Ayodhya Verdict- Anti-Hindu Media’s Hypocrisy

via Seema Gupta published on October 2, 2010

I though this observation should be shared with all of you who care for India.

Days leading up to the judgment Day September 30,there was this great build up on every TV channels, regarding how Indians have moved on in the last 18 years; India of 2010 is not the same as of India 1992, and the Court Verdict should be Respected and Accepted without any reservations by all.

But the moment the LAWYERS came out and gave the honorable court’s verdict regarding the existence of Hindu Temple prior to Babari Mosque and dismissing Sunni Board’s petition paving way for Ramjanmabhoomi Temple.

All talks of acceptance of the court verdict vanished in thin air, the very secularists and TV anchor persons failed to live up their own sermons, they started changing their tone and sermons like a chameleon.

The nation felt happy about the judgment but the so called media person, the self appointed guardians of Democracy of the TV Channels were aghast, the disappointment were written large on their faces.

For hours they started finding faults with the judgment, the victory and mandir claim were not digestible to them.

They pulled in so called Communist, Leftist Historians, so called elite Muslim socialite and authors, who proclaimed their DISAPPOINTMENTS WITH THE JUDGMENT and some saying “they have lost faith in Indian judiciary”.

The very secular faces turned most communal insulting the judicial system of India. The so called elites were exposed on national channels, they were screaming against the judgment.

The same media person who never stop short on secularism lessons openly started talking about dangerous trend of Majoritarianism and how dangerous is it for the Democracy and the country.



Since the judgment will go to the Supreme Court of the country, in next 3 months they will strategise and try to get Supreme court reverse the HC verdict .

I humbly request all people who have this mail to write to these people saying

1. Hindus also have feelings

2. If you are so bitter & angry with the thought of Grand Temple as being proposed by Hindus. Remember Hindus too had to live with bitterness for thousands of years over the Grand Mosques that came every where after the attacks by Islam. We still have thousands of them in India.

3. If Muslim felt betrayed by demolition of Disputed structure in Ayodhya, we still feel betrayed till today when Temples are desecrated in Kashmir and other Muslim dominated areas, where your cameras refuses to go. (Please give the example of Debanga in West Bengal)

4. If we have not questioned a hair of Mohammad in Kashmir, and accepted their faith, they should accept the vindication of court regarding the birth of Ram at the same sight. If we accept their faith they have no right to question Hindu’s faith.

5. The so called leftist historians have no right to criticize Archeological survey of India, ASI, which got Japanese experts who used method of carbon dating to find out the existence of a huge Hindu temple dated back to 10th Century, hence these leftist biased historians should not criticize the ASI findings.

6. If they discuss such a sensitive issue, they should have proper knowledge of history and country’s ethos rather than to pampering the Muslim sentiments.

Please lodge your protest to
1. Barkha Dutt- NDTV
[email protected]
2. Divyamanu Chaudhary
[email protected]
3. Navika Kumar
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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