Christian Imitators-V

via GSK Menon published on October 26, 2007

This article will dwell on the Brahmin fixation of the converts. Whichever part of India you go all converts have the same refrain, “our ancestors were Brahmins” ! In Central Kerala or Travancore, every convert claims that he is a descendant of a Namboodiri. Otherwise it is Nair, nothing below that !

For this purpose the converts are encouraged to take up family names of famous Namboodiri/Nair families. The Namboodiris were a very miniscule community but being landed gentry were the elite of society. There was no historical necessity for them to convert. Next were the Nairs who were accorded a premier status in the caste hierarchy, so none had any need to convert to an alien religion. Some traitors might have been there but it is very insignificant to merit any consideration.

On the West Coast, from Mangalore to Goa, all the Catholics claim that they are Saraswat Brahmins, glossing over historical tragedies. How can one forget the barbaric atrocities perpetrated by Francis Xavier, the Chief architect of the Goan Inquisition. This inhuman brute is now called a Saint ! Why blame the Iranian President when he praises Hitler ! Goan pirates raped and abducted thousands of Hindu girls and today they are the Mascarenhas, Rasquinhas and Pereiras wandering in Goa and Mumbai !

Go to Tamilnadu there also they will say that a vast majority are Brahmins, they will regale you with concocted stories of Italian Missionaries like Nicolo Ponti, masquerading as a Brahmin and luring Shastriars !

Why be apologetic about your caste ? Why try to concoct some fictitious Brahmin ancestry ? Who is asking anyone as to who his ancestor slept with ?
There is one famous English magazine published from Delhi having a narrow outlook. The Editor sports a pure North Indian name, but I learnt later that he was a Christian from Kottayam. He was bluffing the North Indians that he was a descendant of a Namboodiri. I was aghast and had to remind him that one simple DNA test will expose his boast. He does not openly flaunt his false ancestral claims.
Let all Hindus be on the guard against such fraudulent claims. Next time you meet a convert making false claims about his ancestry advise him a DNA test, or simply advise him to RETURN TO HINDUISM.

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