Antics of the Marxist Party

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on May 14, 2007


Irrational Hindu hatred is prevalent within the Marxist group. While some of the prejudice and hostility toward Hindus is concealed, much is blatant. Stereotyping of Hindus is widespread in Marxist print and electronic media.  Marxist Hindu hatred in the form of Hindu temple takeover, malicious anti-Hindu propaganda, ridiculous statements against Hindu culture and Hindu leaders, as well as discrimination against Hindu cultural and educational institutions threatens the very existence of Hindus in Kerala.


The Marxist ideology of hatred of Hindus is rooted in Marxism-a system of horrific human suffering, conflict and violence. The Marxist mind-set aggressively disdains Hindu culture, spirituality, temple worship and the all inclusive philosophy. It is very much like the hatred of dogmatic faiths against Hindu culture. To bring Christian and Muslim vote bank behind Marxist party, Hindus are made as a convenient enemy.  Hindu hatred has been rife throughout Marxist history in Kerala, largely because Hindus are passive, tolerant, disorganized and a visible scapegoat.


It is often obvious that the hatred of Hindus is merely a convenient contrivance to serve inadequacies of Marxism.  Hindu hatred politically energizes them. Marxist party identifies Hindus as enemy and scapegoat of Hindus is a Marxist paranoid mechanism behind hatred. Identifying Hindus as enemy, Marxists attack Hindus without guilt, mercy or remorse. The true purpose of Hindus as enemy is to serve the lifestyle of Marxists, the hater. It is an attempt to place Marxist transgression on to the shoulders of innocent Hindus. The sacrificial Hindus are selected to maintain Marxist deception. In destroying Hindu culture, the Marxists want to feel that they are serving their ideology, and redeeming the entire humanity. To maintain their grandiosity, paranoia, delusion and deception, Marxists use every opportunity to insult and defame Hindus and Hindu culture.                           


Marxist fierce hatred was evident when Marxist Christian Minister M…A. Baby capriciously selected the absconding law violator M.F.Hussein for the award established in memory of the great artist Raja Ravi Varma. The selection of M.F.Hussein who is obsessed with nudity and obscene painting of Goddesses reflects Marxist agenda for subverting Hindu civilization. The selection of M.F.Hussein is a calculated attempt to appease Muslim and mobilize Jihadis against Hindus. The selection of Hussein for the award in the name of great Raja Ravi Varma is an insult for Hindus and an incitement for violence. Hindus are outraged by the selection Hussein. Hindu Ayika Vedi leader Kummanam Rajasekharan said “This could be incitement to hatred against Hindus. It is completely ludicrous and brings insult to the great artist Raja Ravi Varma”.


This is yet another outrageous example of the Marxist government’s anti-Hindu bias. Marxist minister M.A.Baby’s selection of M.F.Hussein is an attempt to legitimate the agenda of Jihadis, there by doing much to demoralize Hindus. Hindus are not advocating censorship of artistic expression. Unlike Muslims and Marxists, Hindus do not believe in restrictions on freedom other than the standard legal restraints on libelous speeches inciting criminals for violence and terrorism. Hindus support larger number of legitimate scholars, thinkers and artists. Marxist announcement is accompanied by the propagation of fashionably bizarre pronouncement that freedom is at peril. There is more to it. Other social and political factors play into the mix of hatred of Hindus and these attacks are often an indication of serious collusion between Marxists and Muslims. Freedom means responsibility and decency. It does not mean license to insult religious sentiments of Hindus. The boisterous anti-Hindu Hussein would never dream of painting Mohamed or Jesus naked for fear of his life.


The award cannot be explained other than as a result of the solidarity of Marxists and Muslim extremists. The plan was contrived by M.A. Baby, the Christian in the Marxist coat to destroy Hindu cultural and spiritual tradition and to purge Hindu pride. The far-reaching plan is to undermine Hindu society, culture, art and literature. M.F. Hussein was selected as a convenient instrument for Hindu cultural dissolution.


It is time Hindus rediscover their sacred heritage and take up the mandate of fighting for self preservation. Some secular Hindus refuse to acknowledge cultural genocide and reject any involvement in protecting Hindu interests. Several secular pacifists believe that protesting Marxist/Jihadi violence is unjustifiable under any conditions and that tolerance is preferable to confrontation as a means of stopping atrocities against Hindus.


Several disturbing trends indicate that unless Hindus join together, and fight for self-preservation, anti-Hindu Marxists and their cohorts will not only continue as a long-term problem, but will escalate sharply.



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