Are the Indian film viewers too ‘communalists’?

via H.Balakrishnan published on February 18, 2007



Dear Sir,


It is now certain that TJS George cannot enjoy his ‘Sabbath Lunch’
unless he has his usual swipe at Hindu society,as his ‘Backward or Forward? A morality play’- shows.(TNSE- 18 FEB)


I presume it is the likes of George and his ilk that Mr.B.Raman,well
known security analyst,had in mind, when he wrote on a popular Indian website on March 21,2005:


Who were the people who ganged up against Modi to humiliate him and teach him a lesson? Sections of the so-called ‘secularists’ in India and the U.S.,who cannot stand the sight of any party which seeks to articulate the feelings of the Hindus and give  them a sense of pride in their identity as Hindus”.


Mr.Francois Gautier,well known French journalist and living in India,had this to write post-Godhra:


Poor India!Thy journalists are indeed thy worst enemies:they have proved it again after the Sabarmati episode.Here you have 58 innocent people,thirty of them being women and children,who are savagely murdered in the most horrific manner,only because they are Hindus.And yet,the whole grisly episode was turned against them:instead of being victims of the most horrendous premeditated murder,thy journalists made them responsible for their own deaths”. George & co.,Mr. Gautier??


Mr.RNP Singh,a retired IB official,has painstakingly researched
‘communal riots’ in India from 1713 to 2003.I am certain that our
‘secularists’would be loathe to read this treatise- ‘RIOTS & WRONGS,for the simple reason the findings,on the basis of evidences,GO AGAINST the ‘rantings and ravings’ of our secularists!!Mr.Singh has posed some interesting queries to the likes of George& Co:


(A) Why did the Muslims desecrate the Bhagyalakshmi Temple in Charminar,Hyderabad on 23 NOV 1979,when the KAABA in Mecca was taken over by the Israelis?


(B) On 07 SEP 1969,a huge procession of 10,000 Muslims was taken out in Vadodra in protest against the desecration of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.What had this to do with Hindus?This led to a communal riot.


(C)Why did the Muslims of Malegaon take to rioting when people celebrated India’s victory in the Prudential World Cup on 26 June 1983?


The Mr.Justice P.Jagan Mohan Reddy Commission of Inquiry into the Ahmedabad riots of 1969,on the basis of evidence concluded:


“On this evidence it is difficult to hold the rally of RSS which was no doubt the biggest in Ahmedabad had created any communal tension between the Hindus and Muslims”.


Justice Wadhwa also came to the same conclusion in the Graham Staines case.It only shows that ‘TRUTH’ is FARTHEST in the ‘secularist’s scheme of things’.


Incidentally from reports that I have read,’Parzania’ bombed at the
box-office with no takers for the film.


Will it be that all the film going public in India are ‘communalists’-Mr.George?



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