Can you change the leopard’s spots? , Is it then a shock that Italy banned Durga?

published on October 1, 2009

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

Can you change the leopard’s spots?

The denial of permission to hold the Durga puja last year and again this year by the authorities in Italy should not come as a shock. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Pope gave a call to redouble missionary activities. Towards what-to bring all people to One faith. A Sunday marked out as Mission Sunday when every church throughout the world the ‘flock’ is reminded of its mission. Through prayer, supplications, preaching and asking for generous giving, it is revitalization of thought, reaffirmation of resolve and realigning of forces to march forward.

Planting the Cross in India is on the top of the agenda of Vatican. The European countries put on a specially tinted spectacle when they view India.That almost 3/4th of its population are lapsed Christians is by no means a deterrent for it to proselytize India. The issue raised by
them frequently is that religious freedom is violated in India. When this is  stated one has to keep in mind what they mean is that Christians are not been given a free hand to proselytize. Any obstacle to this is cited as violation of religious freedom.

Just a few weeks ago the Ganesh pandals were desecrated and demolished-Pakistani flag hoisted on a police van in Miraj-Maharastra is no concern of anybody. Hindus can be persecuted and their gods and goddesses demolished. This is the right of the Christian /Muslim community because their books prescribe and ordain this dictum. Hindus have no such compulsion and do not believe (as the Pope does) that there is only one single path and only one single Way. ‘I am the Way and the Life’. Literally translated by the church and hence it feels compelled to bulldoze all other religions to pave this One way and one Path.

In reference to ‘ In Rome, Durga is not welcome’ by Kanchan Gupta and the whole narration of how the organizers were humiliated, harassed and hounded leading to the cancellation of the puja but for the timely intervention of our ambassador Mr Arif Shahid Khan makes no shocking news. It is to be expected if one understands the core and the very faith premise of Christianity. To understand this one should have at least a cursory view of the history of Christianity and its very ‘faith’ belief. It was born in blood. It is an imperialistic expansionist doctrine. It has very little to do with spirituality and still less to do with the search for Truth. Christianity’s goal is to Christianize the world.

If one comprehends these benchmarks then one will be able to understand the doctrine-which is based on a linear path. No compromise and no acceptance of other faiths. ‘Go ye and baptize all nations in the Name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy  Ghost’. This is the injunction. The duty of the institutional church/churches and the ‘flock’ is clear-their duty to follow this command given by God. What about then of all the education institutions, the hospitals, the good work organizations, et al they are to give the human face and the softer face of this expansionist doctrine. This imperialistic religion needs to recruit armies, keep them employed and in a process of reaffirming their duty and their mission. These various organizations serve the purpose well. These organizations/institutions also have a double edge they become the PR machinery-and the public support is easily garnered. This makes itdifficult to expose the imperial face of Christianity.

The Christian organizations control much of the media in the developing countries.Hence a humanitarian Christianity is being projected. That its history and growth was through a route that was  bloody and ruthless –with religious wars, the  Crusades, the Inquisition, the witch burning at the stakes –all in the name of this one God which it upholds and this one faith which it need to propagate-Today it conveniently depicts a humanitarian, compassionate ,good Samaritan face. If it was the bloodletting which justified the growth and the march of Christianity then, today it has changed gears with the evangelists preying among the poor like vultures- mouthing promises and performing miracles. Keeping the people in a trance-fed with the opium, drugged with a kind of hysterical brainwashing and leading them on with false promises-with threat of punishment if they do not denounce the religion in which they are born-and accept the one God to gain a ticket to heaven-along with other perks- this is the business of proselytization.

All this comes under ‘religious freedom’, according to the European countries and Rome. A call to ban such a business of proselytization is opposed by our secular UPA  government because it has its own agenda in the process of proselytization-vote bank politics. The doctrine of Christianity does not give space for dialogue. Then why this great dialogue simulation? That too has its PR and business dimensions. To give the impression that the church is willing to learn and to grow-to accept that other faiths as god-centered and lead to salvation. This will generate tremendous goodwill among the ‘secular’elite. That is part of the sheen given to tolerance and to a semblance of search for the truth. All involved in such an activity cannot be
painted black with the same brush. Many are innocently drawn towards this ‘sharing’ because they firmly believe that they need to give what they have-in the process if they pick up a few grains well and good.

They can use those as quotes for furthering again their incursions. If the search for the truth was real and genuine then it makes sense to have dialogue. But brainwashed and imbibed with a crusading fervor the Christians embark on a conquering march-conquer souls  and along with it land, economic and political power. It is against this background that one should understand the question, ‘Where are the millions of Mother Theresa’? How does one fit in the teaching of Jesus that one cannot serve two Masters- God and Mammon? To this the reply is ‘one should be pragmatic and not take things literally’.

In the name of God everything is justified. It has another aim-it keeps the hungry, the assetless and powerless ‘flock’ vision glued to beyond the horizons of today to the green pastures in the next world.The aim ‘to plant the Cross in India’ must not be forgotten.. While the Church is unable to keep its ‘flock’ in Europe within its bounds and where the shepherd’s voice is unrecognized by the sheep the Church’s attention and all energies are directed to sia-especially India. Conversion and mission activity is the oxygen which keeps the church pulsating in its expansionist march .Just a couple of Sundays ago the church celebrated the Mission Sunday and the Pope’s appeal was again to convert-to bring all under Christ.  Why such a appeal, because the ‘faithful’ believe that it has the one and only faith-the and that it is their duty to share this ‘Good News’ and it is their duty to save humanity from falling into the depths of hell.. Towards this all means should be employed. So the business of the church is well anchored. For this finance, global corporate starting from foot soldiers to a network of organizations knitting the whole  globe has been well structured and put in place.

The church is the best salesman/PR with its media.
Its firm grip on the media on what to
disseminate makes it easy for the ‘flock’ to be controlled with the ‘right’ information. Even prayers to be printed, distributed and accepted to be recited by the ‘flock’ needs the ‘imprimatur’ or the Okaying seal of Rome. The Pentecostal churches by setting out the
crusading armies in the form of evangelists in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu have lured the vulnerable people by promises of the ‘green pastures’.

The European countries and Vatican allege that Christians are persecuted and Religious Freedom is denied which is a fake allegation and far from truth.. Culling out news reports controlled and owned by the Christian media is nothing but propaganda. The NGOs and the evangelical churches abet this reporting because they stand to gain.To attract the big money that pours in , it is necessary to keep up the tempo of persecution and the mirage of a persecuted church and denial of religious freedom in India as reality. Does it make sense for Italy to deny Durga celebrations on the basis of this fake allegation?

One cannot use a dirty Hand to clean. The statistics of converts, the number of churches constructed in the last five years will prove the fallacy that Christians are persecute.

But then what is the meaning of intolerance and persecution?

Does it mean silence and inaction by the Hindus when the idols of their gods and goddesses are demolished-when their  sacred places are desecrated  Does Italy, Vatican and the European countries expect the Hindus to sit back and sing bhajans watching the havoc created by this army of evangelists?

When their culture is shredded and their kith and kin are made aliens within their own communities is that not social and psychological ruptures and dismembering of a community?

Let the champions of religious tolerance first cite a single instance when the offensive was from the Hindus.Be it Godhara, Gujarat and Kandhamal communal riots et al. It was invariably a backlash. Now when one is beaten whipped, stoned, roasted and dehumanized the backlash cannot be held within rational and logical proportions. It is mandatory for Rome and the EU to undertake an objective survey and enumerate the number of churches that have been constructed in India especially in the four southern States-Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra  Pradesh with the tax payers’ money in the past five years. Does this reflect persecution of the Christians?

Does religious freedom mean the right to the Christians to violate the right of others It is entirely another matter that Hindu pundits were killed, driven out of their homes and are in refugee camps-does this indicate a persecution of the Christians or a persecution of the Hindus in their own motherland?

Has this been a concern of any one of the European countries?

Christianizing India is not just for God but for mammon too because it a big money spinning business involving billions. Hence there is vested interest. The litmus test is –ban all foreign funds flowing into this country to the various churches and NGOs,immediately you’ll perceive this crusading spirit evaporating.

It will be right for the EU and Rome to watch out the violations and persecution of the minorities in other countries and not chase a shadow in India. This has an ulterior motive. The UPA government with Mrs Sonia Gandhi is there very vigorously carrying out the Christianization in the political power echelons. On the ground level the churches have comprised and  are functioning as Corporates-nothing to do with real spirituality
–in the business of conversion.
It is then imperative in this whole business the Hindus are pagans and heathens are to be converted –This calls for  their gods and goddesses to be rubbished and demolished and banished.

Is it then a shock that Italy banned Durga?

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