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published on November 11, 2012

Every Hindu should be able to ask a few questions from Christianity  whenever any Christian  missionaries approach them with an intention to convert. Since there are different groups we should find out  which group they belong to first like Catholics, Protestants, Pentecost, Jehovah’s  Witness etc..
If they are Catholics, ask them the following questions:-

Can you tell me the significance of  worshiping Mother Mary, whom Jesus himself did not respect ?
(What they are doing is just  the opposite of  what Jesus said in the Bible.)
Why Jesuits  are worshiping  the dead body of  Jesus crucified on a cross?
Why are you putting the ‘sign of the Cross’?
Why are you wearing Cross lockets and using rosary with Cross locket?
By doing this, are  you  not  glorifying the instrument used for killing Jesus? Is it not akin to  glorifying a gun used for killing Gandhi ji?
Do you know the greatest sin in Christianity?
 It is ‘Disobedience  to God’s Command’. Does this not prove that  whoever is worshiping Mother Mary is committing  the greatest sin, according to Christianity?
So  how  are  Catholics  claiming that  they will reach the kingdom of  God in Heaven?
( So long  as you worship Mother Mary you will  never reach the Kingdom of  God in Heaven, as per the Bible.)
Why are you  worshiping the dead body of Jesus?
During ‘communion’ you are eating a piece of bread and drinking a sip of wine, symbolically considering it to be the flesh and blood of Jesus. Does  it not  indicate a cannibalistic tendency of your God and his clergy?
Is it written in  the Bible that you should  worship the Corpse on the Cross?
If he is Son of God why  did  God  not come to rescue his son  when he was being crucified? Did not Jesus cry out “My God, why have you forsaken me?”
When  Roman Catholics say their prayers, they say:”In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”
So are you not praying to a Ghost, and not to God?
How  are the Christians  claiming  that they following Monotheism and not worshiping idols, when  everywhere we can see  the decorated idols of  Mother Mary with infant Jesus  statues, crucified Jesus statues etc.?(Actually intended  to attract gullible Hindus to the Christian fold.)   
 If they are  protestants, ask them the following questions:-

How are  you  claiming  that Jesus is the only way to reach  the Kingdom of God in Heaven?  Muslims  are also claiming that  Prophet Muhammad  is the only way to reach the  Heaven(Jannat). Can you prove that Jesus’ claim  is right? Why are you using  the Cross for worship? Cross signals  danger, and a ‘red cross’  even more so. Is it written in the Bible , that  Christians can use cross for worship, when it is against all forms of idol worship?

Jehovah’s  Witness believe  Jesus  was crucified on a  wooden beam. Every Christian group has different  versions  of Bible and they differ from  each other. So how will a common man  know which bible is the original one? Actually, Christian scripture is the Old Testament, which was so full of vulgarity that it was ordered to be re-written by King James, and that version is the New Testament. The bible has been written by various authors according to their own whims.  It is  certainly not the words of God, whereas Hindus follow only one Vedas and Bhagavad Gita.
 To Pentecost  Christians
, ask them whether  they  believe  in medical science. If yes, why  they never allow their people to take medical treatment even in case of emergency? If no, do they really  believe  miracles will cure all their people? How come a poor convert recently died pathetically, after being denied medical treatment by the Pentecost missionaries? Their frenzied prayers did not save the poor man. Many such cases are there which are not reported. So it is dangerous to join this  cranky group, who believe   only  in ‘Holy Ghost’ which they call ‘God’. We Hindus pray to Ishwara, not Ghost or Satan. Yet these very  same satanic evangelists spread hatred among the converts towards their parent religion, by referring to Hindu temples as ‘satan temple’. Where is the mutual respect and ‘tolerance’ towards the religion of the majority community in India? If they had that respect, would they try to convert others?
 If it is Jehovah’s witnesses, ask the following questions:-

  Do you allow blood transfusion in case of emergency?  If their answer is yes.  tell them to give it in writing. They neither  allow any person  in their group to undergo  blood transfusion, nor take  in any person who has undergone blood transfusion. No sensible person  will join the  Pentecosts or Jehovah’s  Witness  as their life span will be decreased. Majority of  the scientific  inventions are for the benefit of  humanity.
All Hindus should know that in India there are  separate burial grounds for rich and the poor in Christian churches. If  there is no  further place in  the  burial ground for burying the  poor,  the old dead body is dug out and thrown into a well  in the Church/Parish premises like carcass  of some animal. Why differentiation after death also?  

Christian preachers  tell  that Hindus are worshiping Satan/Devil. But their scripture, stories and their prayers prove  that it is they themselves who  are  worshiping Satan/Ghost.

Christians consider the story of Moses  as being equivalent to  our Mahabharata. Moses was an innocent devotee of the God and bible says he has seen God. ‘God’  commanded  him to do a particular  work, in the execution of which he  committed a small mistake unknowingly.  For  that  small  mistake the Christian   God  left him in the wilderness and did not take him to the promised land with other  followers. He remained in the desert for 40 years.

The same  vindictive God killed many innocent people and animals of Egypt instead of killing  the   wicked  Pharoah, who was like   Kamsa(Kans). But Bhagavan Sri Krishna straight way killed  the tyrannical Kamsa(Kans) when the time came. Only Satan will leave  his devotee in wilderness and kill innocent people.

Why  did the Christian God  not come to the help of  Jesus,  inspite of  Christians claim that  Jesus is the Son of God (when he was crucified)? Draupadi’s vastraharan  in Mahabharata is also as horrible like Crucifixion. Shakuni wins the game of dice for  Duryodhana, who  commands his younger brother Dushsasana to bring her into the forum, if not forcefully. Dushsasana barges into the living quarters of Draupadi, who was “clad in one piece of attire”  (referring to the sari).[4]Dushsasana grabs her by the hair and brings her into the court dragging her by the hair. As per the bible Jesus was made to carry the  cross on his shoulder.  Draupadi prays to Lord Krishna to protect her. A miracle occurs henceforward, which is popularly attributed to Krishna but in Vyasa’s Mahabharata.

” Perhaps Draupadi’s most exceptional quality was that Shri Krishna considered her his sakhi (friend) and sister. One day when Krishna cut his finger, Draupadi immediately tore off a piece of her sari and bandaged his cut. Krishna said that with this loving act, she wrapped him in debt and he would repay each “thread” when the time comes. Indeed, when Draupadi needed Krishna’s protection and fervently prayed for his help, he came to her  rescue and gave her unlimited cloth. This is one of the stories of the origin of the Raksha Bandhan festival.
Goddess Power.

Kamsa tried to dash the child downward against a piece of stone, but since she was Yogamaya, the younger sister of Lord Visnu, she slipped upward and assumed the form of the goddess Durga. Our scriptures are replete with examples of how our God or Goddess saved their devotees, when they called out for help. But when Jesus cried to his heavenly Father for help, no help came. So is it not foolish to expect this Jesus or his Ghost to save Hindus?

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