Chinese Dragon

via HK Correspondent published on November 20, 2006

The chinese is here. The expanding empire of China is now putting its leg firmly in India. A recent TV interview claimed a JNU chinese mole as saying China has no problem with its neighbours except India.

Surprising when you notice China has forcefully occupied Tibet, has a problem with Taiwan, keeps paying North Korea ( a rouge regime ), give military might to Pakistan, has Mongolia in its holds, and claims parts of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir as its own. So which border does China not have a problem with? The Chinese ambassador in India stands on Indian soil and claims Arunachal Pradesh is Chinese territory. Chinese envoy visiting India stands on Indian soil and calls India as a Tortoise in comparison to China (the hare).

And what do we do? The Chinese mole in India, the Communist Party is fighting a case for China to bring in over thousand workers and start work on the Vizhinjam Port project in Kerala. Vizhinjam Port is very strategic as it will open our sea border to a foreign country. Why do we need Chinese workers? Are there not enough unemployed in India? Don’t we have construction companies that can take up this project?

Have we forgotten 1962 so fast? Are we still stuck in the Nehru era of Indo-China Bhai Bhai stupidity? Are we ready to forget that our not-so-friendly neighbour Pakistan gets its nuclear weapons technology from China? We should not forget the communists of India were the first people to start an armed struggle in the name of
naxalism against the state in India. They supported the Chinese ambition in the 1962 war. They have been against any scientific advancement in India. They criticized Pokharan too. They have now started a trade union for the IT sector. We all know how well the communist trade unions work in other sectors.


 Atleast the Keralites know all too well. They have crores of rupees invested in media including TV, radio and also into entertainment projects like game parks. Where has this money come from? Is this the party that claims farmers are dying because they don’t have money? Is this the party that bleeds for the poor and neglected in the country?

How long before we break and fall on our knees in front of the communist flag in India. We have let the commies break Nepal. Whatever be the political compulsion in Nepal, our interference should have been minimum.

A chinese welcome is on the way. Don’t be caught sleeping when the chinese dragon comes sleeping or when the hare wakes up from its sleep!

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