Are we heading for clash of civilizations?

via Amitabh Tripathi published on July 22, 2006

In mid of 90’s one of American philosopher Samuael Huttington floated the idea of Clash of Civilizations. His idea was received with mixed reactions across the world few scholars dismissed merely as utopian thought and someone smell some mischievous agenda of America in this theory. Whatever motive it theory had when it came in light but when 911 happened suddenly people started whispering about Samuael Huttington’s Clash of Civilization theory. Although Samuael’s theory was solely not based on Islam vs rest of other cultures but 911 gave enough scope to think on this ground.


When first time I heard about Samuael Huttington it was no surprise for me. Being an Indian an faithful Hindu right from childhood I have read and seen clash of civilization every moment with fellow Muslims. But when Hindus tried to convey their experience about Islam to west they were dismissed as fundamentalist. Those Hindu organisations which spoke openly about the muslim problems and demanded fruitful debate on this issue they were painted as nuisance creater by political parties of India with help of western countries.


When 911 happened American people felt shocked and lot of sociologists and analysts came in action to find out the basic reason behind this incident. Very soon they come to the conclusion that whatever is happening in the name of terrorism is not a law& order problem and it is rooted somewhere else.


America and Europe came to this point but till then lot of damage had been done. Somebody can ask in terms of physical loss west is too far behind to India but I am talking in the terms of radicalization of their Muslim population. One of author of America Dr Daniel Pipes started warning American people about growing radicalization of Muslim population in early 90’s but he was also dismissed as Islamophobic and Zionist but like Huttington he was proved right after 911.


Same thing happened with Europe. They felt very much proud in opening their society and emphasizing on the concept of free speech and giving so much privilege to fellow Muslims, but some incidents totally changed their thought process. Murder of Theo Van Gough a prominent wirter, film maker of Holland transformed Dutch society .European country which was mainly known for coexistence lost its patience and clear division on religious ground was visible after that incident. Theo Van Gough was murdered brutally in the name of Jihad because of his criticism of Prophet Mohammed. This was the first instance when non political figure  in Europe was targeted for critcising Islam and Prophet. This incident had great impact on psyche of Europe. They started thinking seriously about their identity and values. New Pope Benedict has several times argued Europe not to emphasis much on the concept of secularism which is diminishing its identity. Last year when French government denied Muslim women Hijab it was an effort to restore their identity .


It is difficult for European countries to come out of dogma of free society but people of these countries has started revolting against Dhimmi attitude of their respective governments.


One other incident which was a real wake up call for Europe was bomb blasts in Britain last year in month of July. It stunned Britain totally, because Britain was incomparable in Muslim appeasement. When French government banned Hijab on public places, wife of prime minister of Britain fought a case for Muslims against an order of a school to restore Hijab in school premise. When bomb blasts took place it was really unbelievable for the policy makers of Britain. British people took no time in linking these blasts with Madrid, Bali and 911. Tony Blair do not have any other option than to realise that Madrassa, Masjids and Clerics are responsible for this incident and if in near future these incidents have to be abated it is compulsory to stop the radicalisation of  Muslim population.


After these incidents Europe witnessed two other incidents which divided the gulf of local whites and immigrants Muslims and both incidents happened in different countries but they were same in nature. One happened in France and other in Australia, Both were riots . Nature of French riots was very much same as it was later in the name of Danish cartoon. French riots happened because interior minister of that country said something odd to immigrants, but this violent reaction occurred after several days of statement. It was a well planned reaction in which anger against ban on Hijab also played some role. Second riots took place in Australia on the issue of rape of white girl by immigrants of Muslim middle Easterns. It was first time when local Australian white people revolted against on going trend of immigrants. Few weeks after this incident Prime minister of Australia  John Howard slammed Jihadi Muslims within their society and frankly said these  elements are unable to amalgamate themselves into society.


After these few stray cases came a big issue which polarised west and Islamic world as it was never before. When Islamic world started protesting the publication of caricatures of Mohammed in some European magazines, few analysts compared it with protest of Salman Rushdie’s satanic verses in 1989 but very shortly it was clear to everybody that  this protest has divided both cultures as it was never before. Several Muslim countries recalled their mision from Denmark where cartoons were first published. Few Islamic countries suspended and cancelled their economic ties with western world. Some Islamic countries boycotted the goods of western companies and in retaliation people in Europe launched campaign to sale the goods of Danish and other European countries to show their sloidarity. This time several newspapers in European countries republished caricatures to show the Islamic world as they stand for the values of free speech and do not succumb under the pressure of agitation. Danish publisher did not apologies for his deed and justifies his act by declaring it as preservation of  western values.


Theory of Clash of Civilisation is very much visible now because every culture which do not believe in Allah and Quran are on the target of Jihad. In todays world more than two dozen separatist movements are going on in which more than 20 movements have participation of Muslims .It is clear indication for the whole world to realise which  problem is waiting  for them. America, Europe, Hindu, Jews , Buddhists  all have only one option to come together and formalise a civilisational treaty to fight against Islamic terrorism.


Few people still can dismiss it as utopian thought but whatever things are going to happen in near future will spare no alternate other than to come together. 


Politics of Middle East has decisive role in the emergence of new world order and this problem also has cultural root. Denial of  right of existence of Jews is not new in Islam in Hadith itself Prophet  has predicted that one day Jews will be massacred in great numbers. So what new Osama Bin Laden and Iranian president do when they call for the extinction of Jews. On political ground it can be said that Arab-Israel has some conflict but how long it can be said when one religion ,nation is totally denied from its right of existence. Iranian president believe that according to Shia tradition 12th Imam which is called Mahadi is about to arrive and he will create peace and harmony in this world .But before his arrival Iranian president has the divine duty to make things conducive for his arrival and in this process he do not hesitate in taking on America and Israel. If fanatic people like this is heading a state can we still believe that we are living in a safe world.


On the other hand Osama Bin Laden is getting popularity day by day in Muslim world and no body is coming forward to condemn him as whatever he is doing in not accordance with Islam. In the name of Jihad ,Allah and Prophet when innocent Hindus are being targeted everyday everywhere is it not sufficient enough to remind Hindus days of  Medieval period when they paid price for their faith.


Need of the hour is to get united against inhuman, barbaric medieval  thought which do not believe in free speech, right to women, coexistence and even right to exist.


The world is again heading for a crisis as it had in first world war and second world war but this time situation is very much different no state has declared war, enemy is not defined in physical sense. Enemy is invisible thought which provokes people to take up ammunition in their hands and kill others in the name of faith. Every state has population of Muslims, and they are their citizensso  it is their responsibility to protect them but simultaneously they have to detach them with Islam. Here comes the role of Civilizational treaty.


As we have seen earlier, after French revolution new world order took place and several principles were laid down as per norms of civilised society and every state tried to follow them. Equality, Fraternity, Right to women and free speech were major component of this civil society. After second world war when Unite Nations came in existence we saw some rules as a guiding force for every new democracy which were granted independence from colonial masters.


Now again time is ripe for all cultures to take initiative on this front and get together to not only chalk out a strategy  to counter Islamic terrorism but also to lay down some principles where coexistence will be the paramount source of inspiration, ban on proslytisation, respect for every faith, those religions and faiths should be called to revise themselves who have derogatory remarks for others and at the same time  those scriptures should be declared barbaric and illegal who permits murder of  others in the name of  Faith . If we will not take initiative on this front we will not be in position to say to our next generation that this world is so beautiful to live.


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