Bricks for the victims, Bouquet for the Terrorists

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on July 31, 2006

All civilized nations make laws, rules and regulations and attempt to enforce them for safety and security of its citizens. Some rules and cultural norms define situations and the kinds of behavior appropriate for citizens, specifying some actions as “right” and forbidding others as “wrong”. When a rule is broken, the violator is regarded as a criminal, or an outsider who cannot be trusted to live by the rules. It is the responsibility of the government to enforce laws, rules and regulations, arrest the criminal, prosecute and punish the criminal as just desert and deterrence. Most of the lawbreakers do not think they have been unjustly judged. Civilized nations enforce the law, punish the guilty, and protect law-abiding citizens. This is not practiced in India. Corrupt politicians, swindlers, Islamic terrorists, Naxalite anarchists, and subversive missionaries, develop their own full-blown criminal ideologies explaining why they are right and why those who disapprove of and punish them are wrong.


How can we account for their law breaking in India? Why they get away from criminal and deviant acts? In India, rules and justice are selectively applied. The Police are less likely to arrest Jihadi terrorists, missionary subversive agents, and corrupt politicians and it is extremely unlikely they will be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced. If there is a lesson in Indian society, it is the only country in the world where special status, and preferable laws are accorded to Muslims and Christians. The power and influence of Indian Muslims and Christians is unprecedented. Their crime, violence, criminal activities and money laundering is regularly ignored.


The purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect law-abiding citizens from criminals, vagabonds, miscreants, and terrorists. Nation state has an obligation and responsibility to put an end to robbery and murder and put behind bar all murderers and terrorists.


Ever wondered why Congress and Marxist government at the Center and States support terrorists and subversive groups? Take for example in Kerala, Abdul Naser Madani, and the Jihadi terrorist leader was responsible for the death of 59 innocent people in Coimbatore.  What does Madani, the Jihadi terrorist leader receive from Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments? The government has provided bouquet of flowers; accorded special privileges, massage therapy, oil therapy and rejuvenation therapy, and opportunity for copulation with his wife in prison, who was also charged with bus burning, and terrorism.  


Is it right to give bouquet of flowers to terrorists and bricks to victims in order to appease an extremist leader for few votes. The Marxist and the Congress party who cry over terrorist Madani’s detention remain silent over the deaths of hundreds of Hindus. For the phony politicians, it does not matter how the victims suffer.


By sanctioning special privileges for terrorist Madani at the prison, the government played right into the hands of the terrorists, causing more terrorism and more Hindu causalities. Civilized societies provide special privileges for outsiders as a reward for civilized behavior not an inducement for terrorism and crime. Violent extremist leaders like Madani cannot be constructively engaged rather must be cornered with a firm policy of zero tolerance. The government approach of appeasing terrorist Madani with special privileges is wrong and potentially dangerous. History proves that appeasing extremists does not pay, unless extremists give up their extreme goals first.


Ever wondered why Congress and Communist legislators jointly passed a resolution in Kerala assembly to provide special privileges to the terrorist leader Madani? Ever wondered why the Marxist, Congress and the DMK support Jihadi terrorists and take a “softly-softly” approach to Jihadi terrorism, despite the fact that any society that no longer protects itself from terrorists is anarchic and chaotic? Why are the Congress, Marxist and DMk so energetically want the terrorist leader out of the prison?


Well, in order to understand all this, one must understand the extremely important Marxist, Congress, DMK desire to defeat Hindus. They support Jihadi terrorists and subversive missionary groups not because they believe in them; they simply support them because deep down they know full well that Jihadis will harm Hindus. Jihadis are used as ‘shock troops” against Hindus, secular parties so hate. Marxists have to use Madani and his terrorist outfits like PDP and NDF as proxy army to attack Hindu leaders, temples and cultural institutions. Marxists are so ruthless and cold beneath the public mask of caring about “minority rights”. Marxists do not care about any social causes or minority rights much less believe in them. They are however used as buzz words to recruit “useful idiots” to create social breakdown of Hindu society. Marxists see anything, which harms Hindu society, as good thing as it will help smash down Hindu society. Marxists recruit phony intellectuals to dress bogus causes in flowery names to attract allies and “useful idiots” and to camouflage their true intentions.


Marxists and Jihadis: Partners in Crime


How Jihadi terrorist groups like PDP and NDF became such a darling and popular of Marxist is easy to see. We must remember violence and terror are important parts of Islam and Marxism. In general, Marxist and Jihadis do not care about Hinduism. They hate our spiritual tradition, temples and cultural institutions.  Marxists and Jihadis see Hindus-and most especially the all inclusive, Hindu spiritual tradition-as a powerful system that prevents the radical, dualistic ideology of Marxism and Islam.  Marxist and Jihadis bent on soiling the soul of Kerala tend to gravitate together psychologically.  Marxism and Islam offers the world a nicely packaged paradox of totalitarian system; where they can have their heads and behead other heads at the same time. The will join together and support anything anti Hindu no matter how evil it is.


Since Marxists came to power in Kerala, terrorist outfits like NDF and PDP have established an unholy alliance with the Marxists and unleashed murder mayhem against several Hindu leaders. One would expect that daylight murderers to be viewed by responsible governments as a serious threat to the state. But that is not the case in Kerala at all. While NDF, PDP terrorists and Marxist criminals operate with impunity; the innocent victims are treated with bricks. Yet the press is silent.




Jihadi terrorism has always been an expensive business to run. The lifeline of terrorism is money. The key to the survival of terror groups rests upon the management of its finances, media, and service centers. Saudi and Middles East based Islamic organizations are involved in funding jihadi terrorist groups in Kerala. NDF, PDP and Jihadi Tiger Force, SIMI and several other terror networks in Kerala receive funding from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Several Dubai and Saudi based terrorist groups have heavily invested funds in many television stations, newspapers, journals and magazines in Kerala. Marxist owned Kairali TV received massive investment from Middle East based Islamic business groups. The danger is that the Marxist government ignores the free flow of funds to terrorist groups. The illegal money is flowing into every Muslim community in Kerala and their activities are so extensive that there are now dangerous times for Kerala since Jihadi hugging politicians are eager to trade safety and security for Rials. Jihadi loyalist Marxist government willfully neglect to safeguard security and provide opportunities for Jihadi terrorist groups and rally around terrorist groups like NDF and PDP. The vast majority of phony liberal leaders and media pundits have never shown the slightest interest in exposing the terrorist groups or its deadly ideology. They proclaim widely that what is good for Jihadis is good for kerala. The stampede among media pundits, bogus intellectuals and corrupt politicians indicates how Middle East Jihadi money has changed them. The police, law enforcement administration, bureaucrats and politicians have established links between Jihadi groups and Middle East money.


The Jihadi money trail, Marxist/Jihadi alliance, and the funding of the extremist ideology will have far reaching consequences for the security and survival of kerala. If Hindus don’t wake up take action now, those influenced by extremist ideology will harm us in as of yet unimaginable ways.

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