Armed Christian terrorists roaming in Bharat

via Courtesy: Stephen Knapp , Jyotishi published on January 23, 2010

1. Militancy in prolesytation is not new to Christianity as inquisitions in the past by massacres, piling the heads of the killed at City Centre and kicking them in celebration, burning them at stakes (Armenia), gouging out eyes and skinning them alive (Goa) in front of an assembly. etc.

2. There have been a period of peaceful Christianity in 19/20th. Century when the Colonialisation was complete and Britisih and European Countries were ruling the rest of the World.

3. But violent conversions started again after WWII in South Korea by inquisitions supported and funded by US Missionaries and troops stationed there with burning of Buddhist temples and Vihara-s and indiscriminate kill of Buddhists refusing to convert, finally S Korea
declared a Christian Country.

4. The NE insurgents led by Phizo were supported by Britain by giving him refuge in UK mainly for prolesytation, and soon World Vision and other Groups flooded the area with an imbecile GOI Looking away. In NE States, it is difficult for Hindu-s to visit temples or celebrate festivals without being attacked by Christian terrorists.

5. In Nepal since past two decades violence and conversions were going hand in hand and all Maoists with Hindu names are actually Christian converts, who have fought their way to sharing power as CPM Maoists supported even by CPM – revealed by visit by top leaders visiting Nepal to applaud their victory.


Christian Terrorism in Northeast India

In our attempt to help promote peace in the world for mutual and social spiritual development, there are nonetheless areas and organizations that are devotedly working against that goal. Because of their own allegiance to a particular ideology, usually based on a religion, they threaten the freedom and challenge the well-being of those of other religions. And one area where this is taking place is in India ’s north eastern states, such as Assam , Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, etc.

Because of wicked terrorist tactics and even “gun point conversions”, some people are being forced to give up their traditions. This is something that much of the world, and even many Indians, are not aware of. And since I have personally traveled in this area to give lectures to promote the preservation of the culture there and met many wonderful people, it is a region in which I have a special interest.

Here on this page you will find several reports and news items on the shocking amount of terrorism caused by the Christian militant groups in Northeast India, how they operate, where they get their funds, and the thousands of people who have already died because of it. It is
primarily due to those who want to make the whole region into a separate Christian state at the expense of those who would prefer to follow their own indigenous and Hindu cultures.

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