Christian Bhajans – A “cut & paste”, job

via GSK Menon published on May 11, 2010

There was an article in The New Indian Express, Sunday , May 9th 2010, about a Christian priest, Fr.Joseph T, who was inspired by Hindu Bhajans and has been compelling his parishoners to imitate the same and do Bhajans in Churches. Whatever lines that have been quoted in the article appears to be a “cut & paste”, job. The names of the Hindu Gods have been substituted by the Christian God.

What appeared very odd to me was the mention that there was resistance from the Parishoners against this move, and the clergy had to convince them that there was nothing Hindu about it ! Today we are witnessing wholesale photocopying of Hindu temple rituals, customs and rites by the Christians. Are these parishoners not aware of this. See the Kodimarams that are emerging in front of every church. It is an exact replica of the Hindu temple Kodimaram in every respect. The black rock base, gold mast engraved with images. Those who have in depth knowledge of the Christian religion will vouch that these are all allergic to the Christian faith. Francis Xavier the architect of the Goan Inquisition had a deep hatred for black rock which he identified as a favourite Hindu temple material. Gold was anathema to Christ, heard about Mammon worship ? Engraven images are another prohibited item.

Are these Parishoners not lighting the traditional Hindu Nilavilakku, which represents the Hindu trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva ? When I was young, my Christian friends would stand far away if a Nilavilakku was being lit in any function ! Today, there is not a single Christian function  without the Nilavilakku, how ?

Are these Parishoners not putting Hindu names for their children ? I am writing this because the Article mentions that the Parishoners objected to the use of the word “Saranam” in the imitated Bhajans ! It was identified as a Hindu term. Modern day Christians want only Hindu names for their children. Even the clergy, especially in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh insist upon the converts to retain their Hindu names and caste identities ! Why, even the Christian gods & goddesses are adopting Hindu names ! Names used like Amala, Vimala, Nirmala, Parameshwar, Mahesh are 100% Hindu. How come the Parishoners do not object to all this ?
The Church has always maintained a double face. On the one hand it ridicules Hindu customs, rituals and rites for gaining converts. Once converted the pressure to imitate is thrust upon them.

The Church and its flock should willingly accept the Hindu faith as integral to their society. There is no need to make the converted people to renounce and denounce their ancestral faith. Otherwise anomalies like the above mentioned is bound to emerge making Christianity as a distorted religion.

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