Casteism practiced by the Communist Party- Part II

via Ghatotkacha Nair published on September 2, 2011

  Some specific instances reported in the media.

Towards the end of my previous article titled ‘Casteism practiced by the Communist Party- Part I’, I had mentioned CPM’s denigration of Sree Narayana Guru , a Hindu spiritual leader and an indefatigable social reformer, who is considered by the large Hindu Ezhava community as their spiritual leader. It is true that the Ezhava community considers Sree Narayana Guru as their kula guru. You will find his picture in most Ezhava homes while the spiritually-destitute Nair people, in sharp contrast, don’t even know the name of their kula guru or the whereabouts of his Samadhi sthalam . And yet the Ezhava people did not react to the denigration of their spiritual leader by the CPM.

Sree Narayana Guru sought to resolve caste conflicts in Kerala with patience, scriptural knowledge, logic, dialogue, empathy and amity. Is it enough to make images of one’s guru while supporting inimical forces, like CPM, that preach class conflict and foment caste hatred, in direct contradiction to the guru’s teachings?

I now expect the ‘comrades’ to howl, “Oh, you hate the Ezhavas because you are a ‘ savarna’. ” Well, you don’t have to love me. But can you love and respect the one who you proclaim as your guru and follow his teachings of patience, dialogue, empathy and amity while dealing with caste conflict instead of falling prey to your enemies who are turning you away from path of Redemption illuminated by your guru’s brahma tejas ?

Caste Based Discriminations are still reported from nooks and corners of the Nation. Hindu Organizations are engaged in the sacred mission of reforming Hindu Society and whole hearted support from every section of the Hindu Society is needed to remove the caste bias which still persists in certain pockets.

News on ‘Dalit Abuses’ by so-called ‘ savarna’ is one of the favourite propaganda materials for Missionaries and Jihadi’s for ridiculing Hinduism and seeking conversion of Hindu people. Communist party propaganda falsely proclaims itself as the reformer, which abolished caste system from Hinduism and falsely labels the Sangh Parivar as the reactionary force which promotes casteism among Hindus!

Let’s go into specific instances of caste discrimination by the communists.

1. Kerala State, Kannur – The Communist fort. 20/06/2008. The real life story of Chitralekha.

The trouble for Chitralekha, who hails from a Scheduled Caste family at Payyannur in Kannur District, started when she married Sreeshanth who belonged to a different caste. Communist local leadership was against their inter-caste marriage. Under Rozgar Yojana she applied for loan and purchased an auto rikshaw. Problems started when she decided to earn the living for her family by plying the auto rickshaw on hire.

The casteist leaders of the Communist trade union CITU tried to sabotage her dreams of becoming self-reliant. She faced severe discrimination from the CITU members. One of them tore off the hood of her auto rickshaw. Another auto rickshaw tried to run over her. Finally, on 13 th Dec 2005 Chitralekha’s auto rickshaw was burned down by the members of the Leftist trade union CITU.

Chitralekha, who sustained minor injuries, had to be hospitalized. CITU had seized a chance encounter to beat her and her husband, and the police, who arrived on the scene, took them to the police station and unleashed even worse violence. Her complaints have been ignored or treated with hostility by the mainstream media in Kerala. Activists and concerned persons in and outside Kerala, however, have rallied to her support. Chitralekha said: “They called me all sorts of names. One of them shouted that Pulachis will never ride an auto rickshaw here and it was the Union (CITU) decision” . When Chitralekha defied the communist ‘order’ her auto was burned to ashes.

Thanks to a group of kind-hearted people in the area Chitralekha has bought another auto rickshaw. The Auto rickshaw was handed over to Chitralekha at a function held at Police Club, Kannur on June 2008. [1]

2. Kerala State, Thiruvananthapuram: October 6, 2009. Thousands of Scheduled Caste and Backward Caste people had launched the Chengara agitation, without any support from any political party, on August 4, 2007, demanding five acres of land for agriculture for each family. As the LDF Government said a big no to this, they diluted their demand to one acre of land per family and fund to start cultivation. The Sadhujana Vimochana Samyuktha Vedi delegates at the meeting tried to press their demand for one acre of land to each family but the Chief Minister rejected it outright, saying that the Government did not have that much land with it. The Scheduled Castes then suggested that they were ready to wait for the survey of the estate they were presently camping and that they would demand land only if the plantation company had been possessing excess land. But the great ‘ avarna’ hero and communist Chief Minister Achutanandan rejected this proposal as well.

However, the stir was withdrawn on the condition that the Kerala Government would give one acre land each to the Scheduled Tribes families, half-an-acre each to the Scheduled Caste families and 25 cents of land each to the other poor in the Chengara agitation camp. The Government would also provide them with houses worth Rs 125,000 to ST families, Rs 100,000 to SC families and Rs 75,000 to other poor.

“That is all we, Scheduled Castes and Adivasis, the wretched of the earth, are worth. With this settlement, this land and home allotments become the criteria applicable to any Scheduled Caste land question in the future. In short, we are crossing yet another milestone in the history of ruling class neglect, a situation where the rulers and Opposition join hands against the poor,” said a Scheduled Caste activist.

The 26-month-long agitation by thousands of Scheduled Castes in the rubber estates of Chengara, Pathanamthitta in Kerala demanding land to live and cultivate ended with the Kerala Government and the Sadhujana Vimochana Samyuktha Vedi , which spearheaded the stir, coming to an understanding, the Vedi leadership admitted that the terms of settlement were a humiliation to the Scheduled Castes. Vedi President Laha Gopalan said, “This makes clear the CPI(M)-led Government’s (negative) approach to the Dalits in Kerala. I am ending this agitation not because it had attained its goal. The stir was a failure. But I am forced to call it off just because I don’t wear a crown and wield the staff of power,” The Chengara stir had several times threatened to turn into a Nandigram of Kerala with the CPI(M) allegedly trying to defeat the Scheduled Castes with force. [2]

3. Tripura State, Agartala: 31/10/2008. Veteran Communist party leader Jiten Sarkar has been elected from Teliamura constituency in Tripura State for consecutive five terms since 1978. He was the Speaker of the Tripura Assembly for two terms from 1994. Jiten Sarkar resigned from the CPM party accusing t he party leadership of promoting caste based discrimination. Jiten Sarkar along with a group of party workers joined the newly-formed Dalit Samajtantrik Dal, recently floated by another former MLA and ex-communist leader Nakul Das. Sarkar alleged that Scheduled Caste people were dominated by members of other castes within the party and many able leaders were ditched only because they belonged to the Scheduled Caste. [3]

4. Tamil Nadu, Dindigul District: January 14 2010. In a shocking case of caste discrimination, a group of ‘high caste Christians’ forced a Scheduled Caste to eat human faeces for walking with chappals in their street at Melakoilpatti village coming under Nilakottai circle and Batlagundu police station limits in Dindigul district.

Sadayandi, who is from Indira Nagar in Meikovilpatti in Dindigul district, claimed the incident occurred on January 7 when a group of more than 10 ‘caste christians’ stopped him and asked if he was not aware of the “order” that Scheduled Castes should not walk with chappals in their street. Then they abused him by his caste name, asked him to remove his chappals. The group comprising Arockiasamy, David, Selvendran, Kennedy, Kannadasan, Peter and Anbu beat him up. Two of them then forced his mouth open and thrust excrement down his throat. They later smeared his face with it.

The Batlagundu police on Friday, January 15, filed a case against Arockiasamy and 20 others under Sections 147, 148, 341, 323, 355, 324, 506 (2) of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 3(1) (10) and 3(1)(3) of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act),1989. Executive Director, Evidence, A. Kathir, said that complaints had been sent to National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commission and Chief Secretary. No arrest has been made so far. [4]

Do you hear the deafening silence from the communists who would have held long protest marches and written abusive articles in ‘Deshabhimani’ if the same had been done by the so-called ‘ savarna’ Hindus in Tamil Nadu? Any atrocity on the Scheduled Castes either by the Christians or by the Muslims is met with indifference and stony silence, because, in India, the communists interpret class conflict as conflict only with Hindu Forward Castes. The Marxist youth organization DYFI would have indulged in acts of vandalism and arson in the name of these very same Scheduled Castes, if only a finger of suspicion had pointed to the other Hindu castes. But on coming to know that the caste discrimination and oppression was committed by Christians, these wretched communists became scarce.

The loud protestations by CPM in the matter of caste discrimination do not arise from their desire to reform the Hindu society or to uplift the deprived masses, but from their malicious agenda to denigrate Hinduism and wean the Hindu people away from the path of spirituality. The only effective barrier to Christianization or Islamization of Bharat is Hindu spirituality and that is what the communists are out to destroy.

5. Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram targeted by CPM: 26/05/2008. It is learnt that the ultimate target of violence unleashed by the LDF and its affiliated organizations is the Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram . The real intention of the LDF Govt. is not to rein in the fraudulent spiritual leaders and their money-spinning centres but to curb the Hindu spiritual wave sweeping India in general and Kerala in particular.

The ‘Hunt for Godmen’ operation, which was skilfully implemented under the direct control of the CPM leadership, as part of the second anniversary celebrations of the LDF government lead to anarchy in the state. In order to give an impression of fairness the then communist government started a few bogus enquiries against some Christian healing centres while they physically attacked dozens of Hindu ashrams . This action of CPM is based on their assessment that the expanding Hindu spiritual awareness is a big threat to the growth of communist ideology in the state. So they find it imperative to crackdown on the Hindu spiritual leaders and ashrams in the state.

Initially, the gullible Hindus of Kerala supported the move of the government thinking that it is only against fraudsters irrespective of religion. But soon the Hindus came to realize the discriminatory behaviour of DYFI goondas and the partisan Kerala Police towards the Hindu community and started venting their hurt feelings.

Among all the Hindu spiritual leaders, Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is perceived as the biggest threat by the CPM. The large-scale charitable activities undertaken by the Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram and its heart-felt appreciation across the various sections of the Hindu population are causing serious erosion in the communist party voter base. The fact that the Forward Castes hold in high regard Mata Amritanandamayi, referred to lovingly as ‘Amma’ who belonged to the fisher community in her poorva ashramam is a direct ideological challenge to communist ideology of class conflict and caste hatred.

Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi reminds the Hindu people of their ancient vedic roots, since the two great itihaasas Ramayana and Mahabharata, were authored by Maharshi Valmiki and Maharshi Veda Vyasa who belonged to the hill tribe and fisher community respectively. This is intolerable to the communist party apparatchik.

The fact that Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram ’ s head office is in Kerala is another cause for worrying for the CPM. Although CPM had initiated indirect attacks against Amma’s Ashram long ago, they were waiting for an appropriate moment for a direct attack. CPM raked up a big controversy when AK Antony, the then Chief Minister visited Amma to seek blessings. Verbal attacks against Amma became a routine agenda in all conferences of DYFI since then.

The communists also know that a direct attack on the spiritual institutions is counterproductive since it would provoke a Hindu backlash. So they fine tuned a strategy to attack the fraudsters first along with a heightened propaganda to destroy credibility of all Hindu acharyas and spiritual leaders in the state. The ‘minority’-controlled mafia of mass media played a big part in the CPM propaganda in creating an environment of distrust and suspicion among the Hindu devotees towards their spiritual centres. CPM used its DYFI storm troopers to lead protest marches and to invade Hindu ashrams , manhandle and humiliate the unarmed inmates and destroy the ashram  

The evil agenda of CPM is becoming more and more obvious. The DYFI leader has publicly demanded in a press conference that all activities of Amritanandamayi Ashram should be investigated. Moreover the CPM mouth piece ‘Deshabhimani’ has also joined the chorus. In an article titled ‘Amritanandamayi Ashram : The Biggest Recipient of Foreign Funds’, the communist propaganda rag ‘Deshabhimani’ has come up with several baseless allegations against the Ashram . [5]

The devotees should take note of the fact that Mata Amritanandamayi being a so-called ‘ avarna’ in her poorva ashramam is of no consequence to the Hindu-hating, Hindu-abusing casteist CPM .

The Hindu society is changing and adapting with the times. The Namboothiri community which welcomed Dayasimhan of Angadipuram , the convert from Islam [6] , into their fold is again in the news. Namboothiri poojaris are approaching orphanages looking for brides. [7] Parameswaran Namboothiry, State General Secretary of the Yogakshema Sabha said: “Being the wife of a poojari is no easy job as the bride has to follow rigid rituals, strict rules about purity and impurity and dos and don’ts about purification rites. If a girl from an orphanage is willing to adopt such a way of life, we have no problem accepting her either” The Hindu-hating, Hindu-abusing casteist CPM must be in a deep quandary. How should they react to such an ideologically perplexing event?

Should they cite Namboothiri poojaris approaching orphanages looking for brides as evidence of their having reformed the Hindu society of its caste evils and risk their cadres questioning the casteist CPM , leaders for their stand against marrying Scheduled Caste girls


should they accuse the “Hindu Communalist” RSS of inciting Namboothiri poojaris to approach orphanages looking for brides, as this contradicts the Marxist practice of preaching class conflict and fomenting caste hatred, if so, then what is the appropriate Marxist phraseology to be used to abuse the Hindus in this particular context, without inviting ridicule and scorn from the public.

While the casteist Marxists are stuck in a time-warp, the Hindu society is moving on.

Let me end this post with the following quote from Dr (Mrs) Annie Besant (1847-1933) a pro
inent leader of India’s freedom movement who later became the President of the Indian National Congress. Dr Annie Besant declared most passionately on India and Hinduism:

“After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil in to which India’s roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place. If Hindus do not maintain Hinduism then who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith then who shall guard it? Only Hinduism can save India. India and Hinduism are one.” [8]








[7] The New Indian Express, 25 August 2011. ‘Namboothiri grooms turn to orphanages for brides’ by Reema Narendran.

[8] India: Essays and Lectures Vol. IV – By Annie Besant The Theosophical Publishing Co. London. 1895 p. 11

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