibrate attempt to prove jesus as god
    This one is also one of long series of lies used by missionaries to establish jesus as god.

    1. The dead sea scrolls ar documents of essenese jewish community who denied jewish concept of community god and thought god is for every one. from this practice came out Pauls efforts to take jesus to non jews.

    Essenese people also had a saint who arose from dead and looks like this story was also adopted in christianity.

    Similarly prophecied messia in jewish tanakh is very different from jesus but his story was thus modified to fit jesus.

    St thomas died in afghanistan and his body was returned by kushan king who had rule in afghanistan at that time. A story is created that st thomas was killed by bramhin but that time bramhins were not present in kerala. 5

  24. proudestkafir Reply

    June 24, 2010 at 2:13 am

    asinine and absurd bible
    Bible has many mistakes, absurdities,asininities,cruelties and a few philosophical thoughts,Islam has all except philosophy! The two are almost the same as qran was copied from bible. 5

  25. proudestkafir Reply

    June 24, 2010 at 3:50 am

    asinine and absurd bible
    Bible has many mistakes, absurdities,asininities,cruelties and a few philosophical thoughts,Islam has all except philosophy! The two are almost the same as qran was copied from bible. 5

  26. sarkar Reply

    August 17, 2010 at 5:53 am

    request to translete in hindi
    dear sir please translete above mentioned CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY FRAUDS TO PLANT ‘JESUS’ IN VEDAS EXPOSED in hindi and malayalam becuse somany christians allredy speard this virus in varies states in iniaa thank you 5

  27. Padma Reply

    March 16, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    About jesus mentioned in vedhas
    Sir.. Then please explain the following verses too.. Thertiriya aranyaka verse3 chandokya upanishad3-16-1 samavedha dandiya.. Nishkalanga purusha, sathapatha brahmana 13th kanda6:2:2 and 3rd 7:3:1 5th 1:1:2 itareyabrahmana 2-6 rig vedha5:46:1 and bhavishya mahapurana and nathanamavali books claiming about jesus.. And apart from that lust or physical relation is known to be a sin,then if jesus or krishna were married how can they be gods because god is sinless..? Kindly please clear my doubts

  28. Premala Reply

    September 7, 2016 at 6:11 am

    Thank you. Bless you. N may the Devine Grace you with deeper Insight to stop foolishness from any Religion that misinterpretes Knowledge!

  29. Samskar Reply

    January 10, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Sanathana Dharmees or simply Hindus are not born with SIN like Christians. We believe in Karma Bhala, which will follow an athma birth after birth. Now some Christian Missionaries are claiming that Jesus was discribed in Bharatheeya Vedas. 6000 year or more old Vedas, just 2000 year old Jesus Story (Bible) – If they found Jesus mentioning in Vedas, let them throw Bible, Quit the religion and embrace Sanathana Dharama. Reality is ….. Jesus as a seeker of knowledge spend lot of years in Bharatham to learn “Bhrahma Vidhya”. In the learning process he gradually turned to a YOGI. He returned and preached what he learned. Unfortunately his people could’t understand anything. They arrested and crucified him. AS he was a yogi he escaped from the cross, returned to Bharatham spend rest of his life here in this great land.
    We count Jesus as an enlightened man or Yogi.

    Bible Old testament is an illogic & unscientific collection of jewish materialism. New testament announces what Jesus learned from Bharathiya Bhrahma Vidhya.

    Prajapathi and Jesus have no connection & no relation.

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