Anti Modi Stance ; Kerala BJP to boycott Asianet News

published on October 19, 2014

The state unit of Bharatiya Janata Party has alleged that both ruling and opposition parties in Kerala are deliberately involved in spinning malicious propaganda about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, with political agendas. Elaborating on the matter at a party meeting of senior leaders in Kottayam, state BJP president Muraleedharan alleged that political parties furthered their agendas via channels like Asianet News Channel, which was going out of the way in maligning the central government and deliberately misguiding people.

“Malicious propaganda is being spun baselessly. Instead of holding discussions and having debates on matters connected with developmental schemes being brought forth at national level by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the political agenda here is to create unnecessary controversies and spin tales out of nothing, thereby creating a spiteful atmosphere. This is being done to show the central government in bad light and thereby stall the growth of BJP in the arena of state politics. No doubt, the CPM and Congress are behind the move,” said Muraleedharan.

Stating that mountains are being made out of molehills, Muraleedharan spoke of the recent visit of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, when the episode of a turban being placed on his head was transformed by both ruling and opposition parties to be the most highlighted incident during the central minister’s visit to the state. On behalf of political parties, this misinformation was deliberately fuelled by channels.

“The central government is taking every single move to change the scenario of the nation. Instead of discussing these matters, Kerala politics is hell bent on blowing out of proportion, these insignificant matters. And for this, they have taken the aid of certain television channels as well. This is most agonizing and deplorable. Channels are supposed to maintain political impartiality. But they have decided to keep this away, siply to further the political interests of CPM and Congress parties. BJP plans to bring this to the notice of general public. The general public of Kerala must know how political parties are conspiring with television channels to deliberately degrade Narendra Modi government. The BJP requests people to reject these debased moves,” said Muraleedharan.

Alleging that the attempt being made by Asianet News Channel to malign the central government is to be viewed very seriously, Muraleedharan pointed out how the channel was instrumental in belittling Narendra Modi’s historic visit to the US, when the entire world was full of praise for the same.


Enumerating the various means adopted by Asianet in maligning the central ministry and the state unit’s decision to boycott the channel, Muraleedharan said, “The visit made by Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi to the US was shown by Asianet News Channel in bad light, in the most humiliating manner- all this, at a time, when the entire world was in praise for the same. Same was the case with Swachch Bharat Abhiyan. In fact, the recent discussion based on hike in medicines does not even have any link with reality. Not a word has been spoken about the reduction of price of several medicines. Instead channel discussions harped on creating a general insecurity among people that price of medicines were to be hiked. Similarly, the channel was blaring continuously for 4 days, the matter that price of gas cylinders have been hiked by Rs 250. Not even for a single day was there such a hike. There was another fabrication that quantity of rice and wheat will be reduced during the festive season of Onam. In fact the world should know that Kerala received an extra two and a half lakh ton grains this time. Another malicious tales spun were with regard to the doing away of mid day meal scheme and sabotaging of job assurance scheme. All these do not suit impartial journalism. The Bharatiya Janata Party has therefore been forced to boycott the channel. No one from BJP will participate in any debate, talk show or other programmes hosted by Asianet. This will continue till decided otherwise.”

“Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the central government has been successfully implementing various developmental programmes for the overall benefit and progress of the country. Various steps are also being taken by central ministry in successfully implementing these schemes in various states including Kerala. A surge and renaissance is being witnessed not only in financial sector, but in all realms. The current scenario of unemployment facing the country will soon be assuaged with the numerous job vacancies that will fill the nation, following the Prime Minister’s foreign trips and meetings held with heads of various nations. No way will the interests of common man and those belonging to poorer sections of society will be sacrificed at the developmental altar. The central government has in fact taken very strong notice of the same. The central ministry has firmly displayed its commitment towards common man in all matters including trade treaties, PF pensions and in the various modifications brought about in realm of employment. The Narendra Modi government has also displayed its commitment towards Kerala by cooperating in matters of development of Kochi Shipyard, Sabari Railtrack, enhancing of National Highways, Vizhinjam Port development etc,” observed the state unit of BJP.

BJP also stated that the day of martyrdom of Jayakrishnan Master (December 1) will be observed, with Jan Shakti Sangamam organized at all district levels. These will be venues where those migrating from the bloody politics of CPM will be joining BJP. The party will also observe as BJP Membership months, the period from 1 November 2014 to 31 March 2015. A meet will also be organized in the state capital, where leaders from the centre will participate.

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  1. Raj Puducode Reply

    October 20, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Anti-Indian Congress & Commie leaders???!!
    Few months after 26/11, Taj group of Hotels owned by TATAs launched their biggest tender ever for remodeling all their Hotels in Indi and abroad.

    Some of the companies who applied for that tender were also Pakistanis.To make their bid stronger, two big industrialists from Pakistan visited Bombay House ( Head office of Tata ) in Mumbai without an appointment to meet up with Ratan Tata since he was not giving them any prior appointment.

    They were made to sit at the reception of Bombay house and after a few hours a message was conveyed to them that Ratan Tata is busy and can not meet anyone without an appointment.

    Frustrated, these two Pakistani industrialists went to Delhi and thru’ their High Commission met up with a Minister(can you imagine the audacity of these guys to attempt to meet a person whose Hotel was bombed by their own mercenaries and WHAT ABOUT THAT SHAMELESS CONGI MINISTER OF CONGRESS REGIME WHO RECOMMONDED THEIR CASE??????).

    The minister immediately called up Ratan Tata requesting him to meet up with the two Pakistanis Industrialists and consider their tender “enthusiastically”.

    Ratan Tata replied…”you could be shameless, I am not” and put the phone down.

    Few months later when Pakistani government placed an order of Tata Sumo’s to be imported into Pakistan,Ratan Tata refused to ship a single vehicle to that country.

    This is the respect and love for motherland that Ratan Tata has.

    Something that our Congi, Commie & anti-national Politicians should learn from.

    He truly deserves to get Bharat Ratna & not Sachin Tandulkar ???? Think about it !

  2. ANIL KUMAR S Reply

    October 25, 2014 at 12:45 am

    asianet news editor mg radhakrishnan a communist idologist convert asianet to anti modi channel

  3. Manoj S Reply

    December 9, 2014 at 10:10 am

    Boycott Asianet
    This is not only one thing the Asianet news needs to be boycotted. There are more serious reasons which bjp leadership should take note of. There was the issue of pak high commissioner talks with india cancelled because pakistan choose to talk with separatists rather than India. There was discussion of this issue in the asianet 9pm newshour. The question placed on the screen while conducting debate was “Is it wrong to conduct discussion with kashmiri netas ?”. Now, everybody knows about asianet political agenda to criticize govt move. But they even go further and describe the separatists as “Kashmiri netas”!!. Even on national channels, no pro pakistan journalist dares to describe the separatists as “kashmiri netas”. They may avoid to call them as traitors but even the separatists will not have any problem in calling them as huriyat or separatists. But asianet want to show their respect towards these traitors by describing them as “kashmiri netas”. But kashmiri people give a befitting reply to asianet by voting more than 70% in the state assembly by rejecting the election boycott call of separatists. But for the asianet those elected democratically by the people of kashmir are not “kashmiri netas” , the thugs working for pakistan and terrorism with no support of people are ‘leaders’. Shame on you Asianet. Working in India, but living for and loyal to pakistan terrorists.

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