Beware of Marxist Agenda at Guruvayoor

via Narayanadasan published on June 1, 2008

Dear Devotees,


The recent high level meeting convened at Guruvayoor by Kearala Home Minister, confirmed the increasing threat to the Temple ; and decided  to put in place extra security measures.


The Devaprasnam held at Guruvayoor temple in November had   exposed the Marxist controlled Devaswom Board’s  criminal activities at Guruvayoora and issued specific warnings about the consequences that are bound to happen . This includes, the prediction that  one Temple elephant would die shortly . Two days back, the Elephant Unnikrishnan died after being struck by  lightning  .


The sixteen-year-old tusker Unnikrishnan was at the elephant home run by the temple when the incident happened


“It was drizzling when lightning struck,”


And the chain which was in the body of the elephant melted, and the banyantree which it was tied also broken to  two


Elephant Unnikrishnan was supposed to take Thidambu of Sri Bhagawan on the day of death  also


The recent ill-omens like the above have confirmed that , things are not going well in Guruayoor .  The Marxist led Devaswom Board is willfully corrupting the sacred “Kshetra Acharas” ( TempleTraditions) . The Board’s hidden agenda is  to convert the sacred Temple to a mere “secular” (irreligious)  monument to attract tourists .




is the epitome of Vedic faith . Millions  ofBhktas are experiencing Guruvayoorappan’s grace and no “Communist philosophy” could influence  them . As a result  , this divine Temple is a thorn in the flesh of all those Evil forces hostile to vedic faith .


Evil Conspiracy

Some of the recent evil activities of the atheists dominated  Guruvayoor Devaswam Board,  are listed below for your information :

  1. The
    sacred temple-art “Krishnanattam” ( which must be staged only in
    Guruvayoor Temple because Bhagavan enters the stage when it is played )  was staged outside (4) days back,  ie,  in the Guest house to entertain “cultural”  minister M.A.Baby ,  revenue Minister Rajendran and their gang of atheists  . I don’t want to pollute the space here by detailing about these “VIPs” and the Desecration of “Krishnanattam” .
  2. Unauthorized moves to replace the 100 year old Deepasthambam . ( Though the Board denies it in public , the fraud  is in the final stage) .
  3. Efforts to create divisions within the “Thanthri” family in order to overocme the objections of  authorized ThanthriBrahmasreeChennas Raman Namboodirippadu .
  4. Sabotaging the “Pariharakriyas” ( Atonements stated in Devaprasnam) .
  5. Repeated non-compliance of Guruvayoorappan’s will ( Which were revealed in Devaprasnam.  ) .

Worship of Sudhakaran-demon  at Guruvayoor .

Devaswom” means Deva’s own . The Board officials are servants of Guruvayoorappan.  Unfortunately , the present political agents in the Board  have no commitment to Bhagavan .  All their efforts are focused to please their  comrade minister Sudhakaran . The Devaswom Chairman gladly invites the abuse personified Sudhakaran  to inaugurate every function at Guruvayoor . And the “Tongue- revolutionary ”  uses those opportunities  to snub Guruvayoorappan and tarnish vedic faith  .


However, the Board has no money for Bhagavan’s will  . On the other hand , the Chairmanhas readily promised the Sudhakran to divert  the Temple funds to set-up educational facilities at the minister’s constituency itself . DevaswomFunds are not for Guruvayoorappan , but for His enemies !!!!


This situation is most serious . Marxists  have seized control of the Temple and they are trying to destroy it from within . They are conspiring to  desecrate  the Templein order to promote rotten Communism .

Wake up Bhakthas

Our most powerful weapon is ” Samooha Prarthana” ( group prayers) . We all must beg to Guruvayoorappan for His direct intervention to crush the Temple destroyers and save the Temple.

May Guruvayoorappan listen to our prayers !!!!

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