Anti Hindu activities at Chennai Kalakshetra Foundation

via Annonymous published on April 8, 2007

These are evident and the truth about how a traditional institution in our country is being destroyed. The students, teachers and ex-teachers are aware of this but are keeping quite to get into the good books of Leela Samson, the new director of Kalakshetra Foundation.

The new director took charge about one and a half years ago at Kalakshetra Foundation which has a tradition of more than 50 years. She has destroyed the values for which this institution stands and is still continuing the destruction in a subtle way.

The new director is extremely hateful of the Hindu tradition of idol worship. She has told the students and teachers in the morning assembly that idol worship is nothing but superstition and it should be discouraged in Kalakshetra. Her visceral hatred of Hinduism is not known to most people outside the institution.

The following are the changes that have been brought about by Leela Samson after taking charge as the director of Kalakshetra :

1. Most of the Vinayaka idols for which regular poojas were being conducted by the students have been removed, especially the idols in front of the theatre and hostel. After a lot of criticism she has replaced the Vinayaka idol in front of the theatre but the idol which was in front of the hostel has not been replaced.

2. Leela Samson ordered all prayers in the institution to be stopped. But the students are continuing with the prayers in spite of the possibility of disciplinary action and even expulsion.

3. The clothes that were adorning the idols have been removed.

4. A movie club has been started that has completely spoilt the Gurukulam atmosphere of this traditional institution. Her friends from New Delhi use the theatre and the funds allocated for teaching Bharatnatyam to run this movie club.

5. Teachers hand-picked by her are teaching Geetha-Govindam in a very vulgar manner sowing the seeds of hatred for Hinduism in the impressionable young minds of the students.

 6. She is now planning to demolish the temple structure of the Kalakshetra Auditorium with the excuse of modernising it. This is going to be done in April 2007.

7. The logo of Kalakshetra Foundation designed by Rukmini Arundale has been changed without consulting any of the committee members or the Government.

8. She seems to be in a hurry to completely finish off the funds of the Foundation on a movie that she is taking. This is being opposed by everyone in the institution as huge amounts are being spent unofficially on this project.

9. The certificate that was designed by Rukmini Arundale with Narthana Vinayakar and the emblem of Shiva on it has been changed and the present certificate is plain without any symbols. Copies of the old and new certificates are enclosed. These changes have been made without taking permission from the Board of Directors of the institution.

10. Earlier there were restrictions on the meeting of boys and girls within the boys’ and girls’ hostels. Now all these restrictions have been removed thus encouraging the meeting of boys and girls in any hostel room at any time of the day and night.

Members of the performing arts world outside Kalakshetra Foundation and members of the Hindu community are requested to initiate action immediately to stop the planned destruction of a glorious institution teaching and nurturing the ancient traditions of Sanathana Dharma.

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  1. Anbazhagan Reply

    April 8, 2007 at 9:26 am

    Re: Anti Hindu activities at Chennai Kalakshetra Foundation
    Is there any place including Hindu toilets where italian maam and her cronies sniff around with a cross in hand? What a rotten lot, haven’t they got any shame at all? Chennai people will teach a fitting lesson. 5

  2. jayanthi subramanian Reply

    April 8, 2007 at 9:58 am

    Re: Anti Hindu activities at Chennai Kalakshetra Foundation
    It is the fault of the hindus ourselves to allow any Christian and Muslim to run a Hindu based organization
    One will never see this in a Christian and Muslim organization
    Even though the British left us, we are still suffering from significant inferiority complex that is satisfied only by non Hindus treating us like shit
    So we well deserve it
    Good for us that all of Sanatana Dharma is getting destroyed while we look the other way making sure we look good and tolerant
    Our HIndu leaders are spineless and weak and mostly comprised of men who have little guts to confront such important issues yet we elect them to reperesent usWe have created HIndu students that are no better than our leaders for obvious reasons
    Shame on us
    I admire the guts of Leela Samson in her destruction as she continues to take advantage of the spineless,weak and non existence Hindu society and traditions 5

  3. gopu Reply

    April 8, 2007 at 11:12 pm

    Re: Anti Hindu activities at Chennai Kalakshetra Foundation
    you are correct about chennai kalakshetra foundation.recently
    atheist chief minister karunanidhis daughter kanimozhi and her
    christian husband aravind jointly conducted state sponsored
    chennai sangamam festival co-promoted by father rev jagan japer at chennai city for which tamilnadu government spent more than 27 crores.
    this was a big contraversy as promoters are mostly
    linked to dmk party- kanimozhi and her christians lobby.
    kalakshetra foundation arists gave dance performances in city
    parks and danced to the tune of christ lyrics and fact father jagan and chennai archbishop tied up with karnatic
    singer bombay jayshree ramnath for tuning to the music of jesus for which she was recently awarded title by adyar lions club.she still continues to associate with them.chief editor of ‘the hindu”news paper mr.ram backed by his chirstian wife was the media manager and brought out a suppliment for this festival chennai sangamam and promote bombay jayshrees carnatic music at music acadamy chennai in which his brother
    is the president.
    it is high time that such culural assassination is stopped at this initial stage itself.this is the noval method of promoting
    conversion by riding over hindus culture.

    regds 5

  4. Vaisakhan Reply

    April 9, 2007 at 5:53 am

    Re: Anti Hindu activities at Chennai Kalakshetra Foundation
    Oh God! how long Sanatana Dharma will last in India before the dark forces of Islam and Christianity take over? 5

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