Breaking India: When Maoists and Jihadists Join hands for a Common Cause

via HK published on May 18, 2015

Kochi: The latest joint venture being forged by anti-national forces is the bond between Maoists and Jihadists. And among their preferred destinations is God’s Own Country Kerala. The new venture moves hand in hand in matters of propaganda and operations. They have also pledged solidarity in vehemently opposing the terror law UAPA and wrecking havoc on Hindu society and cultural observances and practices by staging a string of neo-remonstrations. Islamist organizations that have criminal cases against them are the same ones that have come out voicing support for arrested Maoist leaders, including the recently apprehended Roopesh and Shyna.

The ‘Kiss-of-Love’ remonstrations are what exposed the compatibility of agendas of both groups. Jihadists had earlier offered full-fledged support to the event that was conducted by shadow groups of Maoists. However, when remonstrators openly voiced that the sole aim of these events were strictly against Hindutva, the Jihadists retraced their steps. Later, the Maoist backed agencies even opted out of the Malappuram planned event, just to appease Jihadists.

Behind the ‘Kiss-of-Love’ came a tirade on Lord Ayyappa devotees by a gang of women journalists. The hands behind the episode were revealed- a ‘religion-less’ lady media worker of the Jama Ath Islami channel and a member of the same clan, who has been running around to influence witnesses in the Abdul Nasser Madani case. The two had jointly going around spreading canards that she was thrown out of the Pamba bus owing to ‘an uncleanly state’, leading to a fresh spate of remonstrations. On close heels followed a spate of channel discussions, especially on the Jamat sponsored ones, all based on ‘discrimination of women for not being allowed to enter temples during time of menstruation’. This exposed the social media outcry of the entire fiasco being a perfectly scripted conspiracy. It was nothing but a mass attempt to by Islamic fundamentalists and Naxal thinkers to decry temple beliefs on the whole. 

A series of similar such events can be traced, the most recent one being the charring of ‘kettuthali’ or mangalsutra. Regarding of withdrawal of UAPA, both sets of anti-nationals have the same voice in unison.

On a closer look, one can discern a stringent anti-Hindu nature in the programmes being organized by both groups. Maoists, who seek Atgeism, are very careful not to issue any statement that will wound Muslim sentiments in any way. Those who shriek hoarse to let women inside temples during the time of their menstrual cycle will never speak for their counterparts in Islam, who are denied the very right to enter mosques, be it their menstruating time or not. They do not strive to tear off the purdah, when they scream for ‘liberation from kettuthali’.

Jihadist organizations are always apparent in extending support and propping up Maoist agenda. Organizations like Jamat and Popular Front stand in the forefront in the matter of financial support for these Red Brigands who have not yet been able to gain roots in Kerala.

Former Maoist leaders now functions as mouthpieces of fundamentalist Islamic organizations. The current lives of former naxal leaders TN Joy and A Vasu stand testimony to the same. TN Joy, the mastermind of Kayanna police station attack (Kozhikode) is now an Islamic convert, Najmal Babu. The justification of this circumcised convert runs thus- “Mine is a non-religious life, with a tirade against Hindu fascists, at a time when Islam is being hunted down.”

Joy’s justification is akin to the playing victim card, with the sole aim of shielding terror activities, especially at a time when Muslims themselves having been falling mass prey to Islamic terror activities. Among scores of similar such examples, these show us how differences between Jihad and Naxalism is melting down at a commendable pace. And the silence maintained by people like Joy when it comes to the increasing number of people falling prey to Islamic terrorism is not that of a naxalite, but that of a Jihadi.

Another case is that of Vasu, one of the prime accused in Thirunelli naxal strike. A prime conspirator of Popular Front now, he had served a prison term earlier for 7 years. His prime ‘revolutionary activities’ now span widely and include presidency of the workers’ union of Popular Front and committee membership of PF’s human rights activities. His prime activities include swooping down on arenas, citing breach of human rights and piling allegations of administrative terror being indulged in by the government, the minute a Maoist or Jihadi is arrested.

People like these are part of the larger and deadlier forum of terror mongers, who have formed a network at national level. They function under the guise of a forum for the release of political prisoners. One of the key strategists of this organization is former Parliament attack case accused SAR Geelani. Other state level players of this group include former naxal leaders, who create congenial grounds for Jihadis by promoting ideological waves. Others in this category are human rights activists, social workers, Dalit think-tanks etc, all of whom are funded by Islamic fundamentalists.

The DHRM or Dalit Human Rights Movement is an organization that has gained very strong roots to further the Jihadi cause in native soil. They advocate non-allegiance to a specific religion, but appear in public for any Islamic cause, remaining vocal for the same. And in return, the gratitude is amply displayed by Jihadists as they vocalize the naxal cause through their medias. The mouthpieces of Jammath Islami and Popular Front are rehabilitation arenas for former naxals. The newly found bond is forging ahead in such a way that even moderate Muslims tend to be influenced by their ideology. 

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