Christian Imitators- III

via GSK Menon published on October 17, 2007

In this article I would like to dwell on the recently developed practice of lighting Hindu lamps in Churches. No doubt it is a welcome step in the Hinduization of the Church, but we should always constantly remind the converts that their ancestral religion was far superior to what they practice now.


Even in my school days my Christian school mates would shy away from the Hindu lamp, as though it was some dreadful object. Many others would look down upon the practice, some used to turn their face away. However within the last two or three years there is a dramatic change. Today, every Padre, is vying with one another in lighting Hindu lamps everywhere! Be it in Churches, Christian houses or any function they are busy lighting lamps! Good, the converts have realised one more mistake in their conversion folly. But lighting a Hindu lamp before a desert god, what is the meaning?


The Bible says Christians must worship only as authorised. The Old Testament says:

Lev.10:1-2 – Nadab and Abihu ” offered strange fire before the Lord, which He had not commanded them “


In the New Testament:

I Cor.4:6 – ” not to go beyond the things that are written “


I Cor. II:23 Paul says ” for I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you ” so you ” are guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord for having worshipped improperly ” (V.27)


It is very heartening to note that our converts are worshipping using “strange fire”. When their god has decreed that he will not accept strange fires, then why light them?


It is also interesting to note that what is it that the Hindu lamp denotes? The base of the lamp represents Brahma, the stem represents Vishnu, the head represents Shiva, the wick represents Mahalakshmi, and the heat from the flame represents Sri Parvathi.


Now what has this got to do with Christians. Some embarrassed Christians have found a way out, they erect a cross on this lamp ! I asked my Christian friends that just by fixing a cross here and there can it become Christian, or will your Lord accept this “strange fire”?  Many of them look sheepishly at me. I often advise them, the best way to get out of this predicament is simply to reconvert back to their ancestral religion – SANATANA DHARMA – HINDUISM.

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